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It’s summertime and Jive Software is announcing another highlight for 2014. The Jive Summer Release of Jive Cloud and JiveX Cloud will go live at the end of August. We’re a Jive Partner so we naturally want to keep our customers up to date on these innovations from the Jive roadmap. Read on for a feature summary of the Jive Summer Release.

Jive at a glance

Jive Software is bringing an old feature back to the platform to enable you to stay in control of your network. A new personalized page called Your View adds new tiles for grouping, categorizing and sharing content that make navigation and finding information more intuitive than ever before.

Making the interface more intuitive was also the reason for the new place pages,which were only available in a beta version in the Jive Spring Release. They now have full functionality in this standard version. There are a number of new tiles you can use too.

One completely new feature is the option to make content available in multiple places. So now you can keep a document up to date without having to update every single copy, like you used to have to do.

And remember how you used to only be able to categorize content? This gave users the ability to easily filter relevant content. Now you can categorize social groups and spaces too.

Jive Present has undergone some changes as well. It’s now compatible with Jive 7.0.x+ and available as an iPhone app. It provides the same user experience no matter whether you’re using a tablet, an iPhone or a laptop. Calendar integration is standard too, so you’ll be able to manage your meeting, notes and contacts directly from the app.

Several months ago Jive Software announced a partnership with Cisco , and now they supplementing Jive’s native chat with Cisco WebEx and Jabber integration. This increases your productivity and reduces redundant content because it enables you to work on content right in Jive.

Customers who use SharePoint along with the Jive SharePoint Connector Plugin can look forward to several new features that simplify SharePoint implementation and reduce their administrative burden.

To start, it has an enhanced design and user experience thanks to improvements to the inbox, the rich text editor and banner management for places. They also worked on giving you a moreresponsive design to meet your viewing needs, whatever the device.


JiveX at a glance:

The JiveX Summer Release is also getting new functionality over and above those features described above (place pages, making content available in multiple places, categorization of places and design improvements).

The CRM Connector has got some important new functionality. You can already create support cases directly from the Jive UI. Now you will also be able to track these cases and their status from a customer’s point of view. Not only that, these cases will now be displayed in your CRM, and you can search for Jive content in your CRM too.

In addition, Jive Software will provide new community manager reports for gaining more insight into how the community is being used. This will include things like views of answered questions and top users by content created. This makes it easier to keep track of key users and community activity.

Jive’s optimized Resonata Influencer Insights adds new influence rankings. Examples include analytics reports showing top influencers, influence traits and top threads by influence.

Here at Pokeshot///SMZ, we’re looking forward to how customers of Jive Software respond to these new features. If you have questions or feedback about the Jive Summer Release and the features from the Jive roadmap, feel free to contact us via our Jive Partner area in the Jive Community.


Patrick Faehling graduated with a master’s degree in business informatics at the beginning of 2013 and then spent a half-year-long stint working as a social business consultant at a large digital solutions agency in the UK. He has returned to Berlin to strengthen the Pokeshot///SMZ team as a Junior Consultant for Social Business Strategy.

Dear Customers and Partners!

With this newsletter we’d like to keep you up to date on what’s been happening at Pokeshot///SMZ in May and June 2014.

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Jive Cloud & JiveX Cloud Spring Release ’14

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Community Management [3/4] – Could stagnating growth mean the end of John’s penguin community?

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Best wishes

Your Pokeshot///SMZ Team

Dear Customers and Partners,

With this newsletter we’d like to keep you up to date on what’s been happening at Pokeshot///SMZ in March and April 2014.


