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Sandra Brueckner about up-cycling content, why companies need to think about it and how Pokeshot  and SmarterPath - Social Learning Add-On can help.


We do live in a wonderful world. Most of the companies I know have a lot of tools to help their employees do their work.

Especially where knowledge is the basis of their business, modern ESN (Enterprise Social Networks) offer the opportunity to share everything employees needs to share.


I see the risk, especially in knowledge-centric industries, that employees face a flood of information. Just information, not valuable content.

The bigger a community is and the longer it exists, the harder it is to get all of the pieces together to get an overall view of a topic.

There is information in groups, Teamsites and OneDrive documents, in E-Mails and even in messages and streams. And of course in the heads of all employees.


Employees, as well as the management, need a way to extract and make this information more valuable through an up-cycling process. The goal is to create smarter paths through this forest of information and emphasize the parts which are necessary and helpful to other employees. In my eyes, only valuable content creates benefit.


What is “valuable content” and why do companies need to think about it?

I would like to use some terms from the field of content marketing:

“[The word] ‘Value’ will inevitably mean something different depending on where your intended audience is on their journey, but relevant, consistent, engaging, trustworthy, useful, and authentic still matter the same.” (Source Überflip)

I like this definition from Überflip because the author thought about the meaning of value as something which doesn’t mean the same thing to different people. Furthermore he asks:

  • “Relevant” — Is it right for your audience?
  • “Consistent” — Does it align with your audience’s expectations?
  • “Engaging” — Is it an enjoyable experience overall?
  • “Trustworthy” — Is it believable”?
  • “Useful” — Does it benefit your audience right now?*
  • “Authentic” — Does it prove you are human?”


I’m not naive. I know that employees often don’t have the time to think about these requirements when they create information in their daily business. But in my eyes, the company has the responsibility to create more value out of this information if they want people to learn from each other and acquire the knowledge they need at the time they want it. Organisations should provide their employees and partners with easy to build and follow SmarterPathes through the flood of information.


Four steps of content up-cycling
Companies should think about these four steps to get more valuable, better content:

  • Extract Content: Before I talk about up-cycling content, Companies should ask themselves: “Do we really have and published all the knowledge we need?” Although people have the possibility to share information they sometimes don’t do it. They don’t want to, they can’t or they just forget. Barriers are widespread. Especially when employees leave the company they are mostly not willing to share something anymore. Companies face the same situation with employees going into retirement.
  • Conserve Content: The spoken word often has sometimes a short half-life, in the case of news streams and messaging it is a bit longer, but not much. Companies have to find a way to conserve relevant information in such a way that it will survive a little longer.
  • Up-Cycle Content: Over the lifecycle of a community more and more content will be created in different formats. It should be the claim of every company to take this content and bring value to it. This means to make it relevant, consistent, engaging, trustworthy, useful and authentic for most of their employees.
  • Publish Content: It is necessary for valuable content to reach the right target audience. Companies should think about which content will be relevant to whom and invest in things like proper search optimization functionality.

The content up-cycling process (by Pokeshot 2017)

What does content up-cycling mean exactly?
The question how companies can extract and conserve knowledge from their employees is difficult and will not be answered within such a short blog article. Furthermore, I want to show how companies can use and make Information from varoius chats, streams, documents and teamsites more valuable. Once the content has been conserved in various channels, it can have different characteristics:

  • The content already has a lot of value to a lot of people.
  • The content only has value to a few people.
  • The content is valuable but not all people can reach it (e.g. language barrier).
  • The content itself has low value but together with other information is gets more valuable.
  • The content is valuable but is in an undesirable format or is hard to access
  • The content has no value to anybody

The “content up-cycler” should think about the following:

  • Can I take this content as it is or do I have to restructure/rewrite/summarize it (e.g. in a blog post)?
  • Do I have to change the format of the content so that more people understand it? (e.g. create a video)
  • Are there other content formats which would help to better communicate the topic (e.g. profiles, external sites, quizzes)?
  • How can I structure this content into a smarter path so that people understand it easily and have all the information they need?
  • Which content can I leave out because it has no value?


