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At Social Edge when we kick off a new Jive implementation project, the first question we often ask our clients is "What are the use cases?" For some, this is a great starting point. For others, this can be as clear as mud. So we interviewed two members of the Social Edge team Megan Murray, Social Strategist and Erin Haines, Senior Community Manager, to describe use cases, and explain why they are so important to a successful Jive community.


Q: Why start with a use case?

Meg (Strategist) :  Use cases demonstrate valuable, rewarding experiences for the very folks you want to get involved in your community. How do the most successful communities create these experiences? They do it by developing use cases that support both the needs of the organization and the needs of the membership. They set up and promote examples of successful use that others can emulate.

Erin (Community Manager): When we are building a community in your organization we want to make sure it is meaningful to the users. A few clear and purposeful use cases set out at the beginning can ensure we are setting up a community that helps people find information faster, while allowing them to collaborate, connect and build as a community.


Q: What is a use case?

Meg: When we talk about use cases for social spaces, we're talking about specific types of people in a specific online place or places, performing specific activities and gaining specific outcomes. For example, a support Q&A forum, a customer feedback place, a team working on a project collaboratively in a group, or an HR resource center.

Erin: What she said! In the simplest terms, relating this directly to the three pillars of Jive (People, Places & Content) as use case involves a group of users who need to do/accomplish something (find information, collaborate, ask questions, connect to one-another etc.) and a place to do it. We take these goals and map them directly to Jive (e.g., people creating content in places).


Q: How do you initiate a use case?

Meg: Initiating a use case is a fairly straightforward exercise. You begin with a deep understanding of the goals of this use case, such as - we need to reduce email on this project, we need improved discoverability around a set of documentation, we need a place to gather our questions and discuss them, etc. From there, it is a process of understanding the three key components and developing a place and processes - who are the people in this use case, what access and abilities do they need, what content will they interact with and how, and where will they participate in this activity? With the correct players, tools, content and place(s) prepared to execute, the use cases is kicked off and a cycle of measurement and adaptation ensues. Measures based on the initial goals will test the efficacy of of the use case (ex: have we reduced mail, why or why not?) and offer insights allowing the use case owners to adapt the strategy over the life of the use case.

Erin: This is where we "make it real." Now that the goals are set, problems are identified and a strategy is in place, we can take that information and map it directly to Jive. Want to reduce email on a project? Great let's set up a group and start moving some of those important email threads into discussions, and invite the players in to collaborate.  Want to make important documents easier to find? Awesome - we will work with you to upload and organize your content in a space using features like page, tags and categories to keep things organized.  Sometimes mapping your use case to Jive functionality can seem straight forward, but there can also be a lot involved from communicating to your users, training, measurement and gathering feedback.


Q: Final Thoughts? And what else do we need to know?

Meg: There are a number of 'every organization' use cases that community developers can look to for inspiration in developing use case, though it's important to consider that every team, department, member group or initiative will have it's own unique needs. Without attention to those needs meaningful adoption can be impacted as these users may not see value in the organizations perspective of priority. The more meaningful the use case is to the members, the higher the probability of its long term use. Striking a balance in use cases through the lens of the members builds a foundation for growth.

Erin: Developing meaningful use cases in Jive is not a "set it and forget it" exercise. Ongoing community management is key. Key not only for managing a community from a holistic approach, but having a community management and governance strategy in place for each use case will ensure success long term.  Part of this is managing the process (the place, the content, membership etc.) and part is taking into account measurement and feedback. If you had specific goals at the start for the use case such as reducing emails, answering questions etc. take a look and have a plan to evaluate and analyze the engagement around your use case.


