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We are excited to announce our December 2018 release v6.00  for Aurea AlertFind.


With this release, we are soft-launching our all-new, responsive web-based user interface (UI).  The new AlertFind UI is a great leap forward in look, feel, and functionality. It utilizes the latest web technologies with a responsive UI design that is compatible with any device of any size.

We’ve also updated the AlertFind UI to reflect our updated Aurea brand.



Refer to the table below to identify which URL you can use to access the new AlertFind user interface. (You can continue to access the current AlertFind user interface at this time through the standard URL, located in the same table). Please note that because this is considered a soft-launch, you may notice minor functional issues as we prepare for the major UI launch in January.

Current AlertFind URLs

New AlertFind URLs (new UI)

Chicago DC:
Plano DC:
London DC:

Chicago DC:
Plano DC:
London DC:



AlertFind also now supports the automatic import of roster files. If you’re interested in automating this process, please open an Aurea support case.

We are excited to announce our November 2018 release - release 5.31 - for Aurea AlertFind.


With this release, we are launching our new SmartContact feature, which eliminates risk and improves accuracy associated with contact management. SmartContact enables a social approach for ensuring contacts are complete and accurate. It also:

  • Automates follow-up with end users to complete contact update tasks
  • Gives administrators visibility into what contact details have been submitted and when
  • Ensures contact completeness and accuracy, which is essential since AlertFind can only reach employees with complete contact details during an emergency

We’ve also included key Quality and Performance improvements, like:

  • Improved performance of “Sent Notification Response Details,” which ensures that reports load faster, enabling easier access to crucial responses during an emergency.
  • Improved performance of ADMT roster file imports - which are essential to third party AlertFind integration. Faster roster file imports ensure contacts are updated more quickly, and enable a more streamlined import or synchronization
  • Improved SOAP API uptime, reducing the risk of such APIs  becoming momentarily unavailable when subcomponents are restarted

Log-in to the Aurea Support Portal for all product documentation and release notes.

Emergency notification systems are what organizations depend on when an emergency strikes. Be it to deliver important communications or get important feedback on the safety and security of employees, such systems need to ensure safe and proper delivery of their communications and AlertFind is designed with this in mind. Aurea wants to keep building on these strengths, bringing the platform into the new decade with added flexibility and functionality.


AlertFind has been through some structural changes in 2017 and the work does not stop there. We are already seeing the benefits of several changes that have been performed in 2017, and during the course of 2018 additional updates will make AlertFind more scalable with the ability to reach more people.


AlertFind in 2018 will see a totally revamped user interface built using the latest web technologies making it easier to use in the connected world on mobile, tablet or PCs. New web technologies offer functionalities that would not be possible in older technologies, making the product experience on such devices better. Together with this, AlertFind will be integrated with other products in the Aurea portfolio thus making disaster notification easier to use from different systems, but stay tuned for more news on this topic.


Please continue to use the AureaWorks community to communicate and engage with us at Aurea. Ask questions, exchange information with us and other customers, bring in ideas and use the information here to stay aligned with the product vision and capabilities you can use from now on.


I'm looking forward to a great 2018 and for many years with you as an Aurea customer!


Ian Bugeja



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