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There is no question that the enterprise is re-platforming, with more companies than ever moving to the cloud.  Fortunately Jive is right in the heart of this movement, developing new technology to support cloud initiatives and partnering with best-of-breed cloud providers -- namely Okta and Box -- to make the experience as seamless as possible. So in that spirit, we are excited to share two exciting developments with these two companies.



For starters, Okta today made some important enhancements to their platform to make identity management in the enterprise much easier.  This is not only great news for the company and their customers but also for Jive and our customers. Last fall, Jive announced a partnership with Okta to embed their directory into Jive and this latest update takes it a step further.  As Chris Morace, our chief strategy officer noted, by embedding Okta in Jive Cloud deployments, we are helping our customers solve their security and identity management issues while giving them a clean and easy way to access everything they need to get their jobs done.


Box Logo.jpg

At the same time, Jive is teaming with Okta and fellow cloud partner Box for a webcast panel on "The New IT - How the World of Work is Changing and What IT Needs to do to Adapt."  Taking place on Tuesday, March 4, and hosted by Jacob Morgan of Chess Media, Jive's Matt Tucker will join Ben Haines of Box and David Baker of Okta to discuss how changes in technology, including innovations in the cloud and mobility, are changing the way work gets done and improving the productivity for all.  This should be a great discussion with insights from the CTO, CIO and CSO point of view.  We hope you can join this free webinar.




Webcast: The New IT - How the World of Work is Changing and What IT Needs to do to Adapt

During Jive's Sales Kick-off 2014 last week, we had the honor of recognizing two partners who have made an impact on how Jive helps get work doneBox_awards.jpg.  Congratulations to both our Strategic Technology Partner of the Year recipient Box and our Consulting Partner MVP for 2014 Social Edge.  Below is a little bit more info on how both partners have worked with Jive over the past year.


Box - Strategic Technology Partner of the Year

Box is truly a best-in-class content sharing platform AND partner. Jive and Box jointly built a deep integration between our products and officially launched in April 2013. Check out Box's Blog for more on their award and how we work together everyday to make our customers more productive at work through our new cloud-stack offerings.


Social Edge - SocialEdge_Awards.jpgConsulting Partner MVP of the Year

When talking about our partnership with Social Edge, Tina Jones, Jive's vice president of global alliances, said it best: "Social Edge Consulting has gone above and beyond to help our clients achieve success with their social collaboration strategies through outstanding service and a deep understanding of each of our customer's unique needs." Read more about our relationship with Social Edge and how they're changing the way Jive customers get work done, here.

For many, businesses today largely consist of a broken network of people, apps, devices and isolated information - which leads to work days full of frustrating experiences and wasted time searching for information and people.  But it doesn't have to be this way. There is a tremendous opportunity to connect the assets in a company to communicate and collaborate better - ultimately delivering real business value inside an organization.


On December 17th, at Bluxome Street Winery in San Francisco,  several industry CEOs and luminaries will get together to talk about just this in a panel called “The Network Effect in the Modern Enterprise,” -- focusing on how companies can learn a thing or two from the consumer world and develop business-facing communities with the connective thread fully intact.  We are lucky to have Ari Levy of Bloomberg Businessweek moderate this discussion with Jive CEO Tony Zingale, Okta co-founder and CEO Todd McKinnon, Coupa CEO Rob Bernshteyn and Veeva Systems CEO Peter Gassner.


Read more about the panel on the Okta blog and learn how you can attend the December 17 event here. Hope to see you there!


Today Jive named Elisa Steele as its new executive vice president of strategy and chief marketing officer, starting January 2014. In this role, Elisa will be responsible for strategy, branding, end-to-end marketing functions, product marketing, corporate communications and other go-to-market responsibilities, as the company advances into its next phase of growth.

Elisa will come to Jive from Microsoft where she is currently corporate vice president and chief marketing officer of consumer applications and services, overseeing brands such as Bing, Internet Explorer, Lync, MSN, Outlook.com and Skype among others.  Prior to this role, Ms. Steele was chief marketing officer at Skype, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Yahoo! and senior vice president of corporate marketing at NetApp, leading transformational brand strategies in all of those roles.  Ms. Steele’s expertise, spanning more than 20 years in sales, marketing and strategy, includes building and expanding brands, driving customer engagement, accelerating go-to-market strategies and a laser focus on customer insights and needs.