"Social Business meets talent management" at HR Innovation Day 2014

This year our thought leader Sandra Leupold will once again be taking part in HR Innovation Day, which is being held on May 24 in Leipzig. She will not only be giving a presentation, but will also be leading a workshop on how to integrate aspects of social business in talent identification and retention...
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Jive and Pokeshot///SMZ change how GP JOULE communicates

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Measuring social performance with the balanced scoreboard

How does one measure the success of a social business platform? This is something companies usually want to know right after implementing such a solution. But there are no easy answers...
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On behalf of Jive Software, we would like to invite You to join Jive experts and a select group of Jive customers as we focus on Extending and Expanding Your Jive Investment. From Pokeshot///SMZ Nils Heuer will join this events as a leading technology and add-on expert for Jive. During this interactive session, Jive experts will focus on Jive's cutting-edge integration and development technologies, which provides IT professionals a platform to fulfill a more active role in modernizing and socializing your existing technologies.


More information and the registration you can find here:

Best wishes

Your Pokeshot///SMZ Team

How does one measure the success of a social business platform? This is something companies usually want to know right after implementing such a solution. But there are no easy answers, since soft, difficult-to-quantify factors play a major role in the social software context – which is the logical consequence of a system that fosters better communication and interaction among employees. This blog post will provide insights into how companies might overcome the challenges of measuring social "ROI".

Let’s start with some basic ideas: Performance indicators provide useful insights into isolated aspects of a social business platform. But to be able to evaluate the totality of information, one has to view performance indicators from a number of perspectives and merge them with other data. On one hand, there are certain quantifiable metrics that give us feedback about how the system is being used. Some of these are very easy to calculate because today’s social business programs come with out-of-the-box capabilities for generating usage statistics. On the other, one quickly runs into the limits of what information can be collected on soft factors because, as mentioned above, such data is difficult or impossible to quantify. The two approaches to data collection – the purely objective and the purely subjective – have their distinctive pros and cons. It is necessary, however, to mix the two types of data and present the information in a unified way in order to gain a better understanding of the big picture and get actionable takeaways that will help your company reach the next level. Experience from previous social business projects has shown that the balanced scorecard is an effective tool for accomplishing these objectives.


The balanced scorecard in a nutshell

A balanced scorecard is a concept used to measure performance that moves beyond a simple set of performance indicators. It ties together the different viewpoints that go into determining the indicators in a strategic manner. Striking a balance between the varying perspectives, the approach provides a complete picture of performance on an easy-to-interpret scorecard. The original version of this balanced scorecard consists of four perspectives that can be adapted according to the specific business context: 


  • The customer perspective that assesses the satisfaction level of customers.
  • The financial perspective that brings together financial data to evaluate fiscal performance.
  • The internal business process perspective that appraises how well business processes are meeting objectives such as a certain level of efficiency or effectiveness.
  • The learning and growth perspective that collects and analyzes data on both employee and organizational self-improvement.

How can companies use the balanced scorecard to measure success?
To get started with your own balanced scorecard, simply follow the steps below. This is a procedure that has proved effective at Pokeshot///SMZ time and again.

  1. Define performance objectives2997473310_2246053915_o.png
  2. Develop performance indicators and determine the measurement method
  3. Identify the perspectives
  4. Assign the performance indicators to the different perspectives
  5. Describe both specific connections (between the indicators) and generic connections (between the perspectives)
  6. Set target values
  7. Make recommendations for action based on performance analysis
  8. Critically assess perspectives, performance indicators and connections and realign where necessary

It is evident that this approach places a high value on the connections between performance indicators (see point No. 5). This works to the strength of the balanced scorecard and enables actionable insights to be derived in areas like usability, duration and frequency of use, level of awareness and information source preferences.
To make everything as clear as possible, let’s take a look at a real-life example. A company collected data on a number of performance indicators to measure the success of its newly launched social intranet. The indicator “unique user” indicated that 9 out of 10 employees regularly visited the new tool. There is nothing negative about this figure at first glance. But managers at the company became suspicious when results came in later that said only 3 out of 10 employees were “satisfied with the new tool.” Because of our extensive experience in this area, we at Pokeshot///SMZ were able to assist the client with this issue. We recommended visualizing the performance indicators in a balanced scorecard, while also assigning the indicators to perspectives and describing any interconnections. Suddenly it was possible to draw more far-reaching conclusions. These new insights helped to explain the initial finding through a critical assessment of the “unique user” indicator. An answer was also found to the question, Why do 9 out of 10 employees use the social intranet if most of them are not satisfied with it? It turned out that there was no alternative to the intranet within the company; employees had to work with this tool. Without bringing together quantitative and qualitative data in an easy-to-understand format it would not have been possible to gain this insight.     


