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Are you interested in learning how to build better use cases in your community? Are you looking for best practices on how to curate content and create meaningful places that enable community members to find what they need in a more efficient way?


Join us on Wednesday, June 19th at 11 AM EDT for our first Social Edge Customer Panel to get insights on these topics and more! In this customer panel, you will hear from two Social Edge clients and community manager rockstars: Dina Vekaria-Patel from Pearson, and Dori Gray from Medidata.


Dina and Dori will walk us through some of the unique and innovative use cases and places they've built in their communities as well as share their top tips and best practices on creating and managing them. Both panelists are EdgePack for Jive owners, so you'll also have the opportunity to see some of our tiles in action on different spaces and groups in their communities. Following their presentations there will be an open floor / Q&A session with both panelists as well as experts from the Social Edge team.




Learn more about our panelists:


We hope to see you there!

Check out the new updates in our latest release for the following Tiles by Social Edge:  Blog Tile (1.2.0)


If you have purchased your tiles from the Social Edge store, you will receive an email notification with your download information. For our SOW customers, we will reach out to you directly with your download information.


Check out our blog post for more details about the new features we are most excited about in this release: Blog & Search Tile Updates

Updates & Enhancements:

  • Filter Results by Tag -  Administrators can restrict blog display results by tag in the configuration panel.
  • Select a Default Filter  - This update has removed the "All" button on the filter display.  Administrators can determine the order in which the filters display by how they are listed and select a specific filter to be the "default."
  • Improved User Interface for Filters -  End users can choose to "Filter by" and "Clear filters" when interacting with the tile.
  • Google Analytics Tracking - Administrators can add Google Analytics tracking to get advanced insight into interaction with the tile. The new analytics configuration supports either Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager.
  • Performance Improvements - The performance of the blog retrieval has been improved in this version.


  • Bug Fix:  Filter by tags is not working properly
  • Bug Fix:  Filters do not show results properly

We are thrilled to announce that our Activity and Video Tiles are finally available to Jive and Lithium JX customers! As you may know, back in August we asked the AureaWorks community what new tiles they would like to see us add to our collection of Tiles by Social Edge. We received really great suggestions and feedback from the community. We took the most requested tile ideas and had our clients and the AureaWorks community vote on the tile they wanted most.

When we got the results back, we saw there were two clear winners: Activity and Video. Instead of just building one of the tiles, we decided to build both as a thank you to everyone who participated. After months in development and testing, both tiles are finally here and we are so excited to finally be able to show them off!

Here's some more information about each of the new tiles:


Activity Tile

Activity feeds are the bedrock of Jive communities. Our new customizable Activity Tile dynamically pulls activity streams onto a home page or any space, group or project page.

Key features:

  • Display activity streams for the entire community, a specific place or places, or a person.
  • Display and organize multiple activity streams on a page by using custom tabs.
  • Unlike Jive's out-of-the-box Super List, you can interact within the tile (comment, like, share) instead of having to click on a content item and navigate to the new page in order to respond.
  • Additional configuration options allow you to decide what types of content to display, enabling you to create an Activity Tile that displays all recent content or specific types of content, such as discussions or documents.

Video Tile

Our customizable Video Tile allows you to display videos in a gallery format. You can choose from two layout options to either display an individual video or curate a set of videos from a specific place in Jive or an external source. You can even override a default video thumbnail image with an image of your choosing for a curated individual video.Key features:

  • Feature a gallery of videos on any page with a featured video, or feature just one video.
  • Curate individual videos and override the default video thumbnail image with another image.
  • Pick a place and automatically allow videos to appear in the tile based on most recently uploaded. Videos can also be from external sources, including YouTube and Vimeo.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in the discussions and voted on the new tiles. We hope you love these new tiles as much as we do and look forward to hearing what you think!


... March 14th!


We are very excited to announce that both the Activity and Video Tiles will be available on Thursday, March 14th. We developed these tiles based on the suggestions and feedback we received from the AureaWorks community (see The results are in! The 10th Tile by Social Edge will be... for more information). Both tiles will be added to the Community Manager Tile Pack, and will also be available to purchase individually.


Follow us on Twitter @social_edge to get more updates on the tiles and their features in the days to come!

Happy Community Management Appreciation Day! On this day of appreciation, we would like all Jive and Lithium JX clients to experience the benefits of a premium Tile by Social Edge.

Today, we are announcing that you can purchase the Accordion Tile for zero dollars if you act by March 1, 2019.