What I want to add at this point: not all content has to be recreated through the company. With SmarterPath - Social Learning Add-On it is possible to use existing information from your Jive Platform Community and share it in smarter paths with every employee. Additionally, not all the time HR has the responsibility to spread knowledge within the company. Every employee should be able to prepare and share knowledge.



I believe that once the content has been up-cycled and published, companies are able to reduce the flood of information employees have to face day by day and the time people have to spend searching for the right information. Also, I think that through valuable content people do learn faster and more efficiently. Valuable content that is easy to find and is enriched trough personal experiences can and will help people to understand a topic better, learn faster and put new skills into action as soon as possible. This is not only more effective, but – in the long run – a lot more sustainable!


About the author:

Sandra Brueckner who studied business informatics at the Technical University of Dresden, has worked as social business consultant since 2012. She joined the Berlin-based social business consultancy and technology provider Pokeshot in the beginning of 2014 and works since more than two years as Chief Procust Officer for all products.

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Read the whole article here:

As you may know SmarterPath has changed and improved in recent years. New functionalities have been implemented in order to meet the needs of even more use cases. For example, usability in a new redesign.

In order to be able to offer even more benefits of SmarterPath, at the end of 2016 Pokeshot decided to develop SmarterPath also for other platforms. In spring 2017 we started with the implementation for Microsoft Office365, which will be completed by Q4/2017. Another platform after the Microsoft Office365 implementation is already planned.


What is SmarterPath’s multi-platform strategy?

SmarterPath, as well as for Jive, is offered as a SaaS product and will be developed continuously for all platforms in parallel. That means the following benefits for our existing customers:

  • Freedom of choice with respect to the collaboration tool
  • Continuous development of SmarterPath for Jive, O365, …)
  • New features are Implemented for all platforms
  • Expanding international partner network will allow us to offer specific services at additional locations


Read the full article here!


If you have any questions about SmarterPath’s multi-platform strategy or other products / services, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Sandra Brueckner
CPO Pokeshot

Browse through our latest #customersuccess stories on YouTube and learn more about how we are able to answer the customers needs:


People struggle to manage all kind of information in the modern days of information overload because of the constant increase of non-routine work which makes some workers spent much more time than needed to search for important content and manage their own workplace learning to keep up with constant changes. Todays digital workplace needs a revised digital 70:20:10 method.

Find attached SmarterPath as a solution including success stories of Pokeshots customers.

The presentation „SmarterPath for Digital Workplaces“ was compiled especially to support JIVE and JIVE resellers to position SmarterPath effectively, without a large sales overhead.

Feel free to share the presentation with leads and your teams. In our HelpDesk you will find more great collateral about SmarterPath. E.g.:

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Are you using Jive software and looking for a possibility to give users structured access to knowledge and the ability to collaborate and learn on one platform? Then we invite you to join us for a webinar and learn more about Pokeshot///SmarterPath!


Pokeshot///SmarterPath is a product which is seamlessly integrated into Jive. It approaches learning as an on-going experience applying principles of learning from one another to get work done.

With this social learning tool it´s very easy for training creators to build
interactive and individualized courses helping users to stay up to date and progress through courses on the go with its mobile feature.
Your employees don´t need to switch between different platforms or log in twice. All learning material can be presented in your Jive ecosystem to support you in promoting enrollment and encourage users to collaborate while taking a course using the familiar features of Jive.


Join our webinar and find out the power of Pokeshot///SmarterPath:


  • Increased Jive User Adoption By Using Familiar Features
  • Individual Training Through Focused Information On Demand
  • Knowledge Sharing And Expanding Network
  • Easy Collaboration With Peers And Instructors During Course Trainings
  • Simple Creation Of ILT Courses When Blended Learning Approach Required


All those elements will help you to increase productivity and maximize your investments in Jive as well as contribute to revenue growth through meaningful training bringing your employees competence and motivation on a different level.


Learn more about this powerful social learning solution SmarterPath and join us for a short and free webinar!

