We are releasing two Betas as part of the Fall Release: the Jive + Producteev integration, and Real Time Communication. Both Betas are optional to turn on once your site has been upgraded to the Fall Release on November 15th. The Betas are available only to Cloud customers.


We have created two Beta projects inside the Jive Customers group to help us gather feedback and answer questions. Please join us there for more information, to give feedback, and for instructions about how to turn on Jive + Producteev and Real Time in your community. As an additional resource, we have published Deep Dives about both feature areas. (Note: the Beta projects are inside the Jive Customers group, which is a private group. If you are not a member of the group, click here to request access.)



While you can turn both the Jive + Producteev integration and Real Time on in your upgraded Cloud community without joining the Beta projects, we'd love to hear your feedback as we continue to build upon the Betas for future releases.