Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 10.12.39 PM.pngFor the Fall Release, we wanted to offer our customers not only a description of new features and improvements, but also some thoughts about the feature by the Product Managers here at Jive. The improvements to Purposeful Places will be available to our Cloud customers in our Fall Release, and to Jive 7 customers with hosted and on-premises release later in the year.

This post was written by Marnie Pasciuto-Wood Sr. Product Designer for Purposeful Places.

Updated Purposeful Places


Jive first launched Purposeful Places in the Summer Release, but since that time a lot feedback has been collected and work has been done to bring you the next iteration.

Quick Summary: Purposeful Places are instant and customizable workplaces on the Jive platform that connect all the important team members to each other, and the key information and context for getting work done. For example, a deal room is a Purposeful Place – one single place to collaborate around a specific sales opportunity connecting the deal team to their sales support experts and the context they need to get the deal done such as competitive materials, RFPs and proposal documents, pitch decks, customer questions, CRM opportunity data, and more.


So what's new with Purposeful Places?


New Templates


  • Best Practices SharingScreen Shot 2013-09-28 at 10.14.26 PM.png
  • Communications Planning
  • Pre-Hire Collaboration
  • Technology Rollout and Support
  • IT Help Desk Collaboration
  • Customer 360
  • A Producteev task template, that will be available if Producteev is enabled in your community


Tile Organization


Like templates, we've organized tiles into buckets to make them easier to find and use. Out-of-the-box categories are: Content, People, Places, Sales, and Other.  However, in the Admin Console, admins and Community Managers can create, change (edit or translate) the names, or hide certain buckets of these categories so that they more accurately reflect the needs of the community. This feature is also available for template names. If you are either a full administrator or have Manage Community permissions, you can edit the categories by going to: drop-down Add-Ons > Tile Categories and Add-Ons > Template Categories.


New Tiles


With all those fancy new templates, we can't let tiles fall behind! We added a bunch of new tiles that will expand what users can do and what information they can present in their Groups, Places, and Projects.


Custom / Global Tiles

Any user can create their own tiles.  We have two types of tiles they can create: People or Content, and Places. After creating their custom tile, regular users will be able to "Lock" the contents of the tile, meaning that only they can edit the contents of the tile. If they leave that unchecked, place owners can edit the tile. This allows users to create one instance of a tile and use it repeatedly across multiple places. If a user needs to make a change to the tile and it's used in multiple places, a change in one of the tiles will propagate through to the other identical tiles. After configuring, users will see their new tiles in a new tile category called "My Tiles" that will only appear if they have created a tile.  Below left is the view for standard users.


If the user is either a full administrator or has Manage Community permissions, they'll see one additional option at the bottom of the configure screen (see green block, below).  These users will have the ability to place this tile into other categories and make the tile available to other members of the community to use.  They can still lock the tile so only they can edit, or they can allow other users to edit it.  See below right image.

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 10.35.56 AM.pngScreen Shot 2013-09-20 at 10.46.47 AM.png


Image Gallery Tile

When you are working on a visual project, it makes sense to have images. Now you can add images directly into a tile! Now you can:

  • Cycle through images within the tile view
  • Blow images up so they lightbox over the entire screen and cycle through them there
  • Add captions
  • Want to add pictures of graphs or powerpoints?  Go for it!


Other Tile Improvements

  • Both of the Events and the Videos tiles have been updated to leverage the Jive events and Jive videos, automatically.
  • The Top Participants tile was updated and will now work when gamification is turned on


Custom Image Backgrounds

You can now upload your own image as part of a place background header.  Additionally, if you don't want to use one of our preset images, you can choose your own background color and text color.  Personalize to your heart's content...


Redesigned Place Features and Activity Section


To reflect the growing number of integrations we're supporting, we moved content types out of the About modal. We also added integration management here.  When creating a place, you'll now find them in their own section in the stream.  If you want to update the default selections, we'll pop open a modal for you, and if your instance admin has enabled any of the storage providers, you'll see them here.  Note: Producteev will also show up here, if enabled.