We are excited to announce our Summer JiveX 2014, providing more control over content, better ways to reach the right people at the right time, and amazing insight into exactly what is going on in your external Community for your customers and partners.  If you're interested in the newest release for your internal community, check out the Summer Jive Cloud Release.



Place Pages


Premiering for JiveX are Place Pages, used to aggregate and highlight information for a place, reducing the need for multiple sub-spaces or groups.


  • Document View Tile - display an entire document, or just the HTML content
  • Call to Action (aka Carousel) Tile – in both wide and narrow formats, this tile allows you to direct attention to the most critical actions or information you want people to notice
  • Guided Navigation (aka Content Sets) Tile – for information that should logically be grouped together, such as various product manuals for user information on a single product, the Guided Navigation Tile allows the Place admin to visually connect through the UI several pieces of content together, providing a guided experience to users
  • Wide versions of many previously narrow tiles such as Featured Video
  • And more…


Carousel Tile



Guided Navigation Tile


Guided Nav Tile.png


Sharing Content

One of the feature requests we’ve received often is the ability to share content to multiple places. Have one document that is relevant to several groups? You can now share that document once among those locations, making it visible to everyone without having to update multiple copies of it. Share the document like you would with any person, except now you can choose to share with Places, which will add a link to that content in that place. The places where the content is shared will be visible on the content itself, so you always know who has access to your content.




Place Categorization

You’ve long been able to categorize content, a handy way to filter just the most relevant information at any given time. Now you can do the same by using categories for groups. When a group is created, you can select pre-defined categories to apply to that group. Those categories will show up in the groups About menu, and you’ll also be able to browse across all groups that fit a particular category. This works for Spaces as well as Groups and Projects.


place categories.pngbrowse place categories.png



CRM Connector

For those communities that are tied to backend CRM systems, we've further enhanced that capabilities of the CRM Connector. In addition to the ability to create CRM cases directly from the JiveX UI, customers get more direct insight into the status of the case with closure directly updating the answer in JiveX. On the CRM side, cases created from the JiveX UI can be viewed and replied to with solved cases quickly and easily turned into JiveX KB articles. What's more, when searching from the CRM system, Jive content is also shown. With the addition of the CRM system as the IdP, administrators jobs are made easier and user experiences more streamlined.


CRM V2.png



Resonata Influencers

Our enhanced Resonata Influencers Insight brings you new influence ranking analysis added into Resonata.

  • Top Influencers -For every search performed within Resonata the "People" analysis box will contain, in addition to other top ranking lists, a list of top influencers within the given scope. Because this list is available for any search, Resonata users can drill down to see the top influencers for individual topics/themes, spaces, periods of time, sentiment, etc.
  • Influence Traits - new Traits are added to the Trait Analysis feature, enabling Resonata users to see at a glance which people are considered highly influental community-wide, and also to search specifically for activity by highly influential people.
  • Top threads by influence - the Threads box adds the ability to sort threads by influence rank.




CMR Reports

And to provide you additional insight into your Community's usage, we've added new reports to CMR. Namely, Views of Answered Questions and Top Users by content created, content read, questions answered, likes given, and likes received. It is now easier than ever to target key people and actions in your community, encouraging and enabling continued adoption.







UX Enhancements

As always, we continue to invest in our core platform, innovating the user experience and providing more ways to integrate with Jive. Beginning with additional updates to our UX redesign, offering additional themeing options, updating icons across the platform, and a host of additional tweaks to provide visual refresh to your community.


Place Banner Management.png

  • Place Banner Management - We built in place banner customization and management so that users with community administrators and higher roles can update the look and feel of the places in your community. You can manage the template banners, and which presets are presented to your users when they create new places.
  • Light Inbox refresh - The inbox was using some older UI elements and styles. These have been updated.
  • RTE icon set update - Modernizing the icon set for the RTE to a more glyph-like display.
  • Visual and interaction alignment for menus across the board



Responsive Design



Continuing with this investment, and to augment our mobile story, we're showing off the first iteration of our responsive design. Now, as the size of your browser changes, so will the layout of the site, making it easier to view critical content and navigate across. You can expect to see more of this in subsequent releases as well

Documentation and Release Notes