What Corporate Innovators Need to Know on the Execution of Innovation

June 10th, (5pm CET)
with Stefan Lindegaard, Author, Speaker, and Strategic Advisor


Did you know that the front end of innovation has become the easy part of corporate innovation? The real challenge is the execution part.

Did you know that many companies focus more on ideas than people when it comes to innovation? Ideas are important, but people make things happen and thus the right order of focus should be people first, processes next and then ideas.

If these questions make you think about the execution of innovation in your company’s innovation efforts, then you should join this webinar with Stefan Lindegaard – hosted by HYPE Innovation – in which you will get these insights:

  • the key insights corporate innovators miss on the execution of innovation
  • how corporate innovation teams can match the right people with the right ideas at the right time for better innovation (hint – the key is people pools)
    examples on how corporate innovation teams at successful companies deal with the execution of innovation


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