Awesome news coming out of Jive today -- the biggest since our IPO! Jive is again setting the bar for Social Business.


So what's the news? First we are announcing the release of our next-generation platform packed with new features including Jive Anywhere, Jive Edge and enhancements to Jive What Matters. Check out more details in the release below.


We're also annoucing a new 30-day free trial with Try Jive, giving one-click access to make it simple for users to adopt the Jive platform. Try it for yourself here: Try Jive - Free 30-Day Trial


Lastly, we are introducing an all new way to interact with Social Business applications with Jive !App Experiences that seamlessly integrates applications into the social business workflow.


Like I said, awesome stuff right? Find out more by checking out the releases below.





For even more additional info and to view video demos, visit Jive: