It’s 2013, and business as usual is dead. The hype of social is dead. Facebook for the enterprise is dead. Freemium in the enterprise is dead. E-mail as we know it has become a disease – it cannot and should not be the only answer to all communication needs. In fact, I predict it’ll be reduced by 50% within three years. Good riddance: We’ll get more work done, and have more fun doing it.

We learned a lot in 2012 – that large IT centric software companies recognized they were woefully behind - and their attempts to catch up fell far short when they tried to purchase relevancy just by placing a check mark in the social feature box. We learned advertising metrics don’t work when measuring actual business value. And, it became abundantly clear that social for social’s sake doesn’t matter and people won’t pay for it.

We know innovation in business happens daily, much of it through new technologies we create right here in Silicon Valley. Yet a lot of this innovation and how we bring it to market is built on the backs of 20+ year-old business tools designed for everything but people. We all just tolerate it and jerry-rig old tools together to make it work somehow.


This is categorically not how creative interactive workers want to spend their time. It’s not the way to get valued employees invested in company goals or build loyalty. It doesn’t do anything to ensure daily operations are strategically aligned with the corporate mission. It’s not the way to add business value.  As I’ve blogged about before, McKinsey, in its ground-breaking social economy report issued in July of last year, said people waste 28 hours per week doing mindless tasks like responding to emails and searching for information.


With business spending 70% of their operating budget on their people, why wouldn’t we want to make an investment in our most important asset – our people.  How about we use business processes truly created for us - the people actually doing the work? We deserve business systems that unlock creativity and human potential. We need a radical overhaul. And that’s JIVE’s MISSION – to change the way work gets done.


Social enterprise platforms are drastically transforming business cultures. They allow people to spend more time doing what they love (and get paid to do) - code, develop, sell, market, innovate - versus being bogged down by slow, bureaucratic, time-sucking processes and mind-numbing meetings.

Can you imagine enhancing productivity by up to 15%? How about slashing the e-mail load in your company by 21%, or reducing meetings by 16%? And here’s the real piece of data a CEO cares about: Boost revenue by 2%-4%.  That’s business value!

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You don’t have to imagine all this. As the new report commissioned from a top 3 global business consulting firm shows, it’s a reality.

At Jive, we’re leading the charge. We are changing how people work across diverse industries and across the world. We have the customers to prove it.  And we are constantly innovating the Jive experience and coming out with the best technology.  Strap yourselves in and enjoy the ride. 2013 is going to be a fantastic year – I can’t wait! 

Also check out a new video which showcases the new way to get work done here.