For the Fall Release, we wanted to offer our customers not only a description of new features and improvements, but also some thoughts about the feature by the Product Managers here at Jive. The new Jive Business Analytics will be available to our Cloud customers in our Fall Release, and to our hosted and on-premises customers when Jive 7 ships later in the year.

This post was written by josh.richau, Sr. Director of Product Management


The Right Data = The Right Plan


During the last year, Jive released updates to its Community Manager Reports (CMR) which give insight into the vitality of your community. But what we know is that it isn't enough for employees to just show up inside your community. You need to know that your users are using Jive to achieve the value you're looking for. You want to know if your employees are doing the things that matter. To track this, we've developed Jive Business Analytics (JBA). JBA is focused on behavioral reporting on your community, on use-case level reporting, and on understanding how your users move from novices to experts in the use cases you care about. We give you the data you need to make real changes inside your organization.


What Does JBA Do?


Business analytics applies behavioral analysis to categorize employees into behavioral buckets. These behavioral events are tracked for each employee. Specific rules are used to classify the employees based on their behavior into the appropriate category. For each report, the breakdown into buckets is displayed and the trend in each bucket's population is shown over time. You can then easily drill-down and filter each bucket based on relevant variables from the user profile such as location, office, tenure, department or fields added by your business.

The initial version of JBA focuses on uses cases surrounding Employee Productivity and directly addresses questions like:

  • Are our onboarding procedures effective?
  • Are strategic messages getting out to the entire organization?
  • Are employees successfully finding information and/or experts within the community?

To that end Jive Business Analytics:

  • Provides community managers and executives with ready-made reports which highlights where improvements can be made.
  • Uses innovative behavioral classification to group employees into relevant buckets based on their behavior in the Jive community.
  • Incorporates filtering and drill-down capabilities to enable users to find a group of employees and target specific communications to reduce unwanted behavior and steer them towards a more productive work pattern.


Easy-To-Use Reports

Jive Business Analytics displays online reports that tackle three important pain points related to productivity: employee onboarding, organizational intelligence, and strategic alignment. You can drill-down and filter into each report to get the specific information about the users in each behavioral bucket, including location, office, tenure, department or custom fields. Being able to see which groups of employees are achieving the results you want will allow you to target interventions toward groups that might need a little extra help. For example you might want to reach out to employees who have never commented on a blog or posted a piece of content and point them at a training blog so they can learn how to better leverage the system.



Of course, it is critical that the behaviors reported match to your needs and expectations. Jive Business Analytics has an easy-to-use interface to allow you to configure and fine tune the criteria you use to run your reports. Out of the box, we give you best-practice defaults, but it is easy for an admin to tune the rule thresholds to their needs.


Brought to You in Collaboration with Totango

Totango is a market leader in behavioral analytics specializing in driving business value for customers such as Zendesk, nCircle, Clarizen and many more. Not only is Totango committed to continue to iterate this product by adding more use cases and adding the ability to create custom use cases, but they are also very excited to help customers correlate with their business systems like Salesforce to ensure that the behaviors in Jive are delivering the business value they promise.


Jive takes data privacy very seriously, and so does Totango. Their servers are located in the US and their systems run on EC2 and are Safe Harbor certified. Business analytics data is only capturing high level activity, user profile data, and group names, but does not capture any content at all. For more info on Totango's data privacy policies please refer to http://www.totango.com/privacy/.