Efficient, reliable internal communications has a huge impact on shaping a company’s corporate culture. The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) understands the value of keeping employees well informed and connected. Engaged employees become activists who are engaged in the company and the community.


As a long-time supporter of the Canadian Open golf tournament, RBC needed a way to communicate to employees the exciting news about the renewal of their sponsorship commitment to the Canadian Open for another 6 years. That's where TemboSocial came in to help deliver the RBC ‘6 Fore 6’ Contest. What was up for grabs? A chance to win one of 6 golf vacation packages!


Today’s Employees Go Beyond Brand Activism


RBC employees enjoy engaging in the corporate activities outside of work, making their contributions visible as active advocates, promoting the company, culture and community. Tools like Polls and Surveys are a great way for RBC to access a robust, secure feature-set to engage, educate and drive action.


Employees Love Contests… and Polls


RBC asked TemboSocial to create a contest in which employees could share their golf dreams - the perfect shot, or the ideal foursome they someday hope to realize.  The ask was to share their "golf someday” in 30 words or less. TemboSocial built an RBC-themed template for the contest and took advantage of the existing integration TemboSocial offers for the Jive and Vignette Intranets so that employees can participate directly from inside the corporate Intranet.


The Solution? A Hole in One


The 6 Fore 6 Contest is still in progress but has so far been a big win for RBC with thousands of submissions. The ability to syndicate the poll into both of RBC’s Intranets meant that RBC only needed to create the content once - an efficient way to reach all employees without having to create multiple versions of the campaign. The comprehensive reporting and metrics are consolidated into one report making it a seamless solution for contest deployment and post-employee engagement analysis.


Whether launching a brand new customer community or strengthening a thriving social Intranet, user input tools such as TemboSocial Surveys, Forms & Polls  are a great value-add for a more user-focused and engaged experience.