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Jive Software, the social collaboration platform that builds bridges between customers, employees and the corporate infrastructure, knows what it takes to bring people together. Maybe that’s why they picked TemboSocial Recognition to fuel the “HighFive” recognition program in their internal community. ““Jive employees have always been great at recognizing their fellow colleagues — whether through our own internal community instance of Jive or through other corporate initiatives.  With the new peer-to-peer recognition capability provided by TemboSocial, we have amplified the way in which employees can celebrate their peers' accomplishments while fostering corporate values,” says Kosheno Moore, the Senior Enterprise Community Manager at Jive.


Creating a Culture of Recognition in Jive Communities


Kosheno understands the power of the social intranet to build culture inside of an organization. In her blog post about creating a community culture she says “when people display great examples of cultural behavior, we want to recognize it.” Making appreciation and praise highly visible is an area where TemboSocial Recognition really shines. On the Jive platform, recognition goes viral inside the organization through various channels like Spaces, Activity Streams, Actions and the new Profile Page. With TemboSocial Recognition, the act of thanking a fellow employee for a job well-done is memorialized as meaningful content that engages people and keeps them engaged.


Lighting a Path for Others to Follow


Over time, TemboSocial Recognition builds a public archive of positive and repeatable behaviors, transforming recognition into a real business asset and infusing your intranet with frequent stories of success and achievement. As employees work through fresh challenges and ask themselves “how did we do this before?” or “who knows how to get this sort of thing done?” they can find the answers in the searchable content created using TemboSocial Recognition. “The ability to see the most-practiced values and being able to dissect the data by attributes such as Jivers’ department and region has given our leaders powerful data,” Moore says about the “big data” tools built into TemboSocial Recognition.


See How Jive is Giving Employees a HighFive


If you want to get a better look at the powerful TemboSocial Recognition Jive integration up-close, why not book a demo today? Or, if you just want a sneak peek inside one of the most exciting social intranet platforms you can find, download our PDF and look it over.