• Is there any roadmap to improve the editor for Pages?

    Jive does not have a good editor when it comes to Pages. Is there any roadmap on enhancement on the pages?
    created by rahulbansal
  • Partner View Doc

    Be aware of these important rules of engagement:   Terms and Conditions Zero Tolerance Spam Policy Privacy Policy
    Libby Taylor
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  • Partners: Request Access to Partner Home here!

      Partner Home is the private collaboration and training space for partners only. From Partner Home, partners can also access training and enablement content from the Jive Partner Enablement Team and engage direc...
    Sarah Chaney
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  • Comparative Data - SAP JAM and Jive-n

    Looking for any comparative data for SAP's JAM product.   Thank you.
    created by martarna
  • Community with a capital C

    Our Learning Consultant Stan Jeffress speaks about a community that has meaningful business impacts: http://bit.ly/capital-C #community
    Christopher Böckelmann
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  • Automate Jive tasks using Zapier

    Hi all,   I am usre many of you use Zapier. It would be nice to have some integrations for Jive At the moment status of these integrations is UPCOMING   Woud you mind placing a vote. This theoretically s...
    last modified by mirekkucharzyk
  • JiveWorld17: Why Jive Track

    Hello, JiveWorks! I'm Harini Sridharan and I, alongside Darshita Maniar, will be leading the JiveWorld17 track: Why Jive – The Business Impact of Enterprise Collaboration. Today I'll be telling you about the Why...
    created by harini.sridharan
  • Can't register for JW17 Partner Conference?

    Hi, Trying to add the Partner Conference to my JW17 registration but that option isn't available to me because I registered as a Champion. Can this be added "manually" to my registration? Thanks.   Cheers, Wes
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  • Do you know if Spark has already been integrated in some ways into Jive ?

    kavita.seebran   Hello, I'm looking forward somebody who could explain me what is Jive's roadmap about 3rd Party integrations ? Spark is part of that ? To replace at least Chime ? Please let me know what could ...
    last modified by Laure VAN DER HAUWAERT
  • Learning Jive - A First Document

    Enjoy my word cloud based on the content field in activities.  
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  • Use Case-Specific Rewards and Badges

    Dear Jive-ers:   my new outward-facing community is designed to teach parents how to learn, demonstrate, and ultimately reward various behavioral skills in becoming a more competent parent.  I would like to...
    created by tommyo28374
  • Are there any Jive Use Cases about Research

    A potential customer is looking for some use cases in R&D to convince management in using Jive
    created by milosvujnovic
  • Community Manager Reports.

    Does anyone know why the "community Manager Reports" won't update the metrics. For out community website, It is stuck at Oct.11.
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  • Are there any document that compare Jive-n with Workplace by Facebook?

    Workplace price and commitment is very competitive. I need strong information to convince prospects to choose Jive.
    created by teranit
  • Interested in learning more about our Partner Community?

    Interested in becoming a Jive Partner? Connecting with a Jive Partner?   Post your inquiry below and a member of our Channel Partnership team will respond as soon as possible!
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  • Jive Events that you and your clients can attend?

    Did you know that Jive posts all of our events here: https://www.jivesoftware.com/about-jive/events/?   This is a great opportunity for you and your clients to lean more about Jive as well network with others l...
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  • How do I take advantage of the upcoming Add-on hosted App functionalities?

    Basically the same question I asked here: Re: Can !App Add-ons be deployed without a nodejs service?   I'd like to build a !App without spinning up a nodejs service. The functionality should be fairly simple, a ...
    Scott A Johnson
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  • Jive Development Environment

    Could anyone please provide the details or Jive document if any,    - How to start to install a development environment.    - What are the installations, configurations & plugins required t...
    last modified by jaiswal.pravin@tcs.com

    I am looking for experiences of government comunities.    Who could help mo to refer some additionals  of what I have already identified:     1.       Clinton G...
    last modified by german.gutierrez