We are excited to announce our December 2018 release v6.00  for Aurea AlertFind.


With this release, we are soft-launching our all-new, responsive web-based user interface (UI).  The new AlertFind UI is a great leap forward in look, feel, and functionality. It utilizes the latest web technologies with a responsive UI design that is compatible with any device of any size.

We’ve also updated the AlertFind UI to reflect our updated Aurea brand.



Refer to the table below to identify which URL you can use to access the new AlertFind user interface. (You can continue to access the current AlertFind user interface at this time through the standard URL, located in the same table). Please note that because this is considered a soft-launch, you may notice minor functional issues as we prepare for the major UI launch in January.

Current AlertFind URLs

New AlertFind URLs (new UI)

Chicago DC: https://chicma.messageone.com
Plano DC: https://dalcma.messageone.com
London DC: https://loncma.messageone.com

Chicago DC: https://chicago.alertfind.com
Plano DC: https://plano.alertfind.com
London DC: https://london.alertfind.com



AlertFind also now supports the automatic import of roster files. If you’re interested in automating this process, please open an Aurea support case.