We are thrilled to have Elisa join the Jive team. Welcome Elisa!

Gartner_logo.pngJive is excited to be named (once again) a leader in Gartner's "Social Software in the Workplace" 2013 Magic Quadrant report.  No stranger to the leader quadrant, this is Jive's fifth consecutive time in the leadership quadrant.

As background, for this report, Gartner looks at businesses that offer widely-used social software and collaboration platforms.   Leadership selection is based on which companies have recognized user needs in this market, continuously innovate, have an overall market presence, and successfully deliver user-friendly and solution-focused suites with broad capabilities.

If you'd like more information, check out our press release announcement and the full report here.

Is there such a thing as a work/life balance anymore? Our recent survey results suggest more and more people around the world are working during their personal time. This slippery slope is also showing unproductive work environments are affecting employees' personal relationships and health. Our summer survey results, conducted online by Harris Interactive within the U.S., Great Britain, and Australia, found more than 90 percent of employees in the United States and Australia, and 88 percent in the UK are working during non-business hours. Here is a break-down of our key findings, also illustrated in the infographic below:


Work and Personal Lives Continue to Merge:

  • 91% of employed adults in the U.S., Great Britain and Australia report working during personal time.
  • American workers have the highest proportion of employees working 10 or more hours per week during their personal time with 37%.
  • 27% of Australians and 18% of Brits also report working more than 10 hours per week during their personal time.
  • 11% of employees in the U.S., Great Britain and Australia are working an extra 7-10 hours per week during their “off” time – the equivalent of a full work day.


When asked what workers would do with 10 more hours in any given week:

  • 44.3% reported they would spend the extra time exercising
  • 62.3% said they would spend that time with family and friends


Tethered to the Office While on Vacation:

  • 50% U.S. workers and 51% of Australian workers reported devoting some time to doing work while on vacation, compared to only 34% of Brits.
  • 14% of workers in the U.S., Great Britain and Australia do not take vacations.
  • Compared with a related online Jive survey conducted on their behalf by Harris Interactive in February 2013, the percentage of American employees who take vacation has dropped slightly from 88% to 85%.


You can also check out our findings on SlideShare. In the coming weeks, we will be releasing an additional info graphic that highlights even more insight on this topic, so keep checking out the Jive News Blog.


0916_JIVE_111.jpgBusinesses all around the globe are turning to social collaboration software to change the way they get work done. We are seeing this play out particularly in Europe; which is why we are excited to announce we are expanding our operations and opening new offices across Europe! We’re making our mark in Sweden, The Netherlands, and Paris as we look for new talent in the sales and sales engineering fields. We have also moved into a larger office in Reading, England to allow for our teams to grow as we expand our base in Great Britain.


Jive is no stranger to Europe, having experience working with several large multinational corporations such as Bupa, Saint Gobain, Vodafone, and Porsche. Companies throughout Europe are seeing the benefits Jive can deliver for their business, helping to streamline communication, enhance collaboration and overall increase productivity for employees. In fact, 22% of our total revenue reported for the 2nd quarter came from international regions and shows an increase of 30% on a year-over-year basis with much of this growth within EMEA. To add to our exciting news, we are also planning to offer our platform in eight additional European languages.


Jive continues to make strides to change the way work gets done and with our expanded presence in Europe we know the possibilities are endless.


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What's up at Producteev?

Posted by Amanda Pires Dec 18, 2012

A little over a month ago, Jive announced the acquisition of Producteev and they officially joined the Jive family. Since that time, that team has not stood still. Take a look at what's been going on since that time here.

Jive's chief strategy officer, Christopher Morace, shares the do's and dont's of social business software in today's CMS Wire. Check it out here....we welcome your comments below!

Today, the Jive team was notified that our company has been ranked #127 in Deloitte’s prestigious Technology Fast 500™, an annual ranking of the fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and clean technology companies in North America.


This is the first time we’ve made the list and our ranking was based on 878% revenue growth since 2007 – though I think it’s also due to the fact that businesses are really benefiting from social business platforms that offer true productivity improvements and drive business value. The result is that people in some of the largest organizations around the world are changing the way they work every day.


For the seventeenth consecutive year, the software category dominated the list, accounting for 40% or 200 companies of the full list. We’re thrilled with the company we keep and I’d like to thank Deloitte for its recognition.

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