So I was trying to think of ways for JCS to support cmad2016 in the Jive Community.


Adam Mertz has already done the whole Starbucks thing (2016 CMAD Love to Jive Community Managers) and if there is something that community managers love more than coffee I'm not sure what it is. (OK - maybe Carol Saggese's home-made still-warm-from-the-oven have-some-extra-icing cinnamon buns, but we aren't sharing those (there are limits ya know).


But sometimes the best thing to do is to double-down on what is already a good idea.


Since the only thing better than coffee is more coffee, here's the deal.


If you are a JCS customer we want you to create a post that supports Adam's request in 2016 CMAD Love to Jive Community Managers.


Mention Paladin Group, formerly JCS Consulting in that post and we will double Adam's offer of  $10 Starbucks card.


(Carol brings these in to JCS a couple of times a month - seriously!)


So now it is worth twice as much coffee to tell everybody what an awesome community manager you are and how Jive changed your life, improved the relationship your company has with your customers, made your employees happier and more effective, helped launch a new product or... [your success story goes here!]