Employees are communicating and collaborating in ways we never thought possible 10 years ago. Today’s corporate Intranets aren’t all that different from the social networks that we all use to share information and keep up with each other’s lives. Their intuitive functionality of liking and sharing has opened new channels of communication for departments like Human Resources.

Give employees a reason to respond and engage

With over 69% of companies reporting that disengagement is a problem in their workplace, motivating and engaging employees is an obvious challenge. So what’s the benefit of being able to reach employees with Polls & Surveys within your HR or company Intranet? Polls & Surveys offer HR a variety of ways to engage, educate and ultimately transform employees from passive recipients to active participants.


Mixing it up is key

  • Surveys provide HR with a way to collect feedback from employees. The data collected can be used to improve company operations and the employee experience.
  • Quizzes are often used to test an employee’s knowledge regarding topics such as company policies or safety procedures. They can communicate information in a highly engaging format with scoring and leaderboards.
  • Polls are effective for gathering employee opinions. Rewarding participants by displaying the aggregate results after each question is a proven way to deliver high participation rates.
  • Forms can even be part of the mix since they are helpful when used as an onboarding tool to collect employee information. Forms can make employees' lives simpler by allowing them to quickly submit holidays, request leave, or make other requests right inside the HR or company Intranet.


From leading change to creating corporate cultures, effective communications has become a strategic necessity. Tools like Polls & Surveys not only make life easier, they drive value to your company’s bottom line, fuelled by productive, highly-engaged employees.