We are excited to announce our November 2018 release - release 5.31 - for Aurea AlertFind.


With this release, we are launching our new SmartContact feature, which eliminates risk and improves accuracy associated with contact management. SmartContact enables a social approach for ensuring contacts are complete and accurate. It also:

  • Automates follow-up with end users to complete contact update tasks
  • Gives administrators visibility into what contact details have been submitted and when
  • Ensures contact completeness and accuracy, which is essential since AlertFind can only reach employees with complete contact details during an emergency

We’ve also included key Quality and Performance improvements, like:

  • Improved performance of “Sent Notification Response Details,” which ensures that reports load faster, enabling easier access to crucial responses during an emergency.
  • Improved performance of ADMT roster file imports - which are essential to third party AlertFind integration. Faster roster file imports ensure contacts are updated more quickly, and enable a more streamlined import or synchronization
  • Improved SOAP API uptime, reducing the risk of such APIs  becoming momentarily unavailable when subcomponents are restarted

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