• Phrase Substitution for Custom Elements

    Phrase substitution works great for localisation when you're modifying or translating default keys, but there are certain things that I cannot seem to substitute.  Two of these include the Pokeshot auto-translate...
  • Bulk Upload Plug-in; can you share the Product Fact Sheet and some basic pricing?

    I'd also be happy to have a phone conversation to discuss in more depth. Thanks, --Micah
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  • Having trouble getting Company Dictionary app to work

    Sayoda Saydalieva  Hi.   When installing your Company Dictionary app on our instance of Jive (https://engage.umuc.edu/apps/corpdictionary), I get the following error:   Unable to reach remote host. HT...
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  • Question: Assigning Existing Track to a Social Group?

    When you first create a Training Track we get the option of assigning it to a Social Group - see below   Is it possible to edit an existing, published training to add the Social Group at a later date? I looked ...
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  • Language Translation Option

    Hi Nils Heuer, We are looking for a translation app/plug-in for our intranet. We'd like it to translate the actual content on the page. Is this something you are able to do on Jive 7 Cloud? If so, do you have a demo...
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  • Does plugin allow user to toggle between languages?

    Hi there,   We are interested in a plugin that can be placed on our intranet site where the user logs in and if the page is displaying in English they can change it to French (for example) and change it back. Or...
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  • Potential customer interested in Pokeshot Lotus notes integration for Jive

    Hello,   I have a potential customer interested in utilizing Pokeshot for their lotus notes integration with Jive. They are 200 employees and based in Palo Alto California. Please let me know who the best point ...
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  • Questions and a Demo

    Hi - I had some questions about your product... is there someone who can help me out? Specifically, I was wondering: 1) What are the license fees/costs for this plugin? 2) Does you plugin require cloud access? 3) C...
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  • New "Advanced Discovery Mode" - SMZi18n-Plugin

    See how our revolutionary in place translations editing works with the "advanced Discovery Mode".  
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