As the leading social business platform, Jive is the central place where employees meet online to collaborate. This diverse and spontaneous networking makes Jive a true hotspot for innovation. We at HYPE try to tap into this social network and bring together the best from both worlds: social business collaboration, guided by features dedicated to rigorous innovation management.


If you analyse the innovation management landscape, the Middle East takes a special role. Although it shares similarities to western markets, the factors that differentiate it can define whether an innovation program succeeds or fails.
In the last 5 years HYPE has extensively analysed the Middle East and its unique characteristics, and has worked with some of the largest Arabic organizations. Our experiences lead us to identify best-practices that innovation managers should recognize, and that will drive the success of innovation programs. In this webinar, Khattab Al-Ali, strategic consultant at HYPE, will answer questions such as:

- What distinguishes the market and makes it unique?
- How can you transfer those unique qualities into strong foundations of an innovation strategy?

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Speaker: Khattab Al-Ali, Strategic Consutant at HYPE Innovation

Khattab believes that successful companies follow two core convictions: firstly, that innovation has a strategic impact on an organization and secondly, that it is reflected by the ability of a company to adapt to ever changing conditions. In his role as strategic consultant, he works closely together with our clients to help them set up their individual programs accordingly.

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