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2 Posts authored by: Sayoda Saydalieva

Stan Jeffress Sr Learning Consultant, and I have been working on a variety of use cases with different organisations across multiple industries. Not that long time ago we had an internal discussion around main drivers for a successful digital learning project. And why some projects fail or don't achieve the desired goals.


In our experience most if not all digital learning projects begin (and, unfortunately, end!) with a focus on the long list of "requirements." This is partly because it can be an efficient way to compare features and functionalities one-to-one between the large number of tools available on the market. Vendors of course recognize this and many of them charge additional fees for certain features.

However, what's often missing in this kind of assessment is how the features would be applied to your needs.


In addition, marketing & sales teams (), professional associations, consultants (like Stan ), etc. regularly use buzzwords, describe trends, cite research, etc. as a way to keep you informed about - and buying - what's next.


With the promise of outstanding results - which can easily be presented as a substitute for your goals and objectives - your organization makes its decision.

And after the successful implementation the "honeymoon" is quickly over and soon everyone is focused on what the tool doesn't do. You're left with a multi-year contract and the continued need to push learning content through the platform to upskill your co-workers and help them achieve the best results.


Does this sound familiar? Did you - as many of us have - migrate from one solution only to find that you traded one set of challenges for another?


If you have ever had a moth syndrom or accidentally got distracted by a shiny tool, then join us for a 30 min webinar on March 5 @ 8:30 a.m. PST.

We would like to share not just best practices, but real-life examples of what's imporatant for the success of your digital learning project.


No doubt that technology is everywhere and increasingly valuable. Honestly, it is still just a tool. In the right hands and for the right purposes it can be exactly what we need!


For more info and registration, please click here.


We look forward to talking with you on the 5th.


Happy Learning!


Warm regards,


Stan & Sayoda



Pokeshot Team

In Multi-language communities language barrier can become a major obstacle in communication and collaboration. 

If you want to know how to

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Please join us for a short webinar.

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