On the heels of the 2016.1 release, the Jive-w Admin Console is also getting a visual refresh. Much of the functionality remains the same, but we've made key improvements to the experience in order to help the admins get work done as well as allow us to grow in new directions and add more content and information to the Jive-w admin console.


For those of you who aren't familiar, the Jive-w admin console is used to administer users for Circle and Chime. It can be used both in the standalone app world, and when those apps are connected to Jive-n. The changes are detailed below for easy reference


DashboardNo dedicated homepage/dashboard



The new Jive-w admin dashboard gives you an overview of your organization at a glance

  • Current app usage - how many active users per app, the type of license you have, and information about additional apps if you don't have them all
  • Search - the search box gives you an intuitive and easy way to find the actions and pages you're looking for. Enter 'user' and you'll be presented with the option to go to User Management, Add New Users, and User Settings, for example.
  • Links to other pages - navigate to other areas of the admin console based on the actions you want to perform
  • Info on more apps - if you have Circle but not Chime, you'll get more information on what Chime is and how to get it





  • An overall styling change for better user experience. You can now see at a glance which apps a user has access to, and if they've signed into those apps or not
  • Refined search - narrow down users by status, type and apps they have
  • Bulk edit - you can search for and select multiple users, and them edit certain profile fields for all users together
Manual User CreationCreate_User_Old.png


  • A new look and feel to the user creation page
  • Creating a new user automatically gives the user access to all apps available to the organization. This can be edited in the Edit Permissions tab
  • Easily create a the user and then create another by clicking the 'Save and create another user' link
    • Note: For organizations connected to Jive-n, this feature will be locked in Jive-w and managed in Jive-n
Upload User DirectoryUpload_Directory_Old.png


  • Same great features, sleek new look
    • Note: For organizations connected to Jive-n, this feature will be locked in Jive-w and managed in Jive-n
Invite Users by MailInvite_Users_Old.png


  • Same great features, updated look
Company InformationCompany_Information_Old.png


  • Now located under the Admin Profile menu (click on your avatar in the top right of the screen)
  • Both checkboxes have to do with the type of information you wish to collect or not collect about your organization


This refresh is our first step in the progression of the admin console. We've got plans to add more feature, further refine existing functionality, and make this a one-stop-shop for all your Jive-w management needs. Some key areas of focus for us in the near future are app-specific management - manage features that are specific to each app that you own, rather than all users globally - as well as Analytics & Insights into your community and their usage of the apps.