We are excited to announce our Spring JiveX Cloud release! (And if you're interested, check out the sneak peek at our Spring Jive Cloud release, too.) This release brings new innovation to seamlessly connect and drive engagement across your external customer or partner community from any device. We focused this on evolving our mobile offerings, enhancing content sharing and discovery, and connections to other systems.  We are excited to share new capabilities!



What's New for your Community

JivePresentAndroid (1).png

Engage from Any Device

Jive has put mobile at the heart of our product strategy and continues to innovate for communities on the go including:


Jive Present Tablet App Now for JiveX - Jive Present is now available for external communities to deploy an interactive content app for your community that pushes (and pulls) content updates while sending important announcements.  For partner communities this means you can extend your brand and content into meetings your partners are having, while directing their conversation.  Also, you now have an engaging way to educate customers, launch products, and even target content specifically to prospects.  This release also includes an iPhone App, Web Experience, and much more (check out the Spring Jive Cloud release for more enhancements in this release.


Native Android app - This app coming at the end of the quarter will take all the rich community capabilities in the web app to find answers, view and participate in conversations, while also enabling people to create content.


Updated Native iOS app - Version 3.0.4 of Jive's native iOS Mobile app is already available in Apple's App Store. It leverages the rich capabilities of iOS 7 and Apple's underlying hardware - smooth transitions, photo/video upload, secure keychain, local storage, fast app-switching, and more.

Continued Design Evolution - We will continue to innovate the Jive user experience across devices with this release. For example, we are redesigning user hover cards, updating the global modal styles and the default table design in the Rich Text Editor, among other things – these small changes will incrementally move the app towards our longer-term vision for a cleaner look that puts what matters most in the spotlight. To see more of the enhancements to design, see Design Evolution in the Spring Cloud release.


Share and Discover Content, with Context

Creating, curating, finding, and sharing content within a community has become far easier.  With the Spring release you can:Share Content (1).png

Follow Topics - Today in Jive you can follow a group or person, however as we all know from tools like Twitter following topics of interest is an easy way to keep up on specific things happening across the community.  In this release you can easily follow topics of interested so that every time a piece of content, person or place is tagged, you stay in the know.  And, your users can immediately be notified how they like, in their streams or email inbox notifications. For more information about this handy feature, refer to Sneak Peek: Deep Dive for Following Tags in Streams.


Mark as “Reserved” - If there is a new knowledge article or training piece "in flight" information you can now mark content as "Reserved". Collaborate on and content out quicker, and let the community know it’s coming. To learn more, review the Sneak Peek: Deep Dive for Reserved Documents.


Share Securely - There are many times where you want to give access to a piece of content in a private group, however that member does not have access.  You can now bring in collaborators to work on specific content, without granting access to the entire group keeping the rest of the content and conversations secure, while sharing just certain items. For more information about this new capability you can take a look at Sneak Peek: Deep Dive for Non-member Content Editing


Connect and Secure the JiveX Platform

Twitter (1).png

This release we have made enhancements to the overall platform, integrations to other systems, and from a compliance perspective including:


Updated Twitter integration - Also available in the Jive StreamOnce module will be the ability to follow Twitter handles and lists, and further narrow down the results received by using hashtags. This will make it easier to narrow to specific types of Tweets for your community and collaboratively resolve issues customers may tweet about, for example.


Advanced Dropbox integration - With an additional purchase of our Jive StreamOnce module, you'll be able to connect a group in Jive to a folder in Dropbox, enhancing the Dropbox file storage system with the collaboration and actions that occur in Jive. Store files in Dropbox, comment and work on those files in Jive.   This will really come in handy when you need to collaborate on files with customers or distribute content to a partner that likes Dropbox.


Records Retention (now in cloud) - Sleep easy at night knowing all information is being exported to archival systems for legal and compliance reasons. Records Retention is available as a separate module.

Enhanced Disaster Recovery (coming in cloud) - All Jive clients instances today are recovered as soon as possible in the event of a disaster.  However, at the end of Q2 we will offer Enhanced Disaster Recovery services that include documented plans, recovery point and time objectives, as well as specific service level agreements (SLAs) if needed. Customers can chose the level of service that suits their requirements.


For more information, see the: