• Pre Requisite for Jive Platform Training

    There is a MANDATORY pre-requisite training that must be completed before attending the Jive Platform Training series. Click here to complete the pre-requisites for this training.   If you don't already have acce...
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  • Partners, request access to Partner Home here!

    Partner Home is where Jive Partners can access training and enablement content from the Jive Partner Enablement team and engage directly with the Jive Partner team. Get access to all of the latest and greatest informa...
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  • Calling on Partners.   Apple Watch Apps

    Partners.... Anybody building an innovative Apple Watch App?          I have dozens of customers asking.    Great way to differentiate yourself and add some sizzle to ...
    Kevin Williams
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  • EMEAR Partner Summit 2015

    Great times with Partners telling stories, sharing experiences with customers.  Iron sharpens iron!  Thanks to all the great partners for making it worthwhile.
    Kevin Williams
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  • Jive Events that you and your clients can attend?

    Did you know that Jive posts all of our events here: https://www.jivesoftware.com/about-jive/events/?   This is a great opportunity for you and your clients to lean more about Jive as well network with others l...
    Arthur Rutherford
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  • Intellectually curious about new Consumption Economic Trends.

    If anyone has ready the book "Consumption Economics - The New Rules for Tech", Todd Hewlin discusses new buying patters and trends.      http://www.amazon.com/Consumption-Economics-The-Rules-Tech/dp/0...
    Kevin Williams
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  • Jive Fitment assesment check list

    Hi All,   I am exploring a possible alliance with Jive We advise companies in every major industry vertical. We help create/implement the vision for new strategies.   It will be really great if any one c...
    Samarth Shekhar
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  • How can I see a list of the leads I've submitted?

    Thank you!
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  • Need access to Partner Home

    Instructions in Partner Community space say that if I need access to Partner Home, I should send a direct message to Benjamin Walker, but I am unable to send a direct message to him until he follows me.  Benjamin...
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  • How do I take advantage of the upcoming Add-on hosted App functionalities?

    Basically the same question I asked here: Re: Can !App Add-ons be deployed without a nodejs service?   I'd like to build a !App without spinning up a nodejs service. The functionality should be fairly simple, a ...
    Scott A Johnson
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  • Share Your Thoughts: New Strategic Relationship with Cisco

    For the past several months, I've been working on a new partnership.  Today, I finally get to share the news - Jive and Cisco are teaming up.  Our CEO Tony Zingale posted his thoughts in the blog Cisco ...
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  • Jive Home Page Layout and Design

    For our internal instance of Jive  ......CSC C3, we have a mostly out-of-box user interface with a few HTML widgets for highlighting a group or application and important links for our end-users.   additiona...
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  • 2009 Forrester Wave Report

    This report is intended for 1-to-1 distribution to prospects only - please do not blast to large audiences at once.
    Erskine Williams
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  • Jive Partner Program FABs April 30-2013 .pptx

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  • Jive Customer Success Booklet_January 2013

    Booklet containing success summaries of Jive customer across a variety of industries and use cases.   This booklet can be shared with prospects as part of a sales cycle only, it is not allowed to be used for...
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  • BPM integration

    Does anyone know a partner which has integrated BPM sw with JIVE????
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  • Jive and/or Liferay

    Hi,   Anyone that have been asked how Jive can work together with Liferay?   I assuming Jive and Liferay integrated is not the best solution, so why should the customer choose Jive instead of Liferay if t...
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  • Jive SVN Downtime for Maintenance

    Hello Jive Partners -   Jive is going to be performing maintenance on our customer and partner-facing SVN server and also relocate it to our new Phoenix data center. There will be two windows for downtime and the...
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  • JiveWorld Awards Nomination Deadline Extended to August 10th

    DEADLINE EXTENDED - Last call for Jive Award Nominations We have heard from several of you, and we are making it official.  The deadline for Jive Awards nominations has been extended. Want to win?  Submit y...
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  • Thread archival settings

    In the thread archive settings in admin console, I tried deletion of archived threads, but was unable to see the content physically deleted. Additionally, when pressed the Start Archiving button with the delete radio...
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