For more information and registration, please follow the link.


News: PwC Germany and Pokeshot///SMZ launch a collaborative partnership

We are pleased to announce that the auditing and consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers AG (PwC) and SocialMediaZolutions GmbH & Co KG have entered into a partnership in the areas of digital transformation and social business. The partnership will include collaborating on the creation of complex software solutions and IT architectures, encompassing the strategic planning and conceptual design as well as the development and implementation of such solutions and architectures. As PwC has deep expertise in strategy and management consulting, and Pokeshot///SMZ specializes in execution and technology, our two companies’ services complement one another perfectly.

PwC’s and Pokeshot///SMZ’s clients will benefit from the enhanced capabilities and the expanded range of services. The collaborative partnership between PwC and Pokeshot///SMZ combines classic strategy consulting for digital transformation, compliance and governance, and an in-depth understanding of IT architecture, software solutions and the integration of IT infrastructures. Finding answers to questions such as how to implement compliance requirements and governance guidelines in the world of digitization and social business will play a crucial role in the future for many businesses. A major advantage of the partnership is the ability to offer clients holistic solutions and a single point of contact.

With its approach to digital transformation, PwC offers companies an integrated range of industry-specific consulting expertise and services. It developed the method to enable companies to identify and successfully leverage their growth potential in the digital domain. “We help companies to understand the dynamics of the digital economy and their customers’ expectations, enabling them to exploit their digital potential to the fullest – from strategy formulation to tactical implementation,” said Carsten Hentrich, a director at PwC specializing in digital transformation.

Working together will also enable key technology questions to be answered during the initial strategy and concept phase.

Thanks to its team of seasoned consultants and highly-skilled solution architects and software developers, Pokeshot///SMZ has a long and successful track record in the world of social business and has grown to become one of the leading technology providers in this field. Its strengths lie in technology-oriented and independent consulting, implementing and upgrading social business software, integrating solutions into existing IT infrastructure and architecture, and providing ongoing specialist technical support for custom developed systems. By collaborating with PwC, Pokeshot///SMZ will now be able to give clients guidance and advice much earlier in the process of introducing digitization strategies and social business applications.

About Pokeshot///SMZ

Pokeshot///SMZ is a Germany-based innovative software consultancy and technology provider, with its own product development arm. The company is active around the globe and leverages its offerings in business consultancy, professional services and customized product development to ensure that organizations get the most out of software. Its team of dedicated consultants and specialists has extensive and diverse of experience in the field of social business. Learn more at

Contact persons

Stephan Müller-Ziebur (Managing Director)

Dr. Carsten Hentrich (Director, Digital Transformation Expert)



News: PwC Deutschland und Pokeshot///SMZ vereinbaren partnerschaftliche Zusammenarbeit

Wir freuen uns Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass die Wirtschaftsprüfungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft PricewaterhouseCoopers AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft (PwC) und die SocialMediaZolutions GmbH & Co KG eine Kooperation in den Bereichen Digital Transformation und Social Business vereinbart haben. Die Kooperation umfasst die Zusammenarbeit sowohl bei der Strategie und Konzeption als auch bei der Realisierung und Implementierung von komplexen Software-Lösungen und IT-Architekturen. PwC als Experte für Strategie- und Managementberatung und Pokeshot///SMZ als Spezialist für Umsetzung und Technologiewissen ergänzen damit ihre Portfolios und Leistungsfähigkeit optimal.

Die Kunden beider Unternehmen profitieren von der verstärkten Leistungsfähigkeit und dem zusätzlichen Spektrum an Services. Die Partnerschaft und Zusammenarbeit von PwC und Pokeshot///SMZ verbindet klassische Strategieberatung für Digital Transformation, Compliance und Governance mit dem Blick auf IT-Architektur, Software-Lösungen und Integration von IT-Infrastrukturen. Vor allem die Beantwortung der Frage, wie Anforderungen aus Compliance und Governance Richtlinien in der Welt der Digitalisierung und Social Business beantwortet und umgesetzt werden, wird in Zukunft für viele Unternehmen eine entscheidende Rolle spielen. Im Vordergrund der Partnerschaft steht dabei, den Kunden eine ganzheitliche Lösung und einen Ansprechpartner zu bieten.

Mit dem Digital-Transformation-Ansatz bietet PwC Unternehmen eine integrierte und branchenspezifische Beratung. Die Methode wurde entwickelt, um Unternehmen dabei zu unterstützen, ihre Wachstumspotenziale in der digitalen Welt zu identifizieren und erfolgreich zu nutzen. „Wir helfen Unternehmen dabei, die Dynamik der digitalen Wirtschaft und die Erwartungen ihrer Kunden zu verstehen und diese Potenziale voll auszuschöpfen. Von der Strategie bis zur Umsetzung“, sagt Carsten Hentrich, Director bei PwC und Experte für die digitale Transformation.

Durch die Zusammenarbeit können bereits in der Strategie- und Konzeptionsphase die entscheidenden technologischen Fragestellungen beantwortet werden.

Pokeshot///SMZ ist seit vielen Jahren mit sehr erfahrenen Beratern, Architekten und Software-Entwicklern im Bereich Social Business aktiv und hat sich zu einem der führenden Systemhäuser in diesem Bereich entwickelt. Die Stärken liegen hierbei auf der technologienahen und unabhängigen Beratung, der Implementierung und Erweiterung von Social Business Software, die Integration in bestehende IT-Infrastruktur und Architektur und die nachgelagerte, fachliche und technische Betreuung der aufgebauten Systeme. Der Pokeshot///SMZ ist es durch die Partnerschaft mit PwC jetzt möglich, Kunden schon viel früher im Prozess der Digitalisierung und Einführung von Social Business Anwendungen zu beraten.

Über Pokeshot///SMZ:

Pokeshot///SMZ ist ein innovatives Software- und Beratungsunternehmen aus Deutschland mit eigener Produktschmiede. Das Unternehmen ist weltweit aktiv und bietet Unternehmensberatung, Professional Services und maßgeschneiderte Produktentwicklung an, um den Nutzen von Software zu verbessern. Ihre Experten haben weitreichende Kenntnisse im Bereich Social Business mit mehr als 9 Jahren Erfahrung. Weitere Informationen unter


Stephan Müller-Ziebur (Geschäftsführer)

Dr. Carsten Hentrich (Director Digital Transformation)

This month we are kicking off our special "Get ready with SmarterPath" YouTube activity, during which we will explain how to work with our social learning solution.

Our short video tutorials will show different types of users how to create courses and exams, maintain library assets, assign or enroll into courses, complete courses, run reports on participants in SmarterPath.


The goal is to give our users a better understanding of SmarterPath and to ensure they get the most out of this powerful social learning tool. The videos will enable users to quickly and easily boost their knowledge of SmarterPath, and can be watched at any time and as often as they like. Users can also share the videos with their colleagues or training supervisors.


Get ready for our first tutorial in April 25th which will be published on our YouTube-Channel. Please join and follow us!


SmarterPath is a cutting-edge social learning solution that incorporates learning into employees’ daily work routine by binding social and learning aspects together. It approaches learning as an on-going experience applying principles of learning from one another to get work done and brings e-learning processes of any organization to a different level by embedding learning directly into the user experience.


For more information, visit the SmarterPath website or watch the short intro video.

We look forward to your feedback!

Christopher Böckelmann
Marketing Manager Pokeshot///SMZ

From March 14-16 Pokeshot///SMZ was a sponsor of the JiveWorld 2016 in Las Vegas. Over these three days the world’s leading conference for modern communication and collaboration
held this year under the motto “The Power of Connection drew top thought leaders, customers, social business collaboration experts, and developers to Las Vegas to share knowledge and best practices.

