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Two months have already passed since the last release of SmarterPath 2.0!

Version 2.1 has some helpful enhancements that we would like to explain in more detail.
They are:

  • export to excel (reporting)
  • SCORM Lesson completion
  • a new language and
  • the course calendar


Create a faster, better smarter on-going learning experience for your workforce with a blended approach.


Do you seek to improve performance?

Is your company faced with the challenge of

  • Decreasing the time spent on searching for relevant training or information
  • Increasing productivity of employees and partners
  • Minimizing set up and maintenance costs?


Are you looking for a modern knowledge and learning management solution that meets the demands of today’s work environment?

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Use Case: Time Management Training

Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying: "Time is money." What does time mean to you? And what do you know about managing it effectively to be less stressed and put more focus on the tasks that need your fullest attention? As a possible use case for SmarterPath, we will show you what an on-demand time management training for your employees could look like.

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All in all, the LearnTec conference both validated our work to-date on SmarterPath while also strengthening our interest in continuing to develop the product.

With our solution, we are able to meet new perspectives where the functions of other traditional learning management systems (LMS) end. However, we are interested in meeting the needs of the next generation of learning. Two trends in particular have emerged from this perspective: Augmented Reality (AR) in the learning environments of Industry 4.0 and Smart Learning.


AR as a learning tool  in the Industry 4.0 context

Digitization and ever-faster innovation cycles make continuous learning necessary in almost all professions. In other words, learning is "on-the-job," where the work environment and the learning environment are essentially the same. Leading-edge learning is now done with the aid of AR applications, which makes it possible to make information and data streams visible to different roles throughout the organization. This highlight of LearnTec has encouraged us to organize an internal hackathon to combine this innovative learning methodology with SmarterPath. We will present this technology for the first time at JiveWorld2017 from May 1-3 in Las Vegas.


Smart Learning - customized adaptation of digital learning content

Unfortunately, because they were originally designed to help manage content, we often use online learning platforms as essentially a file storage solution. In addition, the learners leave the learning environment after completing required training. There is little to no opportunity for interaction or the exchange of ideas. When this approach is used, learning is not so effective. This is why online learning and knowledge management communities offer a significant added value. Unlike a traditional LMS, our SmarterPath solution is embedded in a social collaboration platform. It helps to connect people and thus encourage knowledge-sharing and learning within their usual work environment.

SmarterPath supports our customers with their own 70:20:10 strategy. In addition to formal, required training courses, SmarterPath provides the basis for informal learning as well as preparing individual learning content . Thus, we offer more than just the 10% from the 70-20-10 model. We think that there is a high potential in leveraging Big Data in order to help create an adaptive learning experience.


At conferences like LearnTec - and other similar events - we appreciate the chance to both learn more about the world of learning and interact with those who are just as interested in doing learning differently as we are with #SmarterPath!