This is not a trial or teaser offer. If you accept this offer, you will never pay for this tile in the future. This is a "purchase" in that you will sign a zero dollar contract that will allow us to provide you with the same quality support we offer all of our customers. We will also continue to deliver innovation through new releases and tile enhancements. The Accordion Tile is highly used by our Community Manager Tile Pack owners, so it will be straightforward for us to provide support and innovation for this product. 


Why the Accordion Tile? Our team looked carefully at all of our products and determined that the Accordion Tile would have the broadest appeal to our clients. It allows you to clearly organize the navigational elements of any business use case in an interesting and aesthetically pleasing way. The Accordion Tile is a space saver, rolling up what are otherwise long lists of navigation links. The use of icons in addition to text makes it attractive and effortless for users to find what they are looking for.


If this is the only tile, product or service you ever use with Social Edge, that is perfectly fine, and we hope you enjoy the full benefits from this product. If you do find it improves your community, we do hope you will consider evaluating our Tile Pack, other products, and services at some point in the future.

We have been building Jive tiles for several years and have been getting incredible feedback on our Community Manager Tile Pack. Almost one hundred clients have subscribed to over three hundred tiles thus far. Our tiles demonstrate that they fill in key product gaps and help business leaders create better outcomes and results in their communities.

In a few weeks, we will be launching our new Activity Tile and Video Tile, and will be adding them to our Tile Pack at no additional charge. Follow us in our Social Edge Consulting space in AureaWorks or on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest information.

For now, we hope you enjoy this offer, and we wish you and your community nothing but the best in 2019 and beyond.


Get the Accordion Tile!

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions on what our 10th tile should be! We really appreciate all of the input we've received from our clients and the AureaWorks community as a whole.


The results are in! It was a very close call between two of the new potential tiles on the list. So, we decided as a thank you to everyone who voted and submitted their suggestions, instead of building just ONE tile, we will be building TWO new tiles!


We're very excited to announce that 10th and 11th Tiles by Social Edge will be an Activity Tile and Video Tile!


Our goal is to continue to build products that provide value to your communities, and the insight we've received is important for us as we continue to grow and expand our portfolio of tiles. We are very excited to add both the Activity and Video tiles to our suite of Tiles by Social Edge and will continue to provide you with updates throughout the development process.


And that's not all! You can now get all of our tiles (including the 10th and 11th!) for $10K/year with our Community Manager Tile Pack! With our Community Manager Tile Pack bundle, you'll receive all of our tiles, including any additional tiles developed in the future. You'll be able to download and install all nine of our available tiles in your community today for a fraction of the price if you were to purchase each tile separately.

Join over 100 of your fellow Jive customers who have purchased Social Edge Tiles to improve their communities usability, adoption and overall experience for their users.

Want to learn more? Reach out to your Social Edge contact, send us an email at, or comment below!

We want to thank the AureaWorks community for all of your 10th Tile suggestions! We really appreciate and value all of the great feedback we've received. We have taken into account all of the suggestions posted in The specified item was not found., as well as direct feedback from customers in order to develop this list of potential new tiles.

Here are the frontrunners for our 10th tile:

  • Activity Tile: Use this tile to place a true activity stream on any tile-compatible page in Jive. Configure it to show specific content types from Places based on unique tags and other parameters. As edits or replies are added, the feed automatically updates.
  • Content Tile: Curate Jive content (e.g., Blogs, Documents, Uploaded Files) in this tile with one or more visually appealing themes (e.g., a grid or stacked layout). Provides images and configurable details about the piece of content to signal its value.
  • Event Tile: The Event Tile drives greater participation by providing configurable details about the event (e.g., what and when). Uses available imagery. It dynamically pulls Events from selected Places or allows a moderator to curate a list of Events.
  • People Tile: People are arguably the most important aspect of Jive. This tile will highlight people in the community with configurable details such as name, title, location, and team. It also encourages people to connect by providing a “Follow” button right on the tile.
  • Video Tile: Present a video in this tile with play/pause controls. It also provides an “up next” playlist with thumbnails and the ability to manually curate that playlist. Also, override the default thumbnail with a custom image. Can be used in any place including the home page for both internal or external stored video content.


Now it's up to you... which of the following new tiles would you like to see added to our collection of Tiles by Social Edge?


Vote here now!

