Greetings Jive Community!  I joined Jive Software at the beginning of January to run the Global Alliances organization.  A little bit about me, I was most recently with Eloqua as SVP of Business Development, prior to Eloqua I worked for Salesforce, Siebel, BEA, and E.piphany.

I have never seen such a commitment to building out a partner ecosystem as I see here at Jive.  Why does that matter to our Jive Community?  We offer Vertical Expertise, Integration, Strategy, Best Practices through the Jive Partner Community to our customers for large and small organizations across every geography and vertical.

As I enter my third week at Jive I could not be more pleased with the partner news we have right out of the gates.  Last week we announced a business relationship with PwC as well as a MVP - partner of the year award with 7Summits.  The PwC relationship is significant due to the alignment of both organizations focused on business value for our joint clients.  Congratulations once again to 7Summits. This award is for their great year in driving customer success and a great year in business development.

I want to hear from you. As a Jive partner, what do you like about our Partner Program? What do you think could be improved? All comments and questions welcome.

It’s 2013, and business as usual is dead. The hype of social is dead. Facebook for the enterprise is dead. Freemium in the enterprise is dead. E-mail as we know it has become a disease – it cannot and should not be the only answer to all communication needs. In fact, I predict it’ll be reduced by 50% within three years. Good riddance: We’ll get more work done, and have more fun doing it.

We learned a lot in 2012 – that large IT centric software companies recognized they were woefully behind - and their attempts to catch up fell far short when they tried to purchase relevancy just by placing a check mark in the social feature box. We learned advertising metrics don’t work when measuring actual business value. And, it became abundantly clear that social for social’s sake doesn’t matter and people won’t pay for it.

We know innovation in business happens daily, much of it through new technologies we create right here in Silicon Valley. Yet a lot of this innovation and how we bring it to market is built on the backs of 20+ year-old business tools designed for everything but people. We all just tolerate it and jerry-rig old tools together to make it work somehow.


This is categorically not how creative interactive workers want to spend their time. It’s not the way to get valued employees invested in company goals or build loyalty. It doesn’t do anything to ensure daily operations are strategically aligned with the corporate mission. It’s not the way to add business value.  As I’ve blogged about before, McKinsey, in its ground-breaking social economy report issued in July of last year, said people waste 28 hours per week doing mindless tasks like responding to emails and searching for information.


With business spending 70% of their operating budget on their people, why wouldn’t we want to make an investment in our most important asset – our people.  How about we use business processes truly created for us - the people actually doing the work? We deserve business systems that unlock creativity and human potential. We need a radical overhaul. And that’s JIVE’s MISSION – to change the way work gets done.


Social enterprise platforms are drastically transforming business cultures. They allow people to spend more time doing what they love (and get paid to do) - code, develop, sell, market, innovate - versus being bogged down by slow, bureaucratic, time-sucking processes and mind-numbing meetings.

Can you imagine enhancing productivity by up to 15%? How about slashing the e-mail load in your company by 21%, or reducing meetings by 16%? And here’s the real piece of data a CEO cares about: Boost revenue by 2%-4%.  That’s business value!

Graph for TZ blog.jpg

You don’t have to imagine all this. As the new report commissioned from a top 3 global business consulting firm shows, it’s a reality.

At Jive, we’re leading the charge. We are changing how people work across diverse industries and across the world. We have the customers to prove it.  And we are constantly innovating the Jive experience and coming out with the best technology.  Strap yourselves in and enjoy the ride. 2013 is going to be a fantastic year – I can’t wait! 

Also check out a new video which showcases the new way to get work done here.

When it comes to new technologies, potential and excitement is often accompanied by skepticism. That’s a normal response and frankly a good thing. So when we say social enterprise platforms offer tremendous business value — that these platforms radically change how work gets done every day —we understand it raises questions.  These questions lead to answers that must be supported by data and quantification.

So, let’s start with some numbers. It’s now estimated that social technology can provide a 20%-25% improvement in productivity in the enterprise — that adds up to between $900 billion and $1.3 trillion annual value.  


These findings came from McKinsey & Co., which last year issued the most comprehensive report on social business and the social economy previously available. The report reveals that today, employees waste 28 hours a week sorting through email, searching for information and sitting in meetings.


To validate all of this even further, we asked the top global business consulting firm to investigate what companies really want from a social platform and quantify how much business value they’re getting using Jive.  


It turns out the findings surpassed, even our wildest expectations. Those companies using the Jive platform reported 15% increased worker productivity and 2-4% increase in topline revenue. This is because these businesses were able to:


  • reduce time looking for information and expertise within in the company by 34%
  • reduce meetings by 16%
  • reduce email load by 21%


And that’s just scratching the surface. Employee engagement is higher when implementations are focused on specific use cases that solve real business problems for sales teams, marketing teams, customer service solutions and/or the corporate intranet. Companies doing this see better strategic alignment and up to a 24% drop in employee turnover.




