As one of the leading social business platforms, Jive is the central data hub where your employees frequently meet online, collaborate, and share insights and knowledge – a true innovation hotspot. We at HYPE try to tap into this social network and bring together the best from both worlds: social business collaboration, guided by features dedicated to rigorous innovation management.


In our upcoming webinar, Colin Nelson, Director of Strategic Consulting at HYPE, will explore the early stages of innovation programs. For any innovation program, engagement is a key factor. There are various best practices on how to continuously keep it on a high level. But how do you get people engaged initially when you start an enterprise innovation initiative?

Complex multi-national organizations need to consider how to appeal to different skill sets and different cultures; the right mix of top down and bottom up communications is crucial. In this webinar, Colin will answer questions such as:

  • What really gets people’s attention?
  • What messages are likely to resonate?
  • What techniques do other organizations use?

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Speaker: Colin Nelson, Director of Strategic Consutling at HYPE Innovation

Colin specialises in helping complex organisations establish, embed and leverage collaborative processes. Using the power of their workforce, 3rd parties and customers, Colin helps to put in place processes that engage large groups, tapping into their collective insight to deliver business value.

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