• Integrating Yammer into Jive

    Hello there - I watched a live stream of the JiveWorld Las Vegas conference in October at which it was stated, as I remember, that Jive 7 can integrate with Yammer. I've looked in this community to see how this is ac...
    Trevor Merriden
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  • Jive Anywhere: OWA Cartridge Overview

    The Outlook Web Access (OWA) Cartridge allows you to bring the rich experience of Jive content and comments into the browser via your OWA account. With this cartridge you can: View full content from Jive in the brows...
    Mor Avital
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  • Jive Anywhere Extension in Chrome sometimes Blocks Nearby Links

    Jive Anywhere is great for sharing content, but sometimes the extension in Chrome keeps other page links from functioning. I use Chrome and I find that I end up disabling the extension most of the time. It took me som...
    Mark Hanna
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  • Jive Anywhere: Gmail Cartridge Overview

    The Gmail Cartridge allows you to bring the rich experience of Jive content and comments into your Gmail account. With this cartridge you can View full content from Jive in Gmail Comment on content directly from the...
    Mor Avital
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  • Jive Anywhere Unique URL requirement

    For us the path used to navigate to a specific record in SugarCRM can produce different URL addresses for the same record.  Because Jive Anywhere is dependent on a unique URL to display existing and related discu...
    Kayla Anderson
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  • Introducing Jive Anywhere

    The fundamental principle in using a social business solution is to enable people to engage, collaborate, share, find information all with one goal: to make work more productive. It is all about bringing people togeth...
    Oudi Antebi
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  • The New Jive Anywhere v2.1

    In Jive Anywhere v2 we released many great new features and capabilities to enhance your productivity and more easily integrate Jive with your other enterprise systems.   This new release of Jive Anywhere v2.1 c...
    Mor Avital
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  • JA for External Contributors

    Hi Mor Avital   It looks like an External Contributor can't install Jive Anywhere (getting a 'not supported' message). Is this a temporary limitation and when might it be resolved or is it something more fundame...
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  • PLug-in is not getting highlighted correctly

    Hi Mor Avital!   Hope everything is great. I have a little question for you:   I've check the option: 'Highlight the notification button when a discussions are available for the visited web page'   ...
    Maxime Levasseur
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  • Jive Anywhere and blogs

    Is there a way to send external content via Jive Anywhere directly to a blog?  We have the need to reference an external article and directly start blogging about it.  I can see how to directly share it with...
    Barbara Giannini
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  • Using the Jive Anywhere plug in causes problems with Jive pull down menus

    So we installed the newest plugins for Chrome because I had to remove it recently.  I wasn't able to use the top half of the menu selections when I picked the pull down from the avatar picture.  I could navi...
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  • Jive Anywhere client features compatibility matrix

    Jive Anywhere 2.1 features availability Minimum requirements: EAPIs v2.1 (v3 recommended), IE8   Feature Minimum IE required Minimum EAPIs required Snapshots 9 2.1 Mark as helpful 8 2.1 (Jive 7 not supported) Up...
    Mor Avital
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  • The new way of theming JA

    Note that in order to use this type of theming, you MUST have EAPI v3 installed ! Customize your community name in Jive Anywhere:   In order change the community name from "Jive" (default) to any other name,...
    Koby Rodrig
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  • Jive Anywhere 2.1.2 upgrade has lost its icon

    I don't know if this was a coincidence but the old JA version matched the colours on our site, now it doesn't. It has also lost the community name so multiples connections all just say community now and I can't see wh...
    Belinda Benton
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  • Jive Anywhere 2.1 public beta is now available

    Jive Anywhere 2.1 will be released soon, but in order to let you prepare for some breaking changes in the Cartridges SDK we encourage you to download and try the new beta version starting today. The SDK documentation...
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  • Jive plugins Windows 8.1 IE 11 support?

    Hi Jive Anywhere team (Mor Avital, Amir Leshem),   Joe, the managing director for the Jive partnership, just upgraded to IE 11 on Win 8.1. He reports it says Jive browser.helper is incompatible…is there a...
    last modified by bernd.appelhans
  • Support for single-address sites?

    We're trying to integrate Jive with ServiceNow (a popular HelpDesk/Service system), so that we can link service tickets from ServiceNow to Jive dicussions.  The ServiceNow product uses frames (yikes!) so the addr...
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  • Does Jive Anywhere in the browser auto update?

    I really love the Jive Anywhere extension - I use it with Chrome.   Simple question - does it auto update?  i.e., if Jive releases a new version of the extension code, do I need to do anything?  I'm ta...
    Nick Howe
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  • Jive Anywhere - Fall release will requires eAPIs v2.1+

    Jive Anywhere users, I wanted to alert you to some changes coming in the next version of Jive Anywhere in our Fall release later this year. As we continue to grow the integration, adding depth and breadth of features ...
    Mor Avital
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  • Jive Anywhere Ignored Sites

    Shouldn't it be possible to edit an entry here, for example to set the whole root site to be ignored.   
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