Ultimately, business value is not an amorphous concept. It can and should be measured and quantified regularly in terms of go-to-market capabilities and time to market, sales cycles, employee engagement, and revenue growth. 

Given the challenges in today's highly competitive business climate--a dispersed, global workforce, changing demographics, the high priority placed on real-time communication and collobation--social business platforms like Jive are game changers.

And the proof is in the productivity.


What’s New in Jive

Posted by tim.zonca Jan 17, 2013

The whole point of social business is business – it allows greater strategic alignment, bolstered innovation and enhanced productivity – ultimately leading to higher revenue.  And that requires the best technology.


Today, it was my pleasure to share to a group of people just how and why Jive will continue to deliver the best technology innovation to businesses, allowing people to be more productive and derive real business value from social platforms.


So what’s new on the innovation front at Jive? Actually, we have a lot on the near horizon.


Purposeful Places

Purposeful Places are instant and customizable workplaces on the Jive platform that connect all the important team members to each other, and the key information and context for getting work done. For example, a deal room is a Purposeful Place – one single place to collaborate around a specific sales opportunity connecting the deal tea

m to their sales support experts and the context they need to get the deal done such as competitive materials, RFPs and proposal documents, pitch decks, customer questions, CRM opportunity data, and more. 

Another example of a Purposeful Place is a Corporate Communications Executive Corner, a place for executives to engage employees around strategic communications. Purposeful Places, like the entire Jive platform, gives people the ability to work together for a specific purpose or need in real-time through hassle-free and easy to implement platforms that can be up and running in minutes.



Structured Outcomes

With Structured Outcomes people turn talk into specific actions that can be tracked, measured and then rewarded. My own favorite element here is the ability to clearly mark decisions that have been made for all to see. Sounds simple, but it’s devastatingly effective. It helps avoid cycles on e-mails and in-person meetings, where old issues and decisions are constantly revisited.


In the coming months, you’ll also see us integrate task management capabilities into all of our workflows for those outcomes that require specific, assigned actions.

Impact Metrics

Impact Metrics provide new analytics tools that give everyone the power to measure the reach and impact of the information they're sharing. Jive goes beyond letting you know if the content was received, and tells you who it reached, the influence it had and the sentiment it generated. Did people like or dislike, engage or ignore your content?Jive-Impact-Stats.png

Ordinary e-mail doesn’t come close to giving you this kind of insight into the power of the communications you send. Too often, email makes things worse by being misunderstood – or it’s just ignored outright!


Impact Metrics allows you to look back to see the timeframe and catalyst that powered an idea. You can identify who had a particular idea that caught fire, and how it drove actions and outcomes.



Jive has long been an innovator in mobile social business solutions, and we’re maintaining our lead. Jive’s powerful platform is accessible from anywhere, and each app (Jive Present and Jive Mobile) is designed for the psychology and behavior behind the device and the business purpose for how it is being used. 

Jive Present turns iPads into a live field presentation tool to help sales reps show and sell on a moment's notice wherever they are, with or


without a WiFi connection. The app allows reps to have the right collateral, product information and customer intelligence they need to close deals in record time.  Jive Present is available now on iPad devices.

Jive Mobile allows you to easily keep the expertise and knowledge of your entire organization in your pocket. Now, at your fingertips, you have the pulse of your Jive community and it’s simple to browse your activity streams, reply to discussions, comment on documents and blog posts, and access information from anywhere. Jive Mobile is available on tablet devices and mobile phones on iOS, Android and Blackberry.


A common thread through all these capabilities is that they apply cutting edge social business technology in a way that makes an impact on how work gets done. They all focus on driving innovation and productivity, across an entire company, from any device.   .


So be social, and get to business.


Jive is kicking off 2013 with some fantastic news. Starting today, PwC and Jive will jointly offer Jive's social business platform and PwC’s consulting services to the business market. 


Here’s why this is a perfect fit.  You start with PwC, whose mission is to help businesses run better and operate more efficiently.  Add to that, Jive’s social business platform, which changes the way people work – essentially putting a rocket-booster on collaboration, communications and productivity within organizations and ultimately delivering 15 percent more productivity. And what's even better is that PwC has first-hand knowledge on how to implement social platforms the right way to deliver real and measurable business results.


By teaming together, PwC can quickly and easily implement Jive within organizations worldwide, allowing their customers to collaborate more, communicate better, and get products to market faster in higher quality ways.


I couldn’t be more excited about this partnership. You can read more about our announcement here.

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