What a whirlwind JiveWorld16 was!


We’d like to thank the Jive team and everyone we met in Las Vegas! It was interesting learning about the many incredible Jive Platform communities that are out there, the challenges Jivers face, and the creative solutions you’ve come up with. We also appreciated the many great conversations we had around TemboSocial’s Jive Add-Ons and how they can help drive adoption and engagement within internal and external communities.


And now that we’ve managed to catch up on emails (and sleep!), we wanted to share a few interesting use cases we heard throughout the 3-day conference with regards to solutions TemboSocial can provide inside Jive communities.



Jiveblog-1.jpgExternal Recognition

One of the more memorable meetings we had was with a large healthcare IT solution provider for hospitals, physician practices, and extended care organizations. The team was interested in Recognition as a means to further enrich their external community of physicians and recognize the contributions and participation of its members. The company has an existing gamification solution within their community and have been considering incorporating a recognition strategy to positively reinforce their community of physicians supporting each other.



Data-Driven Learning & Development

One of the world’s largest auto manufacturers was interested in exploring how Polls & Surveys could bulk up reporting capabilities and add additional value into their Jive intranet. The company is using Jive as a way to power Learning and Development modules to educate and inform employees on new company products and gauge attitudes and interests across various demographics and regions. The manufacturer would be able to leverage data uncovered by Polls & Surveys to drive its long-term L&D content roadmap. They acknowledged the value of being embedded with Jive’s infrastructure would allow them to maximize the data by mapping responses back to users and profiles. The company as a whole has an ambitious mission to transform into a total data-driven company and views TemboSocial as a way to answer the question, "How could this data be even more valuable to the business?"



Improving Time-to-Market and Efficiencies

Finally, providers of a large multi-institutional healthcare system also place a large emphasis on internal Learning and Development as a means of operating their business. Specifically, they use L&D to gauge project understanding which in turn informs and influences their marketing and training efforts around what is required for their go-to-market strategies. This company wants to leverage a Polls & Survey solution that integrates directly into their Jive intranet to reduce creative and development time for new offerings from months into just hours by measuring product knowledge gaps in real-time. The company sees TemboSocial as a way to assist in driving new efficiencies and power faster go-to-market strategies.


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