An externally facing Jive Community is a huge opportunity for a company to interact in a more meaningful way with its customers and partners. As you share knowledge and ideas in a public forum, you will be deepening the relationships you already have, and building new ones. Unfortunately, your community at some point may get some unwanted attention from unfriendly bots.  Fortunately, Jive is on top of that and has a strong spam prevention service built into the product to protect your community.




What is Jive's spam prevention micro-service?

Right out of the box, Jive provides basic spam prevention. With this service, you can configure the spam prevention to meet your basic spam requirements.  Jive also offers an advanced spam prevention micro-service, free to customers starting in Jive versions 2015.3 and 8.0.2. The micro-service is an independent service sitting between the Jive platform and the internet. The micro-service layer is independent of the Jive platform making it easy for Jive to add to the existing anti-spam logic and enhance that logic quickly as new spam patterns arise. Jive's spam prevention micro-service is disabled by default, and we at Social Edge Consulting recommend adding this service to your instance. The service can be enabled with a Jive Support case via the Jive Community, again, at no additional cost.


Need help to create a Jive Support Case, see How to Create Support Cases over in the Jive Community.


What are the benefits and how does the advanced spam prevention micro-service work?

This additional service will benefit internal and external communities, as well as help community managers gain control over their communities. Jive applies the out of the box moderation rules first and then the content will be sent to the advanced spam prevention micro-service. The micro-service scans the content and responds to Jive with a verdict of spam or not spam. If content is judged to be spam, Jive places it into moderation. by examining the spam content across all Jive customers to give the most current spam detection methods. It "listens" to the Jive community for all content creation and reviews content with external links to a domain not whitelisted. Additionally, the micro-service can evaluate all non-English posts if the community is set to English; all posts by a user account less than 24 hours old, and all posts that are repetitive and puts that content into the moderation queue.


How do I get started?

Once a Jive admin turns on the spam prevention micro-service, all configuration options are available and configurable via the Jive admin console by the community system admin. Here are the options recommended and the benefits of them. You will need to assign one or more moderators to use the advanced spam prevention micro-service feature. This feature does functions with the out-of-the-box moderation enabled, however, note that the out-of-the-box moderation setting will supersede this feature.


First steps:

  1. Have the Spam Prevention Service turned on by a Jive Admin
  2. Enable Registration verification
  3. Create Keyword Interceptors
  4. Change Open groups to Members Only
    (users need to join the group in order to post content. This creates a barrier for the spammers to post.)


Options to use as needed to further protect your community:

  • Limit content creation by new accounts to 5 posts in 24 hours
  • Profanity filters
  • Ban users by IP address
  • Moderation controller
  • Block embargoed countries
  • Moderate content (Note: this option will override the Jive Advanced Micro Service)



Learn with my easy to follow guide Spam Prevention and Management Best Practices for Your Community


What to do immediately after a spam attack

Follow these steps for best practice when dealing with Spam Removal moving forward, these are manual steps to be performed by the Community System Administrator.

  1. Have Jive turn on the Spam Prevention Micro-Service for your Jive Community (If not already enabled) see How to Create Support Cases
  2. Registration Validation (if not already enabled)
  3. Deactivate User Immediately
  4. Create Spam Secret Quarantine Group
  5. Move spam content into a Secret Quarantine group
  6. Verify content didn't bypass the Keyword Interceptors (if available)
  7. Create new or additional Keyword Interceptors
  8. Bulk delete user content
  9. Moderate Content with External Links



Learn with my easy to follow guide Spam management after an attack


NOTE:  Refine the settings under System > Moderation > Spam Prevention Service Configuration  

Ongoing management tips

Social Edge Consulting recommends a review of your spam settings and interceptors on a quarterly basis, or when a particular spam attack is noticed.


Don't ignore a spam attack. Once successful, it typically overwhelms the system. Ignoring the attack just invites more spam and your members will lose confidence in the community's content, including approved materials. A proactive approach is the best strategy.  Some suggestions include:

  • New user account moderation
  • Points threshold
  • Using the Message governor interceptor
  • Adding a domain blacklist


SEE RELATED CONTENT:  These Spam options in table format


For more info and content follow these in JiveWorks:

JiveWorld16: Best Practices to Prevent and Mode... | JiveWorks

Jive-n & Jive-x: Spam prevention service and 3r... | JiveWorks

Spam Protection - Admin Console Setup

Group: Spam Management Ideas | JiveWorks

Spam Protection - Admin Console Setup


Visit us for more helpful tips and tricks Welcome | Social Edge

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We here at Social Edge are lucky enough to work with Ben Zweig and see him create amazing communities. But if you haven't met Ben yet, check out this profile on him here in How I Work: An Interview with Ben Zweig from Social Edge


Have you worked with Ben? Share with us your Ben stories, and what you've worked on with him, please.


