Our all new user interface (UI) for Aurea AlertFind is here! Officially launched in February, it introduces a modernized, sleek and fresh web-based interface to your experience while bringing convenience to your door. With the new UI, you are also able to take advantage of improved speed, making AlertFind faster and more lightweight than the previous version, while also seeing greater compatibility and security in your Emergency Notification System.


Built as a responsive design, the new UI smoothly crosses channels, easily scaling to fit your mobile and tablet devices, allowing for easy access to your Emergency Notification System. Leverage AlertFind for critical mass communications whether at the office, out for lunch or home for the day. Take action even faster by accessing your Alert Console and leverage your preset notifications templates right from your mobile device, deliver your notifications, track and engage with your employees in our two-way communication stream. 


View the following video for a quick look at your new user experience as we walk you through the process of delivering an example notification in times of bad weather.


Take advantage of the new look, feel and improved functionality by exploring and leveraging the updated Team Page, Alert Console, Launch Center and Sent Notification areas.


Watch this short video to see more!