Documents Where You Need Them

In the Jive Summer 2014 release, we're introducing a feature that solves a real problem people face when content needs to be available in multiple locations: Content in Jive is generally created in a Group or Space, but if all or part of the audience isn't looking there, they may not find it. While Search is often the best way to get what you need, not every user thinks that way. Community Managers and group owners spend a lot of time "curating" content and navigation. Even still, sometimes its vital that content be more physically featured in one or more spots so it can be easily located.


An example of this in an external community would be an article that relates to multiple products, each of which have their own space. In an internal community, you might have important company procedures or data sheets that different teams need to locate within their group. In either of these cases, you're left with having to create copies of a document in each place, beg users to look somewhere they're not used to, or deal with the complexities of pseudo-posts in various place, with links to the document. While some of these strategies have advantages, they can be challenging. Instead of trying to force people to go from one place to the next, why not help them discover new places, organically? Why not make it easier to put content in different places, so they're always at users' fingertips? That's what we set out to address with Sharing to Multiple Places.


Now, if you want a document to appear in any other Group, Space or Project, all you have to do is click "Share" and enter the Places in your Jive community where you want the document shown. A link (shortcut) will be instantly created in the destination, so anyone browsing the Content there can see it. You don't have to edit the document or maintain different versions or links. Best of all, its now build right into Jive, so there's nothing to install or any settings to change.


Note: This feature is an enhancement to the way the Sharing works and creates a link to the original document. It doesn't alter permissions, so user still need to have access to the original in order to see it.



When we developed this feature, we had a few goals in mind:

  1. Find Content Quickly—For users that prefer browsing, we wanted to create a more physical way of finding the content they need. We wanted the feature to help those users and also give people an elegant way to control where others might encounter their content.
  2. Reduce Duplication—Instead of making copies of documents, users need one spot for editing and managing them. We didn't want to complicate the publishing process by having to corral multiple documents.
  3. Keep Publishing Simple—We wanted to make it easier to publish to multiple locations without having to edit (and revise) the document.
  4. Discover New Places—We wanted to continue promote the idea that a document has a home and that the place where it resides has important activity (and other content). So, if a user sees an important document, regardless of where, we want to bring them to a place where they're likely to see related documents and connect them to people and efforts they'll be interested in or that may better answer their questions.


Feature Highlights

Sharing to Multiple Places is a fairly straightforward feature, but here are some highlights:

  1. Works with all types of Content (Documents, Uploaded Files, Blog Posts, Videos, etc.)
  2. Ability to share to any Group, Space, or Project
  3. One click to Share:
    • Search for a destination in the Share dialog box.
    • Enter one or multiple Places (along with People).
  4. Easily filter by shared content, when browsing
  5. Ability to see where else a document has been shared
  6. Easily tell who shared the document
  7. Links are visible to everyone in the destination, though only those who have access to the original content will be able to see it.
  8. Links can be removed from either the source or the destination:
    • Remove the link from the content itself
    • Remove from the destination in the Content browser
  9. Drive users to the original document and place in which it resides.


Walkthrough & How To

I'll show you how the feature works and note various details. Please ask questions in the comments, if you have them!

ScreenshotFeature Details

Choose a Destination


When you click Share, you can now search for places. You can also click the Place icon if you want to perform more robust search or browse your list of recent places.


You can enter additional destinations and even people on the same line.


Confirm and Share


When you click Share, you can now search for places. You can also click the Place icon if you want to perform more robust search or browse your list of recent places. If you want to include additional people or places, enter them before clicking the Share button.

Note: Messages are meant to inform individuals and are not included when sharing to places.


Know Your Audience


When content is shared to one or more places, you'll see additional information in a drop down at the top. This serves to create awareness that the document has been shared outside of the current place. You can select and follow a link to one of the locations or remove the link.


You've Arrived


If you're browsing content in the destination, you'll see a few things that make it different from the rest of the content:

  • You can filter "by shared content", so you can easily find documents that have been shared to this location.
  • In the list of content, you will see who has shared it and from where.
  • From the gear icon, you can remove the link. The original document is unaffected.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I share content from a restricted place, like a Private or Secret group?
    • Yes, you can.
    • Note that users will not actually be able to see your content unless they have access.
  2. Will search show the document existing in multiple locations?
    • No, the document only resides in a single location. If a user is searching, they will find and ultimately land on the source document.
  3. Does Sharing to Multiple Places modify the document or generate activity in the stream?
    • No. Sharing will create an inbox notification if it is shared to people, but not places. It also doesn't generate activity at the destination, but we are looking at ways to do this or help highlight documents which have been shared to places.
  4. Is there a limit to the number of places I can share to?
    • No. You can even come back later and add more, if you need to.
  5. Does it matter what edition of Jive (internal/external) I am using?
    • This feature is not enabled in JiveX (external) communities.




We've heard from community managers for some time, that they need a solution to this problem. Thanks to everyone who shared their ideas and for those who took the time to share feedback during early development of this feature. Some examples include: