The last thing you need to worry about during a crisis is scrambling for employee contact information. AlertFind’s SmartContact ensures you can reach every member of your organization with 100% database accuracy, 100% of the time.


SmartContact connects to hundreds of data sources in your organization using free API connectors for most popular HR databases, including Workday, PeopleSoft and Active Directory. It keeps your contact database up-to-date in real-time, collecting and updating crucial contact information for all your employees, missing or outdated. AlertFind SmartContact uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science to automatically discover when important contact details change, then updates new contact information for all your employees and contractors. There’s no manual work required for your team, allowing you to rest easy knowing your system is current and accurate.


With every employee’s contact information captured in your database, you don’t have to worry about anyone missing a critical update or notice. Whether your organization experiences a sudden IT outage or severe weather, you can remain confident knowing your employees will be notified through one or all three distribution channels – text, phone or email – as the situation may warrant.


Watch our SmartContact video to learn how AlertFind helps you overcome the biggest challenge  of every Emergency Notification System – keeping contact information up-to-date for every employee.