Dear Partners,

It was great to meet with you all again recently.  I was really pleased to hear that 2017 has been such a successful year for you all, and I’m looking forward to more mutual success in 2018!


As promised, please find attached copies of the presentations from Michael and Hendrik.  Should you have any further questions here, please route them via Emin and he will get answers back to you ASAP:

Jive Deck

ACRM Roadmap


As we discussed, we really feel there is a great opportunity for us all in 2018 to create additional value for our customers, with the combination of CRM and Jive collaboration.  Below is a link to a large number of customer reference videos (some are in French and German also):


I hope that when you’re next speaking with your customers, showing them a relevant use-case of how customers in their market have benefited from using Jive, will be of interest to them - and will drive out potential use-cases in their business.

We'd like to work with you to develop these 'CRM+Jive collaboration' conversations with your customers.  Erik Draijer has been working with some of our largest Direct CRM clients, on CRM & Jive Collaboration use-cases.  If any of your customers are interested in what business value CRM + Jive can unlock for them, please contact Emin and we can arrange a call with you and Erik to discuss the opportunity, and how we can support you.


I look forward to speaking with you all over the coming weeks, and here’s to a successful 2018!

Thanks, Mark.


cc Emin Medic