This post was written by Mor Avital, Product Manager in charge of our Office, Outlook, and Sharepoint integrations (and so much more!)


The New Jive for Office, Outlook & SharePoint!


Our continued investment in integration across the Microsoft suite comes to fruition with a set of updates geared toward more seamless interaction and increased productivity across systems and workflows.


  • Jive for Office: We completely redesigned Jive for Office in the Summer Release. In our Fall Release, we're adding new functionality that will enable you to track actions and outcomes on your documents.
  • Jive for Outlook: We spend a lot of time in Outlook, so each iteration of Jive for Outlook has furthered our goal of bringing as much work, collaboration and content from Jive into your Outlook as possible. The new release of Jive for Outlook takes that goal several steps further by enabling you to take action on content directly from Outlook, and breaking the reliance on email notifications as a main driver of content.
  • Jive for Sharepoint: Our integration with SharePoint continues to advance, with support for SharePoint 2013 and new functionality to connect Sharepoint to Jive Projects coming in this new release. We've also added new views from SharePoint into Jive for other types of information beyond documents.


Read further for a deeper dive into new functionality added to Jive for Office, Jive for Outlook, and Jive for Sharepoint in our Fall Release.


Jive for Office:

Structured Outcomes in Office

Working on revisions of an RFP and want to denote the golden copy as the Final one for all to use? Need someone to take Action on a document? Now you can do this directly from Office, both on the document itself and comments on the document.



Take actions on a document directly from Office, marking as Final, Official, Outdated, and more.



Mark actions and outcomes on specific comments, pulling in other users as needed to get work done.



Jive for Outlook:

Structured Outcomes in Outlook

Just as in Jive for Office, we've brought structured outcomes to content and comments in Outlook. Now you can easily turn talk into action, as well as see any outcomes already set on content.




Streams in Outlook

Up until now, if you wanted to take advantage of Jive for Outlook you relied on existing email notifications sent from your Jive community. With the additions of Streams in Outlook, you can now see content from all of your streams--Inbox, Connections and custom streams--without having to set email notifications. You can still use email notifications for the most critical content you want to see in your email, but a quick click to the Streams pane will show you the content in all your streams.


Streams in Outlook.jpg


You can see a count of unread Inbox items in the Jive toolbar, and click on the button to view the streams. Then further refine by Read items or All items, select the Stream you want to view, and filter by content type, person, or both.




Convert to a private discussion

We've long been able take an email and convert it do a discussion within a Place in your Jive community. Now you can take that email and convert it to a private discussion--shared either with your entire Jive community or with specific people--to make sure you reach exactly the audience you wish to reach.


The create menu has been consolidated: Create Discussion now allows creation of a discussion in a place as well as a private discussion, and Convert to Discussion does the same. You can now also change the title of the discussion before you post it.




Jive for SharePoint


Default Lists from SharePoint in Jive as Tiles

The commonly used default lists from a SharePoint site can now be embedded in Jive in the form of Tiles. Supported tiles include Links, Announcements, Tasks and Calendar. This allows you to pull info from the SharePoint site into the Place in Jive, where you can see updates from the SharePoint side.


SP Tiles.png


Combined, these updates serve to bring your work to you wherever you are, increase your productivity, and ensure that your work is both actionable and trackable.