This post was written by Mor Avital, Product Manager in charge of the External Storage Framework. The External Storage Framework will be available to all Cloud customers with our Fall Release, and Jive Custom 7 customers later in the year.



Since the beginning, Jive has focused on both becoming your central place for collaboration, as well as integrating into your existing workflows, thus making it simple and seamless for your users to get work wherever they--or the content they need--may be. In terms of integrating with external storage providers--those document management systems already present in your enterprise--we've built our own integrations to SharePoint, Box and Google Drive. We're now extremely excited to introduce the External Storage Framework, an underpinning to Jive on which you can build specific configurable integrations to your storage provider of choice.


What is the External Storage Framework?


The External Storage Framework (ESF) is a foundation on which you can build configurable integrations with any of your External Storage Providers (ESPs). If you're using Documentum for your document storage, you can easily build an integration that will connect Jive to Documentum and allow you to continue to work and collaborate inside Jive, while leveraging your ESP as the place where all document binaries (those PPT, XLS, etc. files) are stored.


Possibilities with the ESF:

  • Use the ESP as backend binary storage for documents stored in Places
  • Connect Jive Places to ESP folders/sites/etc
  • Sync members between Jive and ESP
  • Sync document versions/updates between Jive and ESP
  • Sync comments on a document between Jive and ESP, where comments are available in the ESP
  • Configure the availability of the integration for only certain users, as desired
  • Configure the default storage provider, Jive or an ESP

The ESF completes Jive’s Template experience, joining Apps, Streams and Tiles to add the final component of Storage. Some ESPs will also be able to connect with Apps, Streams and Tiles, to provide you with a fully integrated and comprehensive experience.


What Makes the External Storage Framework Awesome?

In response to customer needs and market demands, we've built integrations with some of the key document management players, but you have another Storage provider--Documentum, Alfresco, Amazon, or something homegrown--that you wish to connect to. We want to enable you to keep your files there while both surfacing them in Jive, as well as enriching the experience with Jive collaboration.

The ESF allows you to:

  • Easily build configurable integrations to your own ESP
  • If you don't have in-house expertise to build an integration, Jive's Professional Services organization is able to help you build an integration quickly and easily
  • Have full control over the specifics of your custom integrations, based on their needs
  • Build this integration in such a way that it is standardized and upgrade-proof
  • Have multiple ESPs configured differently based on specific requirements for each ESP


How do I Get Started with the ESF?


As we get closer to the Fall Release, documentation for the External Storage Framework will be posted both in our Documentation site as well as our Developer space. The APIs available to you will be fully detailed, such that you can start building your own integration with Jive. If you don't have the in-house knowledge to build one, or have a very compressed timeline, our Professional Services organization can get you started.