As part of the Spring cloud release rolling out this week, Jive is thrilled to introduce a fully integrated experience with Box’s best-in-class content sharing platform.  By teaming together, Jive and Box are offering customers a new way to work, helping them leave silos and older systems behind and instead focus on increasing productivity and realizing real business value. 

The seamless combination of business tools givjive and box.pnges anyone the ability to use Box and Jive together simultaneously. People working within Jive can easily access any content stored in Box, as well as quickly upload and synch comments.

For example, Box is integrated into the newly introduced Purposeful Places templates like Campaigns Rooms.  People working within the Campaign Room template can leverage the deep integration so that large, high-resolution files and campaign assets like advertisements, videos and collateral stored in Box can be used and shared inside Jive.


Similarly, those working within the Box experience can view and access any information from the Jive platform. In addition, people can collaborate on documents directly within Microsoft Outlook and Office, providing customers even more ways to collaborate and boost productivity. The entire integration happens within the cloud, can be seamlessly accessed across mobile and tablet devices, and occurs in real time. 

This integration provides a new level in enterprise collaboration in the cloud. This is just one of the many ways Jive is extending its reach within the broader enterprise ecosystem and providing our customers a completely seamless experience in the cloud. Stay tuned for more exciting integration offerings rolling out from Jive in the coming weeks and months.


And for those in Silicon Valley, join us on April 25 for a Churchill Club event where Jive’s Tony Zingale, Box’s Aaron Levie and Andreessen Horowitz’ Peter Levine will participate in an Open Forum on the Future of Work.