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Everyone here at Jive is thrilled to be approaching the launch date for the Fall Release, currently planned for early November. The Jive Product Management team is posting a series of feature Deep Dives in the Jive Community. Each of the Deep Dives will include detailed information about the feature area and will present some of the Product Manager's thinking about the feature. Questions and comments are encouraged! A table of all the Deep Dives are below, for easy reference. In addition, the Preview site is now updated with the Fall Release. If you are a customer and you don't already have an account, simply sign up with your corporate email address and we'll get you approved. If you've forgotten your username or password, you can click "forgot username" and "forgot password" on the log-in screen.


Deep Dive TopicReference Link to Posts
Deep Dive #1 -- Updated Profiles, with Expertise Fall Release Preview: New Profiles with Expertise
Deep Dive #2 -- Mobile 3 is Coming Fall Release Preview: Mobile 3
Deep Dive #3 -- Impact Metrics: Key Insights into CommunicationsFall Release Preview: Impact Metrics
Deep Dive #4 -- Jive Business AnalyticsFall Release Preview: Jive Business Analytics
Deep Dive #5 -- Jive for Office, Outlook & SharepointFall Release Preview: The New Jive for Office, Outlook & Sharepoint
Deep Dive #6 -- Video is Getting a Facelift!Fall Release Preview: Video is Getting a Facelift
Deep Dive #7 -- New Analytics ServiceFall Release Preview: New Analytics Service
Deep Dive #8 -- Improved Purposeful Places!Fall Release Preview: Improved Purposeful Places
Deep Dive #9 -- ProducteevFall Release Preview: Jive + Producteev
Deep Dive #10 -- Real TimeFall Release Preview: Introducing Real Time
Deep Dive #11 -- Improved Search
Deep Dive #12 -- External Storage ProviderFall Release Preview: Introducing the External Storage Framework
Deep Dive #13 -- New Structured OutcomesFall Release Preview: New Structured Outcomes



Release Questions:

  • What is the Fall Release and how does it interact with Jive's version releases?

Jive is currently releasing new features and updates to our Cloud customers once every quarter. The four releases of 2013 will be rolling into our version release later in the winter, which can be deployed to our Jive Custom customers, with both hosted and on-premises deployments.

  • What are the differences between the Cloud-only releases and the version releases?

As we continue to innovate and grow our product, new features will be offered to our Cloud customers first and some features will be offered only to Cloud. The new Producteev + Jive task system as well as Real Time Communications will only be offered only to our Cloud customers.

Preview Questions:

  • How can I access the shared preview site?

Visit to access the shared preview site. If you've forgotten your user name or password, you can click on the "forgot username" or "forgot password."

  • When is the shared preview site available?

It's available now!

  • What can I do on the shared preview site?

You'll be able to explore all the new features and functionality of the most recent release.

  • I'm a Jive Custom customer with a hosted or on-prem deployment. Can I access the shared preview site, too?

Yes! We want you to see all the goodness of our releases, as they are released. If you would like access to the shared preview site, please visit the preview site and request access to join.

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