Common 'every organization' Use Case Examples

  • Member/Customer/Employee communications & information gathering
    (polling, ideation, surveys, discussion)
  • Employee/Member/Partner Directory
    (expertise/resource finding and networking)
  • Knowledge Base
  • Self help support, FAQs, forums
  • Store front service places for teams, programs, initiatives, departments
  • Work and meeting places for teams, topic groups, programs, initiatives, departments
  • Planning, executing and promoting events, providing a catalog of post event materials
  • Developing and delivering support documents,
  • Collaborative document creation and approval - editorial cycles
  • Idea gathering, polling and crowd based innovation
  • Communicating status and formal reports

icon175x175.pngThere are obvious benefits to having a Jive-x community ranging from customer service and onboarding new customers to personalized marketing and thought leadership. As always, though, there is the initial vision and general expectations of what's possible and then there are living examples of it. Jiveworld attendees will have an opportunity to learn more about external communities at our Jive-x Panel: People Who Know How to Build and Manage Jive-x.


On this panel, four of Social Edge's Jive-x clients will discuss what they've learned by launching and growing their external communities. The participants on this panel are all leading the launch and/or growth of their Jive-x community at highly successful technology companies. They each have unique and colorful stories about challenges and successes they've experienced. The purpose of this panel is to get their real insights into how to build and manage an external community.





So, if you are attending Jiveworld this year, come stop by the demo theater on Tuesday, March 15 at 12:30 pm.


We hope to see you there!

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 1.02.21 PM.pngWith 2016 just around the corner, we've partnered up with Jive to give customers a gift this holiday season -- the redesigned Customer community and new SMB Labs, a brand new space for small to medium sized businesses to connect and collaborate together.


Our team of Jive elves - experts! - have worked diligently this month to provide you with new resources to help you build and manage your community more efficiently than ever before. We took the top frequently asked questions we get from clients around hot topics such as SSO and metrics and put together a simple playbook that will take your community beyond launch to  become an integral business solution.


Stop by the new Customer space and SMB Labs to:

  • Access up-to-the-minute best practices and FAQs, laid out in a simple playbook format
  • Share best practices, ask questions and get answers from experts, as well as other community managers who have been there, done that
  • Overcome the pain points and roadblocks to success - what are they, how to recognize them before they get too deep, and how to overcome the obstacles
  • Define success - what it is for others in the same place in your journey and your community size


Whether you're an SMB or larger organization, the revamped customer community is a space with a growth path for customer- or employee-based communities. Jive and Social Edge are dedicated to managing this space with the information you need to make your community a success.


If you think we missed something - don't be shy! Tell us and we'll make it happen. See you there!

On Thursday, November 12 at 2 PM EST,  join Jive and Social Edge partner TemboSocial for an interactive webinar that will demonstrate how peer recognition can drive adoption of Jive and increase social collaboration.


TemboSocial Recognition

In this webinar, you'll learn how social recognition is a business asset by:

  • Retaining your best employees
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Improving profitability
  • Driving Jive adoption and engagement


Speakers include:





Andrew Kratz is the president and founder of Social Edge Consulting. He has spent his distinguished 20-year career overseeing strategic information technology operations for Fortune 500 companies. At both the Bank of America/Merrill Lynch and The McGraw-Hill Companies, Andrew led his teams through numerous enterprise-scale business implementations and deployments. He started Social Edge Consulting in February of 2012 to help businesses capture the synergy between their employees, partners and clients through social collaboration software.







Brennan Kirby is an employee recognition expert with TemboSocial. Brennan’s work focuses on helping enterprise organizations harness the power of social business.TemboSocial Recognition in Jive is an employee peer recognition solution that’s integrated into Jive Places, Activity Feeds, Actions and the new Jive Profile Page. It's how companies like Royal Bank of Canada, BMW, and Greystone are magnets for top talent.






Register for the webinar to reserve your spot!




About TemboSocial Recognition

TemboSocial Recognition in Jive is a deeply integrated peer recognition program that engages employees, strengthens corporate culture, and makes your managers be better managers. By making employee appreciation highly visible and available anywhere in Jive, TemboSocial Recognition creates meaningful content that keeps people engaged.



The recording is now available! Click here to watch the webinar and learn more about the new features and enhancements, or read Q&As from the webinar attendees.



What features are you most excited about?

Join us for a webinar with thought leaders from Jive, Birst and Social Edge to learn the three most common myths surrounding customer communities and the secret benefits many companies are missing out on today.


