• Name picker in apps doesn't work properly all the time

    I think this is likely in some core Jive code somewhere, because I've noticed it with several apps.   You get to a screen where you need to type in a name. The first time you type, no pop-up box appears. If you ...
    Tracy Maurer
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  • Can the SAVED SEARCH App be used as a widget anywhere within Jive?

    My client is trying to surface a refreshing list of content that goes beyond Tagged content or Featured Content widgets.  Can the Saved Search App be surfaced anywhere (such as a Space Overview page) within Jive ...
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  • how to get "Jive Ed Clone Document App" working?

    How do I get the "Jive Ed Clone Document App" to work?   I activated in apps. It's installed. Apparently I'm supposed to see: "Copy Document" App Action I do not. Advise please.   I'm on Jive 6.
    Bastien Douglas
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  • Evolving the Apps Market

    Over the past few versions of the platform, you may have noticed significant changes on how it can be integrated and extended. The openness and development capabilities have grown tremendously and an expanding ecosyst...
    Wim Stoop
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  • Bunchball gamification library for props app.

    Hi,   I need the Bunchball gamification library for props app customization. Ryan Rutan, can you help? Or know who i should speak to?   Thanks!
    Patrick O'Hagan
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  • Any quick way to see what an app does from a security standpoint? ala android apps?

    I've been trying to dig through the community to see how people manage the approval / vetting of apps.   The general theme from a security standpoint is that we need to know what data is read from the jive insta...
    Aaron Yemm
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  • Forms App - Only Portuguese available?

    Hi team,   A customer is experiencing this issue: I am testing the Forms application within JIVE. However it seems there are part only in portuguese for this application am I wrong ?   What is...
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  • How much time does it take for apps to be approved

    We have submitted two apps- fully ready and tested. Over 15 days have passed with no response. Is there an expected time frame?
    Romesh Gupta
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  • Dev Console Failing!

    Dear Jive Community,   Sometime around January (yeah, it's been a while!), the Dev Console on my local "developer" Jive instance stopped working.  In addition, all of the apps that I had previously written ...
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  • Does the album app allow for individual captions?

    I tried looking up documentation on this and couldn't find any mention of the ability to put captions on the Jive Album app.  I'm using Firefox on a Mac, btw, and using Jive 6 and a Try Jive 7 instance. Is it a ...
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  • Is there a way to "Force Install" certain apps?

    We have a couple of use cases that depend on one or more Jive Apps being available to users.  Is there a way to configure a pre-defined basket of Apps that will automatically be installed for each new user? ...
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  • Is it possible to restrict access to apps in the Apps market?

    Is it possible for a company to purchase a limited number of licenses and then make them available only to some members in their organization?
    Madalina Papacica
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  • Languages supported by Jive Fathom Pro

    Hi, I would like to know the languages supported / monitored by Jive Fathom Pro. I have a requirement to monitor content in asian languages - Chinese, Viatnamese & Indonesian Thanks, Rajeshwaran
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  • Dev Console App - further updates planned?

    I'm close to launching the App Market. I have some Dev guys who would be interested in doing some app development, so was looking at the Dev Console. but I notice that it shows up as an alpha version last updated Oct ...
    Tracy Maurer
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  • Does Fathom-Pro Supports Detailed Analysis/Reporting?

    Does Fathom-Pro Supports Detailed Analysis/Reporting? Please find some more details below:- Can we get a report of sentiments ( Total Count & Percentage)? Can we get the list of people who are influencers, de...
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  • Best way to embed Sharepoint Cloud documents on Jive Cloud

    We are using Jive Cloud but have numerous documents/presentations/PDFs in Sharepoint (365 - or whatever the cloud version of Sharepoint is). How do we embed or include them in our Jive Cloud community? Do we have to p...
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  • App Dashboard Config Problem

    I have just installed a development instance of SBS 5, and the site is generally running, except that I cannot access the App Market.  On the App Dashboard, I am receiving the following error:   Jive has de...
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  • The Wrike Stuff

    OK, forgive the bad pun on the book by Tom Wolfe. I just wanted to drop a quick post to introduce the Wrike team! Wrike is "an online platform for making work fast, easy and efficient in co-located and distributed tea...
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  • Get to know INXPO

    Just a quick blog post today announcing a new group for the INXPO! INXPO is a wicked cool platform "Social TV" platform that is used to deliver online events for internal communications, marketing, training, and prett...
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  • Is the Tungle app gone?

    Or maybe it never materialized? The concept of being able to synchronize disparate work calendars so that we could easily schedule global meetings was sure enticing! I've got more and more people asking about this, so...
    Tracy Maurer
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