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Firstly, a quick personal introduction. I joined Jive almost three months ago as the Vice President of Products. As part of the Jive Products team, I focus on the currently in-market products. My LinkedIn page has the overview of my 20+ years before Jive.

It's great to see the collaboration and the product ideas in the Jive Community. I'd like to thank you for your contributions over the years. As the Jive team, we are constantly looking at ways to improve our collaboration with you through the Community. One area we will be focusing on in the coming weeks and months is improving how the product ideas are handled.


Those of you who attended The specified item was not found. in October heard firsthand about the product ideas in the Jive Community that are now built into the product or are being worked on.


We love getting these ideas, but we also realize the process of idea submission and how that ties to product delivery needs to be clarified, streamlined and the communication around it needs to improve. With that in mind, we'll be putting in place a number of enhancements.

  • Ideas are submitted in only one place. If you have an idea for Jive, you don't have to hunt around for the right place any longer. Simply submit your idea in Ideas for Jive.
    We'll keep the existing ideas places until January 31, 2014 for reference only. The top 20 ideas from all these places have been moved to Ideas for Jive, and that's the right place for new ideas.
  • Top ideas are regularly reviewed. As part of our quarterly release planning, we'll be reviewing the top ideas in the Ideas for Jive space and consider them for inclusion in upcoming releases.
  • Ideas that are implemented will be celebrated! As we include ideas in the product, we will mark your idea as closed and communicate where and when you'll see it.


Looking forward to continued collaboration.

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