Jive for You… Featuring Your View

Some Jive customers know we've been working on this feature for a number of months now. It's called "Your View" and its another example of the kind of enhancements Jive is delivering to Cloud as part of doubling down on user experience. I know that "UX" borders on buzz-speak, but let's get serious: We know that one of the keys to user adoption of Jive is not just making it easy, but making it comfortable—reducing "friction" as some like to call it. For some time, we've heard from users that its hard to adapt to a new way of working, so we're trying to adapt the product to users' individual work style, so it feels natural. Furthermore, as a work platform, its vital that users feel connected to all of the other systems and tools they use every day: We do this in Places, but we were lacking in something completely personal for users…


Your View is a place to call home in Jive. Its a way to help users adapt, orient, locate and quickly connect with everything else they need in Jive. It's the part of Jive that pulls in all the things you care about as a user, while adapting and changing with you, as your needs evolve. Your View is all about discovery, quick access to people and places, along with access to the tools you need at your fingertips.


Before I get too far into this, I should also point out that we'd love your feedback on how you and your users are embracing it, as well as what you think should come next!


Note: As outlined below, Your View is enabled by default for Jive and JiveX communities and is part of the Summer 2014 release. If you'd like to try it out, it's switched on in Jive and JiveX Preview sites, already. Should you elect to disable it for your community, know that user-configured changes are not deleted and will be restored when the feature is re-enabled.



We had a few key objectives with this feature, which I'd like to share

  1. Make it super useful, by default—This may seem like a no-brainer, but we had a similar feature in a previous version of Jive. Unfortunately, it wasn't as successful in some communities, because it required a lot of configuration. Lesson learned. We wanted an experience that provided power user features to the novice and new users. We've included an out-of-the box default configuration that many users will find useful, because it helps them discover and find their way around. Essentially, it learns and grows with users. When they are ready for more, it doesn't feel like a big plunge.
  2. Make it responsive—Your View is a testament to our commitment to making sure Jive users can access the features they need, regardless of the device or browser they use. Your View is fully responsive, meaning that if a user takes advantage of it, they can get to the People, Places, Content and tools they need, even on their mobile device.
  3. Make it part of Home—Your View should be part of the Home experience in Jive, right there alongside Overview, Inbox, Actions and Streams. You can even pin it as your default landing page in Jive, so you can start your day with everything you need at your fingertips.
  4. Make it easy—We wanted to take advantage of all of the work we're doing on Tiles elsewhere in Jive. These offer a very intuitive and friendly experience, so users can make changes in only a few clicks.
  5. Extend the platform—We wanted to build a foundation for development around this feature. In the same way developers can create cloud-friendly tiles for Places in Jive, we wanted to create something that can address different use cases now and in the future with Jive's Frameworks.


Feature Highlights

Your View has a lot of really great features, but the coolest thing is, you barely have to do anything to take advantage of it:

  1. Out-of-the-box default configuration
  2. Up to 8 tiles on a page: Two wide tiles and six narrow tiles
  3. Quick access:
    • People tiles support recent improvements to hover cards, so you can quickly message the people on your team (look for info soon on click to call!)
    • Place tiles give you fast access to frequently-viewed and recently-viewed groups and projects
    • Links to content that's trending so you stay informed
    • Helpful links tile to connect you too your company's other tools
  4. Zero-configuration tiles:
    • Frequently Viewed
    • Recently Viewed
    • Trending Content
    • Recent Blog Posts
  5. Document Viewer: Add documents to Your View… some great examples for usage include:
    • Your personal objectives with links to projects and to-dos, so you stay focused
    • A status report for your boss or your reports
    • Project timelines and schedules
    • A call script or a knowledge base article that needs to be at your fingertips
  6. Quick access from Home in Jive, plus the ability to pin as your default landing page


Walkthrough & How To

Let's walk through the feature and its various options.

ScreenshotFeature Details

Enabling and DIsabling Your View for Users

Your View is enabled, by default in Jive. Both new and upgraded customers will see the feature and there's a notification provided to users, when they log in, after the upgrade. In the Admin Console, in System > Settings, there's a page for Your View: Disabling the feature, turns it off for all users in the community. They won't see the feature and they also won't see references to it elsewhere in the product if it's been disabled.