To make measuring success a reality, it is important to remember a few points:

  • Social business platforms foster better communication and interaction among employees.
  • Soft factors play a major role in measuring performance.
  • The collection of purely objective or purely subjective data will not achieve the desired objectives.
  • The balanced scorecard is a tool that combines the strengths of both of these types of data collection.
  • The specific performance indicators must be in line with the overall social business strategy.


We will explore the topic of performance measurement in greater detail in the future and hope to have interesting discussions with you on this important subject. You will also have an opportunity to learn more about performance measurement on March 10, 2014 in Hanover, Germany, where Pokeshot///SMZ will be taking part in the expert panel “Determining the value of social collaboration ROI" at the CeBit’s Social Business Arena. Come by and let’s continue the conversation after the panel. I look forward to seeing you!

Dear Customers and Partners,

With this newsletter we’d like to keep you up to date on what’s been happening at Pokeshot///SMZ during the first months of 2014.


SmarterPath and Translation Manager Releases Feb. '14

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Pokeshot///SMZ helps VDW roll out its new social intranet portal

VDW, headquartered in Munich, turned to Pokeshot///SMZ for social software consulting and technology support when it decided to implement a social intranet for its more than 250 staff members. Its new employee portal VDW Engage was launched in October 2013 leveraging the power of Jive Cloud. VDW is the only manufacturer worldwide to specialize exclusively…
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Pokeshot///SMZ strengthens consulting team with addition of community and change management expert

Pokeshot///SMZ, a leading full-service software consultancy and technology provider, is pleased to announce that the business informatics specialist Sandra Leupold joined its Social Business Consulting team in mid-January. Sandra brings extensive experience in the fields of community and change management and e-learning, areas that she focused on in her previous position at T-Systems Multimedia…
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Pokeshot///SMZ matches the Christmas donations made to children’s aid groups

Pokeshot///SMZ would like to extend a special thanks to all partners and clients who forewent receiving a Christmas gift in favor of making a charitable donation. These acts of generosity raised a total of 840 euros for children’s aid organizations. Pokeshot///SMZ also matched these donations euro for euro, so both the Children’s Guardian Angel Association…
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Best wishes

Your Pokeshot///SMZ Team

Pokeshot///SMZ is pleased to announce the new releases of our Jive add-ons SmarterPath and Translation Manager. After putting a considerable amount of time and energy into the development of additional features, we are excited to tell you what’s in store for you.



As some of you remember, we launched the social LMS add-on SmarterPath last year and won the “Jive Extend” Award on the strength of this innovative application. The rationale for creating this app was that traditional LMSs, which are completely disconnected from where work is getting done, are not the application of choice for either employees or for trainers. Our SmarterPath solution embeds social learning directly in the Jive user experience. Instructors can leverage content directly from Jive to build their courses. And participants can progress through learning paths while working in Jive, using familiar Jive features to collaborate with peers. Now we have released a more advanced version of SmarterPath with several new features that will boost the impact of social learning in your Jive environment.

We’ve added helpful new functionalities like “Community action: Follow person”, which enables learners to easily connect with subject matter experts, and “Community action: Follow place”, which allows learners to be asked to join a social group within Jive as part of a training. Also new is theexam builder feature that lets trainers easily build exams and quizzes using true/false, multiple choice, multiple response and fill-in-the-blank questions. This powerful tool also generates reports like the answer breakdown report, which will also be available for SCORM-based eLearning trainings.


What’s more, Jive 7 is fully supported, which means SmarterPath is now available as a Jive 7 add-on. The add-on includes the SmarterPath app as well as a purposeful place template for creating training-specific groups. We also simplified training set-up by adding learning elements that don’t have to be linked to a training path and that don’t require you to create an asset first. From now on, leaners can also comment on lessons, start a discussion or just give feedback on the lesson level. Last but not least, you can now generate an activity report to track what’s happening in all your training paths.

You’ll find more information about SmarterPath on our website or on our Pokeshot///SMZ space in the Jive Community:
SmarterPath Social Learning for Jive

Translation Manager

The Translation Manager for Jive is a must-have add-on for customers running Jive in either an internal multinational environment or a customer facing community with global reach. The time and cost saving tools add a host of advanced multilingual capabilities to your Jive environment. This includes simplifying translation and management of the UI text and editing labels and interface elements directly in the frontend. You also have the ability to translate Jive content into the users preferred language automatically and in real time, and you can create multiple language versions of documents and present the correct version to users based on their language settings. For example, if you run Jive in an international organization, you are likely to run into situations where content needs to be provided in different languages. In cases like these, the Translation Manager add-on from Pokeshot///SMZ is just the right tool for you. Find out what new features Translation Manager now offers you.

First of all, the Translation Manager add-on, which includes the i18n, multi-language content and automated translation plugins, is available in Jive 7. In addition, we improved our i18n plugin by implementing the following optimizations and features:

  • The “Go” button has been removed
  • You can now switch to a new language in the form by simply changing the language in the dropdown menu
  • Values for search or pagination will be kept
  • Key settings pop-up
  • Explicit cluster synchronization
  • Date of latest language export and modification
  • Export all languages:
  • Via the extended options there is now the possibility to export the properties files (including the customizations) for all languages (ZIP archive)

You’ll find more information about Translation Manager on our website or on our Pokeshot///SMZ space in the Jive Community:
i18n Translation Manager
Multi-Language Content
Automated Translation

VDW, headquartered in Munich, turned to Pokeshot///SMZ for social software consulting and technology support when it decided to implement a social intranet for its more than 250 staff members. Its new employee portal VDW Engage was launched in October 2013 leveraging the power of Jive Cloud.


VDW is the only manufacturer worldwide to specialize exclusively in products and services for endodontics (root canal treatment). This has helped VDW attain a leading position in the market, allowing the company to focus strongly on quality and innovation and thus maintain its competitive edge into the future

To ensure that it is well equipped to meet the challenges of tomorrow, VDW realized how crucial it was to develop and better exploit its internal processes, improvement opportunities and innovation potential. For VDW and its General Manager Dr. Matthias Kühner, the key objective was to find solutions that would help facilitate internal communications and collaboration among employees. These considerations prompted VDW to begin exploring the topic of social business about a year ago.

Once the initial requirements and use cases had been identified and defined, the search began for a suitable solution. Jive and IBM Connections made the short list. At the end of the evaluation process, VDW opted to go with Jive as a result of feedback from employees who participated in a pilot project with the various solutions. The decisive factors were the usability and practicality of Jive. It was also important for VDW to have a cloud solution that offered flexible expansion options. With SmarterPath, the social learning management tool developed by Pokeshot///SMZ, VDW found just such a solution. SmarterPath plays a major role in the new social intranet – it enables VDW to upgrade employee onboarding, carry out training programs and accelerate partner enablement. The social learning management system can be integrated directly in the Jive platform, which was one of the big pluses of choosing Jive.

After VDW decided to use Jive, VDW looked to Pokeshot///SMZ to help it implement the Jive-powered social intranet portal. VDW required that one provider be able to perform all support services – from implementation consulting to product delivery and set-up to technical assistance.

In order to quickly get employees working with the new tool and achieve the first results, it was important to take a pragmatic approach to implementation. Together, VDW and Pokeshot///SMZ developed a project framework that would enable Jive to be set up within six weeks.