Jeanie Kedia, Director of Communities at Birst, Jennifer Callahan, Communications Strategist at Social Edge and Wim Stoop from Jive will discuss the myths and benefits in the context of Birst's successful community, ThinkTank, and how they grew their community and achieved a 95% engagement rate.


In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • The unfounded myths around privacy, moderation and public exposure holding companies back
  • How creating a community for your customers can unlock hidden value and revenue
  • The Birst story and how they drove value from their customer community


The webinar will be held on Thursday, April 23 at 10 am EST. Reserve your spot today!

Social Edge Consulting is Hiring!


We are looking for new team members who are enthusiastic about Jive, love to collaborate with different people and different workstyles and want to be part of the fun that is Social Edge.  We currently have two opportunities open, so if you are passionate about design or the implementation of Jive check out the postings below.

We were very happy to see this press release announcing the successful launch of IRESS' Jive community, The Wire. The Social Edge Consulting team was responsible for implementing and designing the new community and we couldn't be prouder of the results. Congratulations to IRESS on their successful launch and hope The Wire continues to grow and thrive!

I have seen a couple of questions in the JC regarding TemboSocial Recognition from a couple of Jive clients I know ( Susan Rubio, Kristen Ritter (In loving memory) and Kim England).  So I wanted to create a quick write up on what I am seeing and the value I think it can add and organization as we have been using it at Social Edge.  For us at Social Edge, we work closely with clients on their Jive implementations and they often ask us our viewpoint on various products and how to create specific business outcomes.  So when we see a solution that fills a need in a compelling way we happily talk about it with clients. From a business perspective, it makes sense for us to then take the next step and form a partnership with the company.  So we do have that relationship with Tembo and are proud of it.  I did just want to disclose that quickly.


So what are we seeing:


  • The ability to provide peer to peer recognition within your Jive community is very robust and textured:
  • You can configure the categories of praise with text and images of your choosing as shown below



  • The product has three widgets that you can use in places and the home page.  
  • Showing these on the home page give employees their "15 min of fame" which is powerful and helps adoption. 
  • Below we have a space that is a "center of excellence" around all of our recognition.   We call our program can call yours whatever you like.



I think one of the most important parts is the integration inside the profile.  Below I am showing my own profile where you can look at the recognition sent and receive (you can see any users kudos).  So by looking at this you can ask a few questions about the person.  What are people thanking this person for? Big achievements? going the extra mile? delighting a client?  Is this person giving (being a thankful team member) as well as receiving (are they helping others).   Suddenly, simple 'thank you's", which are powerful on their own, are now part of a talent and performance conversation on how a person operates inside a larger team.



Finally, There are a number of integration extras that are a big help to keep this top of mind and frictionless:

  • The ability to create a Kudo/thank you from anywhere as it is integrated into the action menu

  • An email summary for those involved in a Kudo/thank you.
  • The Kudo is part of the activity stream so that you can comment, like, share etc...
  • A separate admin console tool to configure and change the implementation.



So overall, it feels light and non-intrusive while being well integrated into your community.  In the end,  it is a modern way to recognize employees as well as add to their talent profile footprint inside the organization.  I hope this is helpful.


Andrew Kratz

Social Edge Consulting

For all of our community manager friends, we thought we'd share this tidbit with you.


For the upcoming Community Managers Appreciation Day (CMAD) on Monday, January 26th, Jive is offering a $10 gift card to Starbucks for any community manager that blogs (with photos!) about their experiences. It's really easy! Whether you're a cmgr for The specified item was not found. or [ARCHIVE] Jive External Communities - share your story and get a well-deserved break at Starbucks. For more information read this blog post for internal community managers or this one for external community managers.


Enjoy that latte!

