We all know how frustrating it is to work in multiple disconnected systems and apps – it’s been a persistent problem since the early beginnings of enterprise software. Today, I’m happy to say those days are over with the introduction of Jive StreamOnce.


It’s amazing to be back at Jive after creating and building up StreamOnce with my co-founder Ilan Twig and our amazing team. We set out with the vision that everyone can collaborate better by working in one place to find all the relevant information from all their business systems, and now we’re bringing that magic to Jive.


With Jive StreamOnce, people can seamlessly bring together all their business applications – email, CRM systems, conversation streams, marketing productivity tools, document storage and data storage systems – into one consolidated hub in Jive. Right off the bat, Jive StreamOnce integrates with Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Yammer and DropBox and is available immediately as part of the Jive Spring cloud release.


We’ve been also heads down building even more integrations with other popular business apps, including Marketo, Salesforce’s CRM system, Sugar CRM and many more systems.


To really turbo-charge a collaboration environment, it’s about context – that means getting what you need exactly where you are, in whatever app you’re using, without having to navigate to another system. With Jive StreamOnce, the list of places where you can access the vast amount of information connected to Jive in various business applications grows significantly.


And one last thing – our Exchange and Gmail module is a big part of that. Often, organizations have trouble moving from an email-based culture into a modern, cloud-based collaboration environment. Because Jive StreamOnce automatically maps email distribution lists into Jive, anyone can create a unified inbox in Jive where they can consume their emails and social inbox in one place.


This really changes the game and we’re poised for so much more. Stay tuned!