And thanks to Libby Taylor and Emilie Kopp for putting together this interview - great job!

Yesterday's Jive Developer Days 2016: NYC — Stop 1 was a hit - so glad we got to see everyone. For four hours on June 8th, Jivers Ryan Rutan and Rashed Talukder, with the Social Edge tech team duo of John Reynolds and Robert Hanson answered questions and offered solutions to attendees.


A special thanks to Ryan and Rashed for helping us put together this great event. And of course thanks to our hackathon attendees/registrants without whom there would be no event: Alex Truex and Andy Schedler of New York Life; Sergia Dupoux and Ibrahim Ibrahim of ASA; Munish Chopra (NBCU); Lea Reznik (Kellton Tech) Nate Miller (Judge Group); Ari Halbkram (Chubb Insurance); Hazem El Mahmoudi (Faurecia); Sandeep Shanu (CapGemini).


Finally, thanks to the Social Edge NYC team for taking care of the details and keeping things flowing at our WeWork office: Amara Mastronardi Gary Lungarini Meghan Connor Ruth Neighbors.


Looking forward to the next one!

NYC Hackathon - Ryan-Andy-Alex and John R.jpg

Getting warmed up for the Hackathon!

From left to right: Ryan Rutan (Jive), Alex Truex and Andy Schedler (New York Life); John Reynolds (Social Edge)

NYC Hackathon - Munish-Sergia-Ibrahim-Rashed.jpg

Hacking away!

From left to right: Munish Chopra (NBCU); Sergia Dupoux and Ibrahim Ibrahim (ASA); Rashed Talukder (Jive)


Let the coding fun begin!

The NYC Hackathon is well underway, with Ryan, Rashed (left side, foreground) and Rob Hanson (right side, foreground) at the ready to answer questions.


The 1st NYC Hackathon Crew - thanks for coming everyone!

From left to right: John Reynolds and Meghan Connor (Social Edge); Rashed Talukder, Lea Reznick, Sergia Dupoux (front and center); Ryan Rutan, Ibrahim Ibrahim; Gary Lungarini and Ruth Neighbors (Social Edge)

As mentioned in Jive Developer Days 2016: NYC — Stop 1,  in Jive Developers Social Edge will be hosting the 1st Developer Hackathon at our WeWork NoMad office in NYC on Wednesday, June 15, from 1-5 pm ET.  Our office is at 79 Madison Avenue, 2nd floor. For those attending, please look for the WeWork entrance on 28th Street, just off Madison Avenue, and give your name at the security desk. Please ask for Amara Mastronardi when you get there - other Social Edgers will be on hand to get you where you need to go, including Meghan Connor, Ruth Neighbors andPatrick Durando


Topics on the agenda include Simple Stream and custom view tile integrations. Attendees will huddle in small groups and either  Ryan Rutan Rashed Talukder John Reynolds or Robert Hanson will help as needed.


We're looking forward to seeing everyone - should be a great event!

Recently I was fortunate enough to be invited onto a podcast with the Digital & Social Media Leadership Forum to talk about the impact of gamification in online communities. You can access the 15 minute recording here.


Through different client engagements with Social Edge, I've come across a variety of perceptions on gamification. I truly feel that gamification can support and amplify the success of online communities, and I thought the podcast would be a great opportunity to share my experiences. Equally important is the flip side of misunderstandings/common pitfalls of the field. When thinking about the term itself, gamification comes across to some as non-work related or not important activity. In reality the term refers to game-like mechanics being used to teach and engage users through mechanics like instant feedback and transparency to drive desired  strategic behaviours.


Designers of social software systems have long employed aspects of gamification to encourage repeat usage, increase contributions, and establish user reputations. For anyone that has ever played a game, from freeze-tag to Candy Crush, you will be familiar with the idea of being rewarded. Things like points, extra lives, upgrades or successfully freeze-tagging all your friends, all let you know you are playing the game correctly. As you progress you become more proficient at games, leveling up until you eventually complete the game (or until no one wants to play freeze tag with you anymore). All the while, the game tracks and reports what you are doing well, what you have completed, what you still have to complete and so on.


