Today, I'm excited to post about Lucidchart becoming the first third party pre-installed application for all users of Jive 6 or Jive Cloud! If you have not used Lucidchart, you are really missing out. Lucidchart enables you to create powerful diagrams that express your complex business processes, work flows, and pretty much anything else you can think of!


Because Lucidchart takes advantage of the Jive's !App Experiences, with one keystroke you can quickly start collaborating around your diagrams by inserting them into discussions, documents, blog posts and more. These diagrams will naturally flow throughout Jive, including in the What Matters Activity Stream.


Never before has sharing diagrams been this powerful or this easy! Check out the press release here. Join us in the Lucidchart group in the Jive Community and let us know what you think.