A few months ago, we're released our first ever Producteev (acquired in November 2012) integration into Jive Cloud, and made Tasks on Jive a first-class citizen. More info about this release and what it includes here : Products: Fall Release Preview: Jive + Producteev | Jive Community. We've launched this integration as a Beta but we already knew it wouldn't remain in that state for too long.


OUT OF BETA : January 30th

After months of work, and tons of feedback from our lovely Jive customers, we've dramatically improved how Producteev's task capabilities are implemented inside of Jive, and we'll never thank you all enough for helping us build a better and more meaningful integration.


Moving Out of Beta, and going 1.0 with this integration means that we've killed bugs, made it more stable, faster, but also a few very cool features:


•   Task filtering 

◦    Adding the filter "active and completed"

◦    Adding the filter "Tasks I'm following"

•    Email notifications related to a Jive Instance shows the Jive Community name in the email

Email Notif.png

•    Show network name to user when Producteev is already configured

•    Performance optimizations for creating tasks and viewing projects.

•    Task Audit Trail: Essentially a task level activity feed

audit trail good.png

The best part about this? If you're using the Producteev integration on Jive Cloud, those updates will show up on January 30 in your Jive instance!


At JiveWorld13, we were literally overwhelmed with the number of Hosted customers who came to us and asked to make Producteev tasks available to them. We thought hard, we worked hard, there were a bunch of technical hurdles. But I'm happy to say that we eventually made it happen!

On January 30, we're launching the "Advanced Task by Producteev" module to all of our Jive 7 Customers, with the exact same set of features than the Jive Cloud integration!


For more info about Pricing and Deployment, please get in touch with your Sales Rep counterpart starting today.




Hope you'll enjoy the awesomeness around Better Task Management on Jive, and please, keep the feedback coming!