You have seen the “why” for using those awesome badges and gamification in your Jive instance. You have seen those convincing numbers and know it’s really about changing behavior. (Need to catch up? Check out Wes Goldstein's blog). Great! You’re convinced… but how can it get you past those adoption hurdles?


  1. That top floor is awfully silent. Silent and competitive…

    Tell your community about the C-level who is the first to earn the blog post badge. Trust us — they're watching.

  2. Your teacher said there are no bad questions – especially if you get a badge for it.

    When someone asks their first question, give them a badge, and award points for additional questions posted. Everyone wins here because a) you are encouraging your community to engage openly, and b) the next person who has that question has the answer already!

  3. Everyone likes a smarty-pants. No really, they do!

    Give a badge for answering a question correctly. Not only will the user get that coveted “correct answer” mark, but now everyone will see it on his or her profile. Right next to that listed expertise in case anyone was wondering
  4. Know how everyone votes to get that “I voted” sticker? Works in Jive, too.

    If you are trying to turn those lurking registered users into participating users, maybe even contributing users at times, give a badge for voting in a poll. Polls are a quick and easy way for anyone to participate.

  5. Tagging was not just your favorite playground game.

    Tagging makes that amazing Jive search engine even better, so reward people for doing it. And reward them for doing it again. They get that tagging badge; your search engine improves, and people will keep doing it, badge or no badge. See what we did there? Behavior change! That’s what this game is all about, ladies and gentlemen.


We’re just getting started here. Customize your missions to drive traffic to sleepy areas of your community. Get that competitive edge working to your advantage with limited quantity or limited time badges. Roll out badges with multiple reward levels, Olympic style. You can also reward accomplishments outside of the Jive realm. So get in the game!


Have any interesting badges and missions to share? How has gamification helped your community?