Out of the Box Default


Your View is incredibly useful for users, without further configuration, though it's very easy to customize and fine-tune it.


For a completely new user or a new community, there's going to be very little here, but if the community has been in use for a period, or the user has taken an opportunity to explore a bit, they will feel oriented to this view and will see some links to trending content and blogs.


For certain tiles, like "Latest Blog Posts", users will see some nice messages when there's nothing ready to show. This keeps the page looking nice, while hinting at what's coming. Regardless, you can edit the page to move and reconfigure tiles, as needed.


Tile Configuration


On most tiles, you can click the gear icon to configure it. In this screenshot, I've decided to edit the Frequently Viewed tile, so it shows only People. This is an example of creating a quick list of the people I interact with every day, so I have quick access to their profile and contact information, with various ways to message them.


You can also use the up/down arrows to reposition the tile, or the trash can icon to remove it altogether.Depending on the tile you're configuring, you can alter things like the title and other properties. Note also, that I can add the same tile over and over if I want. You might, for example, use the Key Content and Places or Helpful Links tiles to group similar items together in a unit.



Wide Tiles and Narrow Tiles


There are lots of different tiles to choose, some more configurable than others, though all are fairly easy. Some require no configuration at all: simply add them to the page.


The first screenshot on the left, shows some of the options available when you click "Add a tile" in one of the wide cells. You can even add a document to your page.


The second screenshot shows how you can add Helpful Links to the narrow column.


Note that some tiles are available only in certain widths. An example of this is Helpful Links, which is not available in the wide format.


Helpful Links


In addition to Document Viewer and Key Content and Place, one of my favorite tiles is Helpful Links. This is a great tile for adding all the sites and tools you use every day in your company—these are typically not embedded in Jive (but can be in some cases), but that you sometimes need to refer to, as you work with other Jive users.


In this example, I've updated the tile to have links to some systems that I use, regularly. So, in addition to People, Places and Content in Jive, I can quickly launch applications like Salesforce, right from my Your View page! I can even change the title, add custom icons and include a footer link to other web sites and applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use Widgets and Tiles in Your View?
    • Your View was designed with Tiles in mind. Because Jive can control many aspects of the presentation of data/lists in tiles, Your View is completely responsive and can be viewed on any device.
    • Keep in mind, another goal we have to make sure a typical (non-power) user can customize their page if they want to. Widgets have some complexities that some users have trouble with. We've carefully considered the user experience around Tiles and will continue to provide more that are easy to set up and where possible, require no configuration at all—just plop them on the page and go!
  2. My users need a tile you don't seem to have in Your View. How can I make this view more useful for them?
    • We will be creating more tiles, over time. Please share your thoughts on this feature and what tiles are needed…
    • I should underscore the fact that Tiles are something that can be developed easily and are part of the Add-ons Framework. So, if you have an idea for something valuable or unique to your use of Your View as it relates to Tiles, chances are you can do it (or Jive Professional Services can help.) What's more, Tiles can be developed to work in Places (Activity Page and Place Pages) as well as Your View: That's not meant to be a "pitch"—just being thorough.
  3. As a Community Manager, can I create a "mandatory tile" or somehow lock-down aspects of Your View for users?
    • Interesting notion. While there's something to be said for things the Home Overview page and the Inbox can address for getting users' attention, there may be some room for improvement down the road on providing some administrative control over Your View, but keep in mind, a key goal here is user adoption and creating a comfortable place that feels like their own, so they come back and use it to find the things they need. (Ideas from anyone interested in talking about Corp Comms use cases and how they may intersect with Your View in the future are welcome.)
  4. What other layouts are available for Your View?
    • Currently, Your View only has a single layout which supports 8 tiles. Over time, this may change, but we wanted to keep it simple and, if we do add more layouts, we'd like to focus on a problem the existing layout isn't solving, rather than add unnecessary steps or complicate things for users. (If you have some suggestions for use cases that have different layout requirements for Your View, I'd love any feedback!)


What's Next?

As I mentioned, we are listening and talking to customers. I'd like to understand more about how our users can benefit from this feature and what community administrators think about what we're doing with tiles. I also think there's a ton of opportunity to address company specific use cases with the developer frameworks and I know folks will have questions about that. Please ask questions and share your thoughts!


Oh, and one last footnote: This feature will be coming to Jive Custom in the next major release, Jive 8!