The long awaited and much anticipated Google Drive integration is now live!


What is it?


  • Connect a Place in Jive to a new Folder in Drive
  • Upload/update a file in the Jive Place, it will be stored and visible in Drive
  • Upload/update a file into the Drive folder, it will be visible in Jive
  • Comment on the file in either location, comment will appear in both Jive and Drive

Why it matters?

  • You use Google Drive to store and comment on large files. We now have the ability to collaborate around those files both in Jive and in Drive, widening the reach and audience, enabling more seamless work across teams
  • Allows users to take advantage of Google's desktop sync, previewer, and mobile accessibility for those binary files
  • You can easily control where files are stored, per-Place or across their entire Community


What does it look like?


We wanted to make this as seamless an integration as possible, while still being very clear about where the files are stored and enabling access between the systems


Files uploaded into a Drive-connected Place will show links to the connected Drive Folder




Comments left in Jive will show up in Drive, and vice versa





The Jive+Drive integration is available for Jive7 customers (that can connect to a cloud service such as StreamOnce) and Jive Cloud customers.


Documentation on how to install and configure the integration will be updated in the Docs shortly.