This post was written by Davin Kluttz, Senior Product Manager. For more information or to give feedback about the Jive + Producteev beta, please visit Jive + Producteev Integration Beta project.



Tasks in Jive: Now social… and mobile!

In 2012, Jive acquired Producteev, the leading social task management solution for the enterprise. Founded by Ilan Abehassera, Producteev continues as a standalone web app that’s used by thousands of companies, around the globe, to effectively and efficiently manage millions of tasks. So what's coming next? We're announcing the Jive + Producteev integration, which leverages the power of social tasks in Jive to help teams get work done faster and more effectively. Once enabled, Jive + Producteev replaces Jive's traditional tasks and activates all of the awesomeness that Producteev offers.

Some examples of what you can do:

  • Assign tasks in Jive, then follow-up on mobile.
  • Monitor task progress in activity streams.
  • Focus on specific projects in Jive with Recent and Upcoming task tiles.
  • Create and assign tasks in Outlook, block time on your calendar to complete them, then track status in Jive.
  • Use the Producteev web application to search across projects for open tasks, update them and see the changes immediately in Jive.


How are Producteev tasks different from our traditional "native" Jive tasks, you ask?

  1. Producteev tasks are inherently social, replacing individual tasks…
  2. Tasks can be associated with any space, group or project, which means that you can now communicate task status to your teams.
  3. Easily create inline tasks in content and comments. No context-switching—identify/assign/communicate in one step.
  4. Full Outlook integration, so Outlook users can participate, too. (separate installation)
  5. The backend for tasks uses Producteev, which means you can access tasks everywhere—Jive, web, mobile (iOS and Android) and even dedicated desktop apps.


Note: Initially, the Producteev + Jive integration is being released as a Beta, with optional installation by admins. Look for more great task features as we continue developing the Jive + Producteev integration, and read on for everything that's available in our Producteev + Jive Beta with our Fall Release.




Producteev + Jive

Let's dive into how the Producteev task system feels in Jive.


Once enabled, anyone can easily create a Producteev task from the Jive Apps menu.

Create Task 1.pngCreate Task 2.png

They'll also be able to create Places, Groups, and Projects that feature Producteev tasks. Here's a Jive project, with a task activity stream, plus tiles displaying Recent and Upcoming tasks. The task tiles provide the exposure needed to help prevent duplicated and wasted effort, so the team is working optimally.

Project Activity Stream.png

Users can access all of their tasks from their Actions page…

Accessible via Home > Actions > Tasks

My Actions Tasks.png


…and on everyone's profile!

Accessible via More > Tasks

Profile Tasks.png

Think about a manager reviewing open tasks with someone on their team, or about coworkers seeing where someone may be blocked—and offering to assist! For an individual, the Actions page does the job of showing a complete list of tasks for every project they're working on, so they can focus on what matters.


Throughout Jive, the rich, easy-to-use Producteev interface comes through—controls for assigning, following, setting due dates, creating subtasks, commenting and more.


Create. Assign. Act.


One of the more powerful features of Jive + Producteev is creating inline tasks. These are tasks inserted directly into content and comments—where tasks are identified. We've been using this, internally, at Jive for a while and it's truly revolutionary! As seen in these examples, once a task is identified, you can immediately assign it.


Here, I'm editing a document and inserting tasks, getting everyone rallied around the work that needs to get done for an important presentation.

Document Inline Tasks 1.png

Inserting tasks into comments is just as simple. This gives you an easy way to declare action items as they develop, and assign owners, so the work actually gets done.

Inline Tasks - Comments.png

Here's how the inline tasks above were created. In addition to assigning tasks to users (one or many), you can take advantage of common social actions like following, and tagging (called labels). This ensures users get notified, even outside of Jive (optionally, via email or mobile) when the status of a task changes, and provides convenient ways to categorize, sort and search tasks.


All you have to do is click or type !App and select Producteev Task from the menu. From there you simply name your task, choose who to assign it to, then set other optional information like due dates and labels. You can even assign additional followers here, so others are informed when tasks get updated or completed. (Remember, users can access all of the this information from Jive or from any Producteev application, including Outlook and mobile apps.)


Inline Task (App).png

Tasks in Places

The Jive + Producteev integration fits neatly into your place (Spaces, Groups, or Projects) and it only takes a few clicks to get everything working in Jive. The first step is choosing which project in Producteev you want in Jive—you can even create a new one.