During the implementation phase, special introductory sessions were held with key users and concept and execution workshops were carried out for the individual use cases. Pokeshot///SMZ also configured and customized Jive to fit VDW’s own specific requirements. A fast, trouble-free roll-out was made possible by taking advantage of Jive Cloud’s flexibility; however, individual settings and adjustments could still be implemented.

The backing and support of VDW’s management were vital to successfully making Jive the primary platform for employee collaboration and communications. The active participation of the management team at meeting and workshops enabled swift decision-making and fast action on key issues. What’s more, management’s close involvement throughout the roll-out process made clear the new social intranet’s importance within the company.

VDW also made certain that specific change management and communications measures accompanied the introduction of Jive, which were also a key factor to the roll-out’s success. The new social intranet was launched mid-October with a central kick-off event and a video message from the General Manager Dr. Matthias Kühner. Additional communications and roll out activities are being implemented to encourage and help employees take their first steps on the intranet portal. These activities will also prove valuable in transforming the Jive platform into a sustainable employee community.

VDW saw quick results in day-to-day operations because of an adoption and activation strategy that called for use cases supporting the different departments and their employees with everyday work to be executed at the very start. Usage statistics and feedback from employees and management show that the new intranet is achieving the desired objectives – streamlined processes and workflow, increased collaboration and flexible communications.

Pokeshot///SMZ’s consulting specialist Christoph Rauhut and product expert Nils Heuer have provided VDW support throughout the entire Jive roll-out process and with follow-up activities. Results achieved so far will be monitored against the VDW’s objectives and expectations in forthcoming review workshops. These sessions will also be used to identify new use cases and devise optimization strategies, with the goal of expanding the social intranet’s impact and effectiveness.

Pokeshot///SMZ’s team wishes VDW and all of its staff continued success and looks forward to providing further advice and assistance in the future.

Last week Jive announced that the Winter 2014 Releases are now available for Jive and Jivex. Here is a brief summary of all the new features.

Jivex at a glance

JivexWant to get quarterly updates right when they are released? That’s not a problem anymore. Jivex for external communities is now available in the Cloud.

The new release introduces a Jivex CRM Connector that enables you to easily link up discussions and cases to your CRM system. This makes sure your customers always receive answers to their questions.

To provide a better overview of what’s happening on your different channels, Facebook conversations, Twitter and RSS are now offered right in-line. The Jivexupgrade allows bi-directional connection with your Facebook fan page and Twitter, while also automatically inserting posts and RSS feeds.

Enhanced search capabilities have also been implemented: now it’s possible to highlight answers in search results, and admins can give users the ability to mark content as official or outdated.

And that’s not all. If you run a Jivex external community, you’re just going to love additional new features like redesigned profiles, optimized SEO, personal analytics, advanced gamification and segment campaign planning.

Jive at a glance

Following up on the release of Jive 7, substantial optimizations have now been made for internal communities as well.

Jive has finally improved the quality of their translations within Activity Streams and the Inbox. This was necessary because the translations were sometimes very confusing and unnatural.

Jive also recognized that more and more customers are moving to Jive Cloud and have concerns about security. This prompted Jive to make encryption at rest available.

In addition, Jive has now optimized the performance of Producteev, which was introduced as beta in the Fall 2013 Release to replace traditional tasks. Producteev now provides task filtering (“active and completed” & “Tasks I’m following”) as well as many more new features and enhancements.

Last but not least, Jive has also rolled out a Universal iOS app upgrade, desktop notifications andJive + Box improvements to make working within Jive easier and more productive.

You can learn more about the Winter 2014 Releases at the Jive Community.

Dear Customers and Partners,


With this newsletter we’d like to keep you up to date on the latest events at Pokeshot///SMZ in 2013. We also thank you for an eventful and successful year and look to the coming year with confidence and optimism. We wish you and your family a merry christmas.


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Best Wishes

The Pokeshot///SMZ Team

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With this newsletter we’d like to keep you up to date on all recent events at Pokeshot///SMZ.

JiveWorld13 is almost here!

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Best Wishes


The Pokeshot///SMZ Team