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Bridging the Gap: Jive + Office 365

In the Jive fall 2014 release, we are extending Jive's Communication and Collaboration Hub capabilities by introducing the long awaited Office 365 and SharePoint online integration that helps customers bridge the gap between

on-premise and cloud Microsoft applications. The new features cover three product areas:


  • Jive Connector for Office Online eliminates the hurdle of working in Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations across on-premise and cloud versions. You can now co-author Office 365 files directly from Jive or bring Jive to Office 365, across any device or operating system. With the addition of Jive's popular impact metrics feature, you can also analyze the reach and sentiment of Office 365 documents to optimize the effectiveness of your communication.
  • Jive Connector for Outlook Online brings relevant Jive content and conversations into Outlook email threads for easy reference, while enabling the conversion of emails to Jive discussions. View and reply to conversations directly in Outlook Online, while applying structured outcomes. And because it's all browser-based, you can work across any device and operating system, including Mac OS.
  • Jive Connector for SharePoint Online (also known as O365 Sites and OneDrive for Business) enables files to be stored in OneDrive for Business while still being accessible in Jive. Leveraging our External Storage Framework means that documents stored in OneDrive for Business are visible in Jive. This makes it easier to find your documents using Jive's social search capabilities, and users can easily collaborate as well as track the reach and impact of their documents.

Feature Highlights


What it is



Jive's Communication and Collaboration Hub

  • Integrated communication and collaboration system
  • Pre-built integrations and templates
  • Dynamic people profiles
  • Social analytics
  • Structured outcomes
  • Mobile apps for multiple devices
  • 15% increase in productivity
  • 39% increase in top performers
  • 24% decrease in employee turnover
  • 9% decrease in support costs
Jive Connector for Outlook
  • View Jive-triggered messages in Office 365 outlook web app featuring rich Jive formatting and actions such as like, reply and find related discussions
  • Convert emails to Jive discussions including attachments and embedded images
  • View people (profile) information from Jive in outlook web app
  • Reply to Jive discussions
  • Mark replies for action or decision
  • Reduce email hoarding
  • Preserve context around decisions and actions
Jive Connector for Office
  • Preview Office  documents in Jive  as an embedded Office365 experience
  • Navigate to Office 365 document editing from the Jive preview page
  • Manage Office 365 document version history in Jive (including reverting to older versions)
  • Upload local MS Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) to SharePoint Online/OneDrive for Business through Jive
  • Create (or upload) documents in SharePoint online / Office 365 and have them automatically synchronize and appear in Jive
  • View and edit Jive Info in a side bar within Office 365 including likes, comments, versions, structured outcomes and general info
  • Reply to Jive comments within Office 365 side bar and have comments sync into the Jive document page
  • Jive Unique "current users" feature - showing in realtime who are currently viewing/modifying a document  - within the Office 365 sidebar
  • View impact metrics on Office 365 documents
  • Reduce time to create documents
  • Reduce time to find documents
  • Understand how your documents are received and used
  • Find who else is viewing /editing a document
Jive Connector for SharePoint Online (aka OneDrive for Business)
  • Connect Jive groups with SharePoint Online sites to store all binary files uploaded to the Jive Group in the associated SharePoint document library
  • Upload general files  to SharePoint online through Jive
  • Upload general files to SharePoint online and have them automatically synchronize and appear in Jive
  • Leverage existing storage investments
  • Reach more people with strategic messages
  • Reduce custom mobile development efforts


Walk-through & How To

Jive + Office 365 Outlook Web App

To use the new Jive for Office 365 Outlook web App, do the following:

  • Make sure all your desired users have O365 accounts
  • Install Jive Anywhere 2.3 on the browser of your choice and connect it to your Jive Cloud instance featuring the latest Fall 2014 release
  • Install the Jive Anywhere cartridge for Mail Online via your Jive Admin console. Don't have the cartridge and already have a current Jive for Outlook license? Contact support to get it ASAP.



Clicking on an email item that originated from Jive, OR an email item that has been previously converted to a discussion will show a rich Jive view of the email with the ability to Like, apply structured outcomes,  find related Jive discussions, view and respond to comments made in the associated discussion to the email.

The customized Outlook Web App page will also display people information for all the participants in the email that have a Jive account, taken from their Jive profile.

2.jpgNon-Jive emails can be converted to Jive discussions with a click of a button, allowing the user to post them in a Jive place, provide any annotation that will be listed as comments to the discussion and optionally allow to upload attachments and embedded images.


Once a discussion is created, it is accessible in Jive as a discussion object with the original attachment and comments made, featuring full Jive functionality such as structured outcomes and impact metrics. The discussion is also referenced by any user viewing the email in Outlook Web App - in the Jive Anywhere side bar, under related discussions.


Jive + Office 365 Documents / SharePoint Online

Using the Office 365 web document integration in the Jive 2014 Fall release, requires that the documents be stored in SharePoint Online which also serves them as web documents. In order for the Office 365 experience to be available for users creating and connecting Jive groups - a Jive admin needs to install the Office 365 & SharePoint Online Add-on.




The new Add-on packages the external storage implementation of SharePoint online and also includes the Jive Anywhere cartridge required to enrich the Office 365 web apps with Jive functionality.


The info needed to configure the Add-on is the URL of the SharePoint server, the specific site collection under which new Sites will be created and an access token to be used for authentication which is obtained from the SharePoint installed Jive App.


Once the Add-on is installed and configured properly, any user that can create a group, may connect it to a SharePoint site.


Note: In this version only groups can be connected to SharePoint Sites, and these sites are created automatically by the Add-on. Next version will allow to connect Jive Space and Jive Projects to SharePoint Online, and may also allow to connect to existing SharePoint online sites


When the Group is created and connected to SharePoint online, members of the group may navigate to the connected SharePoint online site.


Users can also upload Office documents via Jive to have them stored and rendered by SharePoint online

7.jpgDocuments uploaded to SharePoint online - either via a Jive group or directly through the Office 365 and SharePoint online web application, will be available for preview in Jive, as an embedded Office 365 view

Opening the documents, either  from Jive or directly from SharePoint Online, will allow to edit them and display the Jive office sidebar that features information such as previous versions of the document, general info and rating.

The Office sidebar also allows to performs operations such as Rate and Like


Jive Anywhere cartridge for Office 365 also features a unique to Jive capability of showing the users collaborating of viewing the document in realtime

9.jpgWhen editing documents in Office365, users can view and respond to threaded comments made in the context of the document  which will be synchronized back to Jive


Frequently Asked Questions


What version of Jive is supported with the new O365 connector ?The new Office 365 and SharePoint Online connectors are released with the Jive 2014 Fall cloud release. I is planned to be supported in Jive 8 for Hosted and on-Prem deployments
What components are necessary to enable the integration ?The new integration is powered by several Jive frameworks and technologies including External storage framework (ESF) and Jive Anywhere (JA). The integration is packaged in a Jive Add-on that distributes and installs the necessary components.
Can we connect Spaces and projects too ?In this first release, only Jive groups can be connected to SharePoint Online. Future versions will support spaces and projects.
Can I use Mail Online if some of my users still use outlook  desktop client ? Office 365 Mail web app is powered by a cloud Exchange server that may also support Outlook desktop clients. Specific considerations to a hybrid usage should be verified with the Microsoft documentation
Can we use the existing SharePoint connected in parallel to the new SharePoint online connector ?The two connectors are packaged in separate Add-Ons and may be used concurrently, however not in the same Jive groups.

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