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6 Posts authored by: Erin Haines

The team at Social Edge has been working to update and improve our tiles, and we are gearing up to release new versions of two of our most popular tiles: Blog & Search. Check out the details below for a preview of some of the key features and improvements that are coming soon.


If you are a current TBSE customer (individual tiles or CM Tile Pack) you will receive a notification when these releases are available for download.


Blog Tile Enhancements

1. Restrict results by Tag

Currently you can use the filters to sort multiple blog posts by tag, but we are adding an additional option that will allow you to restrict by tag in the configuration panel. This feature will come in handy if, for example you only want to display the blog posts from your latest newsletter edition that are tagged "Q4."

Restrict by tag option in Blog Tile Configuration Panel

2. Improved Filters

Based on your feedback, we are making it easier to customize which posts display when you first load the tile by removing the "ALL" button. Now your filters will appear in the order you set, or you can select a specific filter to be set as the default.  Additionally, your community members can choose to "Filter by" and "Clear filters" for enhanced user experience.



Search Tile Enhancements

1. Additional search results panels. 

Admins can now add more than just three results panels to any search tile to help guide your users to finding the right results.


2. Places & People are now included in the results.

You can now configure the tile to search for People and Places in addition to the content results. Results will display based on selected configuration in order to best make use of horizontal space.



Configure People and Places results to show in the Search Tile (example)


3. Add a custom HTML footer.

Further customize your tile with the added functionality to add HTML to the footer in addition to the current optional HTML header. Many of our Search tile customers take advantage of the HTML header (and now footer!) to use this tile on the News page in a place where there is only room for one tile; this allows you to add additional calls to action, content features and helpful links next to the Search Tile.



This is just a preview of some of the key updates we know many of our current TBSE customers have asked for! As always we will send an update with full release notes listing all enhancements and fixes to each tile.


Are you a current TBSE Customer? If you are enjoying your tiles or have feedback, please visit any product page on our store and leave a review!

We have added a new tile to the Tiles by Social Edge store: the Ideas Tile!



Our Ideas Tile lets you display your community's ideas in a dynamic and colorful way. Highlight your member's great ideas on any landing page to promote voting and display the status of each idea.


Learn more

We have added a new tile to the   Tiles by Social Edge store: the Place Grid Tile!



Our Place Grid gives you the power to display a more visually-striking presentation of the places most important to your users.  Simply navigate and click through the highlighted places, promoted with colorful images or text-based buttons.


Learn more!

Social Edge Consulting is Hiring!


We are looking for new team members who are enthusiastic about Jive, love to collaborate with different people and different workstyles and want to be part of the fun that is Social Edge.  We currently have two opportunities open, so if you are passionate about design or the implementation of Jive check out the postings below.


We’re thrilled to announce that Jive has awarded us their Consulting Partner MVP of the Year Award (2013). We were chosen because of our close collaboration with Jive to drive customer success and help organizations achieve real business value from their Jive communities.

For more information, see our press release, and check back next week when our president, Andrew Kratz, shares his thoughts on what this award means to Social Edge. Thanks to Jive Software for this great honor, and we look forward to strengthening our partnership even more in 2014.


Social Edge President Andrew Kratz with Tina Jones VP of Global Alliances, Jive Software


Social Edge is going to Jive World! In just 10 days, the SE team will be heading to Las Vegas to participate in The specified item was not found. There's a lot of us attending, so we'll be a tough crew to miss!

Get Real

This will be my third trip to Jive World, and my first with the Social Edge team. As someone who's a veteran to the Jive scene, I'm amazed at how every year there's something new to learn at the conference. Whether you are just starting on your social business journey, or are running a mature community, Jive World presents an opportunity to connect with other community management experts. Evangelists and first timers are all willing to share their experiences. No matter where you are - in a session, at the running club, a networking event, or just hanging at the Chandelier - you will hear the real stories of social business success.


Eat. Sleep. Collaborate.

Come talk Jive with us! If you want to learn more about Social Edge Consulting, or just talk social, you can find us at our booth at G3 in the Sponsor Expo Hall. Or look for us roaming the halls of the Cosmopolitan - we will be easy to spot, as we will all be wearing pins sporting our motto: "Eat. Sleep. Collaborate." Also, be sure to follow us and join in on the action at @social_edge. We will be live tweeting throughout the conference with all the latest developments.