A Producteev project is a special container for related tasks. These projects can be open and visible to everyone in your Producteev Network, or they can be private. If you create a private project, only those you assign tasks to (or set as followers) will get access to the project. Jive does this automatically, so there's no need to create separate accounts on Those users will receive a confirmation email, which will let them customize a password for accessing Producteev tasks outside of Jive. (They'll need to do this within 90 days.) Regardless, you can also manually add anyone to projects you create, directly from


Note that you can also set some advanced settings for locking a project, so that only certain users can assign and edit tasks in the project. Unlocked is the default, but you may have cases where you want a little more structure around individual roles.

Configure Project.png

You can create or update a place with the new Producteev Project "Purposeful Place" template, which includes a Producteev activity stream and tiles that display recent and upcoming tasks for your team. You don't have to use the template. You can easily add the tiles and streams to an existing place in Jive.

Place Templates.png

Group Features.png


The Producteev Mobile Experience

The Producteev apps for iOS and Android are full-featured apps that give users an easy way to take their tasks with them. Once connected to Producteev, you can get updates when tasks are assigned to you, notifications when tasks are due, create tasks and cross-them-off of your to-do list. Each offers an elegant, native experience, including Notification Center integration on iOS and a Home Screen Widget on Android. The basic UI is similar on both. Here are a few screen shots from an iPhone. Note how you can easily find the people you need and zero in on the projects you want to stay on top of. Everything else you'd expect is right there at your fingertips.


iPhone - People.PNG.png iPhone - Tasks Complete.PNG.png iPhone - Tasks Edit.PNG.png


Powerful Outlook Integration

The new Jive integration for Outlook extends beyond rich support for Jive discussions, @mentioning, etc. Outlook is now a full-featured client for Producteev and can share in the same project experience as others in Jive. This is amazing for users that "live in Outlook", because they have access to tasks right in their email inbox—but they aren't limited to viewing…


With the Outlook integration installed, users will see tasks in their email inbox, along with special tools and formatting. They can also make time to work on the task, by clicking "Add to Calendar".

Outlook - email.png

Clicking Add to Calendar opens a separate Appointment window.

Outlook - Add to Calendar.png

It's just as easy to create a task in Outlook. Producteev is displayed prominently on the toolbar. Users just click the task button to launch a dedicated Producteev Tasks pane. One of the coolest features of the task pane is the ability to drag tasks directly on the Outlook calendar.


Outlook - Create Task.png Outlook - Create Tasks.png

Outlook - Make time.png

If Outlook users are composing email, they can create and assign tasks, inline. This is by far the best way to intercept and assign tasks as they arise in an email thread.

Outlook -inline.png

Sounds awesome! How do I get started?

The Jive + Producteev beta is available with every cloud instance of Jive, so there is nothing to download. The Jive + Producteev integration is free, optional, and can be installed and configured by a cloud admin under Add-ons from the user menu. A dedicated/private Producteev network will be the container which contains projects that can be mapped to Jive projects, spaces, and groups. Access to the network will be granted to users with the community-sanctioned email address domain. So if you've got Producteev active in your community, and go join Producteev, you'll automatically gain access to the Jive Network in Producteev that is mapped to your instance.


After the Fall Release, simply take a few minutes to log into your Jive instance and…

  • Install and configure the Jive + Producteev Add-on from the Add-ons menu item.
  • During configuration, you'll create a Producteev "network" or join an existing one. You won't even need to go to Sweet!
  • Once configured, you can create places in Jive that display Producteev tasks on tiles: Connect to existing Producteev projects or create new ones.
  • Users can then review, assign and update tasks, throughout Jive: Create menu, Tasks tab in Actions, Profile page


Do my users have to do anything?

Once activated and configured, Producteev social tasks will be instantly available to all users. They don't even have to lift a finger! When you assign a task to a Jive user, they'll automatically be added to your Producteev network. That's it! The entire task-management experience resides in Jive. However, anyone can download Producteev mobile and desktop apps—free!


Installation Note:

The Jive + Producteev integration is optionally configured in the new Jive Add-ons Registry and affects all users in your Jive community. Once connected to a Producteev network, all "native" Jive tasks are archived and replaced with Producteev tasks. Because enabling the Jive + Producteev integration replaces native Jive tasks, users should close any open tasks before making the switch to Producteev. There is no automatic migration of these legacy tasks to Producteev. If you choose to disable the Jive + Producteev integration, all legacy tasks will reappear.


Jive + Producteev: Technical Details
  • Available on cloud only
  • Optional installation, so it's not enabled by default
  • Leverages the Jive Apps framework
  • Initial configuration via the Add-ons Registry, by a cloud admin
  • Outlook integration and mobile apps are optional installations
  • Access to the network will be granted to users with the community-sanctioned email address domain. So if you've got Producteev active in your community, and go join Producteev, you'll automatically gain access to the Jive Network in Producteev that is mapped to your instance.