This post was written by Mike Camacho, Sr. Product Designer.




Know the score

In Spring Release we introduced the notion of "Structured Outcomes," or marking a discussion or document


with easy flags that show the status of a conversation. The idea was simple, but we knew we could do more. In the Fall Release we're extending the concept of Structured Outcomes to include "Outdated," "Official" and "[community name] Success."



Marking out of date

Marking content as "Outdated" indicates to other users in your community that the information in the conversation or document is no longer current. When you mark content as Outdated, you have the option of linking to a more recent version, so that users are pointed in the right direction. Content marked as Outdated falls to the bottom of search results, which means that you won't have to worry about a user stumbling upon a document from the stone ages when the current document is so much better. Anyone following the content will be notified in their inbox that the content has been retired.

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 12.11.00 PM.png

Giving the stamp of approval

Marking content as "Official" takes the guess work out of knowing if you're looking at the officially approved content. You can make sure the sales field knows they are looking at the official presentation, or make sure that your engineers are looking at the official specification, or that all your employees are looking at the official HR policies. When content is marked as Official, it rises to the top of search results. Anyone following the content will be notified in their inbox that the content is now stamped with company approval.



Sharing a WIN !

Marking content as "[community name] Success" indicates to everybody that the team really crushed it, going above and beyond the assigned task. Marking as Success allows you to show your community an example of work done well. Anyone following the conversation will know about the success and any one viewing the conversation will quickly see the big moments.


Intelligent Search Weighting weight.png

How do all the Structured Outcomes work together in search? The mass of info out in the community can be overwhelming, with users hunting and pecking for the right stuff. Now, our intelligent search engine is weighting content based on the actions of users. Content marked as Outdated gets a lower search relevancy, while content marked as Final or Official boots relevancy much higher. Any content marked with a Decision or Success will also have a slight increase in search weighting.

Admin Console > Permissions

Structured Outcomes are simple feature, but incredibly powerful when used in your community. Though we suggest you allow all users in your community to use Structured Outcomes, you can set permissions to only allow certain people the right if to mark content. If users aren't permissioned to mark content, they will still see the Structured Outcomes on content when other users mark it. You can permission users the ability to mark content will all the Structured Outcomes, or none of them, but you currently can't choose which Structured Outcomes your community members can use.

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