When implemented successfully gamification can help to:


  • Teach - onboarding users into new systems and ways of working reduces training time and increases time to valuable participation
  • Motivate & Engage - tapping into intrinsic & extrinsic motivators results in increased participation and repeating activities/user retention
  • Reward - successfully understanding your audience and rewarding them in ways they care about creates engagement and ownership in the community
  • Measure - understanding the objectives for your community


Turning on badges, points and levels is only the beginning; gamification will not become self aware (that's pretty much Skynet and that scenario did not end well for anyone). So diligence on reviewing strategy is definitely required, and key to success. Also, look at the elements that you believe will make your community valuable to your organization; think about how can you get your audience to that definition of success as quickly as possible. Then think about the techniques available with gamification and how it can help you engage your audience so both you and your audience can ultimately succeed.


Gamification should be a tool to measure and evaluate the success of online communities. The next time you think your audience isn't familiar with gamification, just remember we've been gaming all of our lives and they just need the right environment to get back in the game.

Social Edge and TemboSocial are teaming up again, this time in a webinar featuring TemboSocial president Steven Green and Social Edge strategist Megan Murray. On Wednesday, June 15th at 2 pm ET/11am PT, both will share their expertise in Jive community engagement. They will also review the ROI of a super engaged community, and how tools such as polls and surveys, can take your community to the next level.


Join our webinar and learn from real world use cases on how to build successful, engaged communities - register here: Register for TemboSocial Webinar with Social Edge

Creating a successful online community – internal or external – comes with a healthy mix of vision, company goals and other internal drivers. At Social Edge, we help our customers meet these important objectives when working together to build and support online communities.  Sometimes, however, aggressive timelines result in downplaying the importance of (or skipping altogether) testing and understanding usability as part of a beta phase prior to the official launch.  Internally, we refer to this as building a community in a bubble.


Collecting user feedback is critical to 1) ensuring your launch is on track to meeting the original objectives set and 2) understanding how your users respond to the experience you are creating.  Tools like TemboSocial's Polls & Surveys are great for gaining deeper insights into community trends and to determine if users are engaged in the overall experience – both during a beta phase of a community launch and as an ongoing initiative.


The notion of sharing a quick poll or survey to collect feedback might sound underwhelming at first, but the learnings from the data collected can go a long way towards building engagement strategies, increasing community participation and driving long term business value for both community members and owners. Here are several examples of how value-add tools drive greater business impact to existing Jive communities:


Building Engagement Strategies

  • Identifying if employees buy into the corporate values
  • Understanding if the corporate values are aligned with the goals of the employees

Increasing Community Participation

  • Moving employees from content absorbers (or passive readers) to active community contributors which in turn drives more value to your community

Creating Long Term Business Value

  • Educate employees about products, strategy and more, plus gauge employee understanding to help power future education/training topics
  • Detailed reporting to show insights of where to invest in order to retain their most important assets: the employees


Whether launching a brand new customer community or strengthening a thriving social intranet, user input tools such as Polls & Surveys are a necessary value-add for a more user-focused and engaged experience.


Social Edge Consulting is a consulting firm that partners exclusively with Jive Software. We offer community management, strategy, UI/UX and custom development services for your internal and external Jive communities. Our thanks to the TemboSocial team especially Kevin Butler and Justina Dukelow, for working with us on this.

Web Designer/Front End Developer F/T

We are a consulting company that helps top brands work better together, and we are looking for a talented web designer to help us create visual designs for collaborative communities.

Our client communities are supported by interfaces that connect social collaboration to business goals. You must have the ability to think creatively about actionable web design that influences behaviors. You are able to design within tight constraints as well as persuade the client to think big about design within a project.


The successful candidate will have the ability to:


  • create compelling creative web visuals that both incorporate and complement the client's brand.
  • include more practical elements with a functional purpose as well.
  • code your client approved designs by leveraging light front end programming capabilities such as HTML5, CSS and scripting. There's no back-end integration work required, only light HTML to configure widgets.
  • learn how to navigate platform constraints from training we will provide.
  • leverage experience with responsive design.
  • incorporate his/her passion for design and interactivity
  • receive constructive criticism and integrate feedback and suggestions
  • work independently to meet tight deadlines. Work from your location or our Midtown Manhattan office.



We're looking for talented individuals seeking full-time employment; this is not project work.

Medical benefits, 401k and paid time-off included.



Responses should include resume, portfolio or links to examples of your work.


Please send responses to