Are you a creative and thoughtful designer who is a whiz at working in Cloud or JiveX? Or are you a detail-oriented project manager who knows how to keep a project on track and under budget? How about a speedy tech writer with a passion for Jive? Then let's talk! Social Edge Consulting is a Jive partner that specializes in all aspects of Jive - technical, strategy, community management, design. In fact, we are Jive's MVP Consulting Partner of the Year! We are a team of Jive experts who know Jive inside and out because we all used to be Jive clients. We are looking for new team members who are enthusiastic about Jive, love to collaborate with different people and different workstyles and want to be part of the fun that is Social Edge. Stop by our careers page and submit your application. Let's get to work!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Social Edge Consulting, an award winning professional services firm specializing in implementing and innovating with Jive Software, announced its partnership with TemboSocial, a leading provider of social software solutions for businesses today. The partnership will help Jive customers leverage their investment by driving sustained platform adoption & employee engagement.

TemboSocial offers “plug and play” simplicity for Jive customers who are looking to introduce programs which encourage active participation for knowledge workers in the enterprise. As part of the global roll-out of Jive 7, TemboSocial’s add-ons for Jive bring an advanced level of dialogue to the social environment making organizations more competitive and productive.


“TemboSocial reaches more than one million employees every day,” said Steven Green, founder and CEO of TemboSocial. “Through our Conversation Consultants team, we help corporate communicators and HR professionals build meaningful programs to engage and retain their talent. It seems only natural to combine our skills with Social Edge’s to help more organizations ‘get real’ with social business.”

“Social Edge has worked with 140 Jive communities over the past 3 years and time and again we’ve seen how engaged employees drive business value,” said Andrew Kratz, founder and president of Social Edge Consulting. “Our partnership with TemboSocial is a perfect complement to our strategic offerings, and will allow us to further support our clients as they build their Jive communities.”

About Social Edge

Social Edge Consulting partners exclusively with Jive on platform implementations. With more than 50 years of combined social collaboration expertise, we drive your Jive/JiveX community’s growth. Our strategy, UI/UX, and technology services are key to our clients’ successful communities. Let Social Edge Consulting empower your company to be a leader in its industry by using Jive software as its foundation. For more information visit

About TemboSocial

Founded in 1999, TemboSocial enables the social enterprise for some of the world’s most progressive organizations, such as TD Bank, State Farm, Cleveland Clinic, and Macy’s. Leading companies turn to TemboSocial’s hosted suite of tools to foster collaboration, innovation and recognition among employees, customers and prospects. To learn more about TemboSocial, visit

In honor of our upcoming JiveX panel today at 12:30 pm with our JiveX clients David Leung Maria Ogneva Jeanie Kedia and Greg Jankowski and moderated by Mike Fraietta, check out our post on "The X Factor in JiveX"

As you arrive @jiveworld, you may have noticed that some of our tweets and blogposts featured #makemagichappen.  When you visit the Social Edge JiveWorld booth (#G1), you will also see that #makemagichappen is a big part of our design theme, headlined by our magic playing cards featuring Jive community tips. So what’s the story here?

At Social Edge we’ve helped over 100 firms and organizations grow their Jive communities into thriving workspaces that are integral to their social business success. In fact, if you stop by either of our Demo Theater sessions at Jive World this year (Wednesday, 10/22 at 5:30 pm, and on Thursday, 10/23 at 12:30 pm) you’ll hear a few of those stories. But when we talk about #makemagichappen it’s not just the skills and expertise that all Social Edgers possess when it comes to Jive — it’s also about setting the foundation for an organic and authentic community that creates “magic” through the participants and members of its community. #Makemagichappen is a call to businesses, community managers and end users to use Jive in order to capture innovative ideas and build connections and bridges between people and business functions that rarely interacted previously. It’s also about embracing the changes that occur through Jive, including the magic of transparency and knowledge sharing.

There are a number of things we’re looking forward to at Jive World this year; new product information, meeting up with colleagues and sharing best practices. Whether you use Jive for an internal or external community, we always look forward to helping our clients discover the magic within their own organization.

Want to read what Social Edge president Andrew Kratz is looking forward to at Jive World this year? Check out his post, "Three Trends to Watch at Jive World 2014," on He shares his observations on the three ways that businesses embrace Jive and social business, and show just how far the business community has come from five years ago when #social meant Facebook. With barely two months left until the event, everyone at Social Edge is eagerly counting down the days - see you there!