IMG_2438 Kopie.jpg  group-selfie.png  image1.jpg
             Our team at JiveWorld16                                      Our CEO with Elisa Steel               Stephan and Pete at booth TS3

JiveWorld 2016 was a huge success for Pokeshot///SMZ. We announced Jive certification of our award-winning social learning solution SmarterPath, had a number of interesting conversations at our booth and received a bunch of positive feedback from Jivers and conference participants.“ said Stephan Müller-Ziebur, founder and managing director of Pokeshot///SMZ.

Pokeshot///SmarterPath attracted a lot of attention at the conference. During demos attendees discussed enthusiastically potential use cases within their organizations and the benefits of having our social learning solution. They especially highlighted the importance of its “seamless integration with Jive” and its “robust and easy to use” tools that allow all users to not only build or complete a course, but to simultaneously “collaborate with peers” without switching platforms. Pokeshot///SmarterPathwith its peer-to-peer and group learning Use Cases was unanimously described as a “great solution.”

SmarterPath takes a unique approach to learning by focusing on its social aspects and emphasizes how important it is to learn from each other’s experiences in a naturally collaborative environment. It accelerates adoption of your Jive ecosystem and incorporates the learning process into the daily routine, while allowing learners to take courses at set times and places and to learn from their peers. This is how learning is done differently with SmarterPath.

We’d like to express our gratitude to Pete Rendek, Web and Digital Content Manager at Avnet Technology Solutions, who kindly shared with attendees successful learning use cases implemented at Avnet. We’d also like to acknowledge the immense contribution made by Stan Jeffress, who has a long track record with various LMS solutions and is co-founder of Vector612, and express our appreciation for his nearly round-the-clock support at JiveWorld.

Learn more about Pokeshot///SmarterPath and watch our short intro video.

Learning management system for social learning

taps into the power of Jive solutions

Logo+Slogan Kopiekleiner.jpgcertifiedlogo.jpg

JIVEWORLD16, LAS VEGAS – March 15, 2016 – Today, at JiveWorld16, the premier conference for modern communication and collaboration, Pokeshot///SMZ announced its successful Jive certification of Pokeshot///SmarterPath. As a forward-looking learning management system (LMS), Pokeshot///SmarterPath focuses on social learning. It brings the e-learning processes of any organization to a whole different level by embedding learning directly into the Jive user experience. Course creators can leverage content directly from Jive as well as quizzes, HD video and online trainings to build their courses and also re-use already existing learning content within Jive.

group-selfie.png 0-cus-d4-3ffe91cd6a981bec7fb794e21537ba14.jpg 0-cus-d2-256dd09c9ec0e854916ceca3d88c3df7.jpg

“As a Jive certified technology partner, we are committed to adding value to Jive’s customers. With SmarterPath, learning will become an ongoing process and be a regular part of your employees’ working day. Participants can progress through their training while they work using the familiar functionalities of Jive to collaborate with their peers. SmarterPath is truly ‘learning done differently.’” said Stephan Müller-Ziebur, founder and managing director of Pokeshot///SMZ.


In October 2013 Pokeshot///SMZ became the first company ever to win a Jive Award in the category “Extend Jive” – in recognition of its innovative social learning add-on SmarterPath.


“We’re excited to extend and enhance our certified technology partner program with Pokeshot///SmarterPath,” said Ofer Ben-David, executive vice president of engineering at Jive Software. “As a result of the integration, customers can leverage their Jive investment by incorporating Pokeshot///SMZ’s social learning solution to further enhance employee engagement and performance.”



JiveWorld16 is the premier conference for modern communication and collaboration, which was attended by more than 1,600 Jive customers, developers, and technology partners.


0-cus-d4-0f90c736aa3cbe1fee21d95dfe487a4e.jpg image1.jpg

About Pokeshot///SMZ

Pokeshot///SMZ is an innovative software and consulting company with its own product development department. Based in Germany and operating worldwide, we offer business consulting, professional services and tailored product development, all in the pursuit of one goal – to extend the capabilities of collaboration software. Our experts have extensive best practice knowledge thanks to more than 9 years’ experience in social business collaboration.

Learn more about Pokeshot///SmarterPath at and watch our stop-motion clip


Sayoda Saydalieva
Sales and Marketing Team